Claudio Scolari

Primary Instrument: Drums

Born: December 14, 1962    

Claudio Scolari

Claudio Scolari has always been focused on the study of timbre with regard to his instruments, paying particular attention to the compositional aspect and to the writing techniques of contemporary jazz, jazz rock and electronic music. His way of organizing sound elements shows a clear intention to delve into ancient sonority in which rhythm mingles with instrumental noise and timbre, supported by modern keyboards and sequencers.

Claudio Scolari took a diploma at the College of music A.Boito in Parma with professor Stefano Cantarelli, his artistic carreer developed in two different areas: the Classical and Contemporary music one and the Avantguard Jazz music one in collaboration with some of the most prestigious sinphonic orchestras in Italy e.g.The Scala Philarmonic Orchestra of Milano,The RAI National Simphonic Orchestra of Turin going on tour in Spain, Switzerland Austria ,Germany and France from 1989 to 2009 and collaborating with the following Orchestra Directors: Giuseppe Sinopoli, Luciano Berio, Fruhbech de Burgos,Whun Chung, Eliahu Imbal, Jeffrey Tate, Yutaka Sado, Georges Pretre, Daniel Oren, Aleksandr Lazarev, Dmitrij Kitaenko, Gianandrea Noseda, Kristian Jarvi, Gyorgy Gyorivanyi Rath, Lu Jia, Yuri Ahronovitch, Riccardo Chally, Ingo Metzmacher, Michel Plasson, Gennadij Rozdestvenskij, Garcia Navarro, James judd, Gianluigi Gelmetti, Sylvain Cambreling, Daniele Callegari, Yan Pascal Tortelier, Gary Bertini, Emmanuel Krivine, Zoltàn Pesko, Daniele Gatti, Kazushi Ono, Vladimir Delman, Josè Serebrier, Ion Marin, Isaac Karabtchevsky.The Simphonic Orchestra of theater La Fenice of Venice, the Simphonic Orchestra of theater Della Rena of Verona, Simphonic Orchestra Arturo Toscanini of Parma, the Simphonic Orchestra of the Italian-Swiss Radio, the Philarmonic Orchestra of Parma.He also partecipated to the concert held in Rome in honour of Pope John Paul The Second. He partecipated to the concert to celebrate Luciano Pavarotti’s birthday held in Montecarlo. He partecipated to the Pavarotti & Friends editions of 1999 ” 2000 ” 2002 and 2003, where he met the American drums player STEVE GADD.He played at the “Biennale di Venezia” with the American drums player Chad Wackerman executing a composition by Frank Zappa. In contemporary music he took part in the following ensembles: CARME (Italian Society of Chamber Music) “Gruppo Musica Insieme di Cremona”, I Virtuosi Italiani, Ensemble Edgard Varèse. For RAI has recorded two CD with the percussions band titled THE CONCERTS OF POLITECHNIC and PERCUSSION & FRIENDS. He was member of the Jazz band Euforia partecipating to the Jazz Festival of Modena, concert which gained several consenses by Italian press, journals such as Repubblica underlined the quality and originality of the pieces of the band....
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JazzTimes 10/31/10 • Albums • By Wilbert Sostre CD Review: Claudio Scolari - Colors of red island

The new project by Italian musician Claudio Scolari is a fascinating mix of acoustic and electronic sounds creating an almost cinematic atmosphere. For this album Claudio has the collaboration of Daniele Cavalca on drums, bass and vibraphone and Simone Scolari on trumpet.

Scolari music, like the tracks Electric light over water and Emotion appearance can be described as avant-garde jazz but it is so much more. It has elements of classical music, and other jazz styles. For example Variations of movement has some latin influences and the title track, Colors of red island with Simone Scolari majestic sound on trumpet reminds me at times of Miles music from the album Birth of Cool.

Daniele Cavalca plays the vibraphone in the funky Improvised sentimental song, Cold landscape and in Movement inspiration, a track with a blend of acoustic and futuristic sounds creating kind of a mysterious mood. This mysterious mood continues in Dialogues night with an interesting almost hypnotic percussion.

