Dom Minasi

Primary Instrument: Guitar

Born: March 6, 1943    

Dom Minasi

It’s not common to hear a guitarist mentioned in the same vein as adventurous players like Eric Dolphy, John Coltrane and Cecil Taylor, but Dom Minasi is not your common type of guitarist. Like many highly creative artists, Dom needs a variety of contexts to express the full range of his musical vision by maintaining several separate groups, Born on March 6, 1943 (sharing a birthday with legendary guitarist Wes Montgomery), Dom is a 50-year veteran of the music scene, with a history and scope of activities as varied and jam-packed as his native New York City.

Backing up top singing groups at rock 'n' roll shows, church dances and the like while still in his early teens, Dom has maintained a jazz trio with bass and drums since he was 15 years old. But education has also played a major role in his overall musical activities. “By the time I was 20, I had more than 100 students, but I cut it down to 95 so I could play six nights a week.” ...
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Two Time Winner of Meet The Composer

Yearly winner of the ASCAP Plus Awards

”One of New York’s best kept secrets is finally “getting out”. Hooray!” Jim Hall

“I am knocked out by Dom's creative and original guitar playing”.

Henry Kaiser

“A true Jazz original ” Bill Milkowski

“Minasi stuns...he coaxes dark emotive chords like a dusky snake charmer wooing a cobra from awoven basket...” Derek Taylor All Music Guide to Jazz

“In the manner of Eric Dolphy...Minasi works over the harmonic and rhythmic material of each song in an extraordinary manner, managing to go places where few lesser guitarists would venture.” Cadence Magazine

” A six string Cecil Taylor” David Adler All About Jazz New York

“Dom Minasi has expanded his horizons and forged a path that takes him just off the beaten path”. Steven Loewy All Music Guide

“The ever versatile Minasi seems possessed by spirits while feverishly plucking and strumming a cavalcade of chord progressions...” Glenn Astarita All Music Guide to Jazz

“He works his frets like a man possessed...peeling off tangled lines in steady metallic cascades... This date suggests that his place as a major player may have finally arrived.” Derek Taylor All Music Guide to Jazz

“Minasi is finally making his mark and receiving the recognition he deserves.” Jon Wagner All About Jazz New York

“A fearless innovator” ASCAP

“…grabs the listener and won’t let go” Jim Santella All About Jazz

“Dom Minasi, … provides proof that there’s more out there.” Phil Freeman Jazziz

“Midway between abstract experimentation and standards recreation, Minasi is using his plectrum like a shovel to carve out his own niche.” Ken Waxman Jazz Weekly

“As different a guitarist as you will ever hear” Laurence Donohue-Greene All About Jazz New York

“Dom Minasi is finding creative ways to play both ‘inside’ and ‘outside,’ often within the same arrangement” Marshall Bowden Jazzitude

“ Dom Minasi continues to make provocative music, more so today than yesterday.” Michael C. Bailey All About Jazz

“Minasi proves that he can create a sense of urgency while still pushing melodic concepts forward”. Jay Collins One Final Note

“You've likely never heard anyone play guitar like this…” Tucson Weekly

” To describe him (Dom Minasi) adequately, one would need a new vocabulary...(just as) he is creating a new vocabulary on the guitar”. Ron Sweetman Coda Magazine

“…worthy of mention in the same breath with Jim Hall and Pat Martino” DR Audiophile.

“One of the most inventive guitarists in modern jazz.” Dick Crockett “The Voice” 88.7fm Sacramento, Ca.

(Writing about VR)” No one, however, is playing more marvelously than Minasi, whose percussive, masterly attack is both technically frightening and utterly focused on serving the music.” Paul Olsen - All About Jazz

“…as adventurous and exciting as John Coltrane” Brian Holland- Modern Guitar

“…contemporary jazz playing that demands and deserves attention”. Bruce Crowthers Jazz & Other Obsessions

“his guitar playing is “off da hook”. Lyle Robinson Jazz Guitar Life.

Quotes About Dissonance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

“Forty years ago, guitarist/composer Dom Minasi was twenty years ahead of his time. His forward progress from then to now has been exponential, evidenced by his brilliant new recording Dissonance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder.” Joe Giglio

”Dom Minasi's quartet compositions straddle the divide between modern classical chamber music and jazz improvisation. The structure of composition and the freedom of improvisation present us with a shifting soundscapes that while challenging are also full of whimsy and humor. “ Joe Finn

”A highly original string quartet that has it's own voice and blurs the line between composition and improvisation” Jay Rosen

“Symphonies-in-miniature, that are thoroughly satisfying intellectually, and emotionally thrilling. “ Scott Friedlander

“Dissonance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder is Dom Minasi’s most intense and personal recording to date, bringing the art of crisscrossing improvised and composed material to dizzying heights. A true original at its most authentic.” Jochem van Dijk

” Dom Minasi continues his ground-breaking journey into the vast musical unknown. Dissonance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder captures Dom's amazing explorations into moods rarely even entertained by his contemporaries.” Ed Byrne

“ Music bearing Dom Minasi’s signature will never be mistaken for work by any other composer/performer. What makes his contribution unique, is the fact that Dom has a foot planted in two worlds: He is a fully trained composer (in the traditional sense), and a world-class jazz guitarist. Because of this he is able to bring together the best aspects of both these disciplines. He is able to create pieces that clearly illustrate his musical intentions, he has the courage to explore new ground, his personality demonstrates individuality without ego, and the ability to play his music flawlessly”. Dr. Steven Kinigstein, composer, guitarist,writer

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Primary Instrument:

New York, NY

Willing to teach:
Advanced students only.

Marquis Studios and Young Audiences: Using the blues as a basis, Dom created a program using poetry put to music in blues, rock 'n roll, rap, jazz, Latin music, and well known children's books to teach literacy through songwriting."

Kingsborough Community College and Lehman College: Guitar Ensembles, The Singers Forum, Classes in Jazz Vocalization and Reading Rhythms

American Institute of Guitar, The Guitar Workshop: Classes in harmony, theory and improvisation

Various Colleges and Universities: Lecturer on history of Jazz guitar

Private Teaching: Guitar instruction Intermediate, Advance & Professionals Latin-Jazz Concerts and Workshops

Dom is now teaching on-line. Musician's Manual for Chord Substitution - Sunrise Artistries, Inc.- Publisher

Principles of Harmonic Substitution - Sunrise Artistries, Inc.- Publisher Digital Downloads

Singer's Guide to Reading Rhythms - D.O.M PUBLISHING

A Guitarists Ultimate Guide for Chord Construction and Substitution- D.O.M. Publishing

The Dom Minasi Triology Dom Minasi Instrumental & vocal music and upcoming books: go to


BS in Composition, CUNY
Studies with John Coriigliano, Dr. Monroe Cooper


Dean's List: Kingsborough Community College
Honors Scholarship: Lehman College, 1990