Earth dances explosions is even more futuristic, with a sound effect loop that provides the background to Simone trumpet improvisations.

Colors of red island, Movement inspiration, Variation of movement, Dialogues night, Earth dances explosions, Improvised sentimental song, Electric light over water, Emotion appearance, Winds of metamorphosis, Infinite silence, Cold landscape.

CD Title: Colors of red island Year: 2010 It's A Jazz Thing on UK Jazz Radio - 12th to 19th May 2010 by: Mark Robinson. Part 1 features my “CD of the Week” by Italian drummer Claudio Scolari it’s an great cd, very much in the ECM vein with some wonderful inventive music.

CD Title: Landskap Live Year: 2001 Jazzreview by: Lee Prosser

was a total surprise when I listened to it. It is charming, it is intricate, and it carries a sweet jazzy feeling for those who listen to the piano work of Sandro Animini and the percussion work of Claudio Scolari.The title is LANDSKAP LIVE 2001 and it is well worth your time to listen to. A very inventive collection of songs, it seems it starts playing only to conclude all too soon.This collection weaves its own spell, and it is one you will enjoy.This brilliant collection of material will remind jazz listeners of the some of the finest of the jazz music found in the old coffee houses of the late 1950s, music that makes sense, has melody, and is inventive in its handling of jazz motifs. The piano and percussion work is flawless. Very nice!

CD Title: Reflex Year: 2004 Jazzreview by: Michael Casano

This is not your typical jazz CD and perhaps that is a good thing.Percussionist Claudio Scolari’s Reflex CD is an experiment in electronic music that borrows conceptually from world music and jazz, as well as electronic ambient music. The compositions are strong, and the willingness to experiment electronically is a much-needed shot in the arm for experimental jazz music.What makes this CD even more interesting is that Scolari’s background is in classical music, thus his percussion style is never overstated, and is always complimentary of the music at hand. From top to bottom, this is an enjoyable CD that opens many doors for those tempted to enter the mesh and wires of electronics and jazz.

CD Title: The My Fourteen Songs Year: 2005 Jazzreview by: Savon Edwards

Every once in a while, we as music listeners are blessed to have someone come along who is not like anyone else. A musician who finds the bar and proceeds to go beyond that. A student of life and of music. A master craftsman, someone who is willing to dedicate their last breath for their passion. I believe that Claudio Scolari is this type of person. The My Fourteen Songs, released on Principal Records in 2005, is a highly personal recording. There is more than plenty of emotions passed through from Scolari on this classic avant-soul-fusion record.It sounded strange and beautiful and as I listened more and more, I explored the multi-textural music stylings that are incorporated. Everything from 70s big rock guitar to hip-hop beats, but there is more to it. There are elements that remind me of Miles Davis' On the Corner. That same sort of funkiness, that feeling of the music actually being inside of you. Also containing the spiritual side of, dare I say Coltranes' A Love Supreme.” A sonic enlightenment. A spiritual journey. Claudio is one half of the musicians on the record, taking responsibilities of drums, percussion, voice and synths. And let's not forget about composing the music, in which you will find the true strength of the music. Donnie Romano makes up the other half by contributing guitars and voice. You do not hear jazz guitar players like Romano. He is extremely talented in both theory and pure expressionism. Donnie plays with a fierce intensity on the one side, then on the other is cool and collective. This perfect mixture makes a challenging and welcomed addition to the “colours” of Claudio Scolari. In short, let me just say blessed are those who listen.

  • Synthesis

    Principal Records
  • Colors Of Red Island

    Self Produced
  • Dreams And Emotions Of City

    Principal Records
  • The My Fourteen Songs

    Principal Records
  • Reflex

    Principal Records
  • Reflex

    Resonance Records

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Claudio Scolari is currently professor of percussion instruments at the Musical Institute “V. Bellini” of Caltanissetta (Italy).

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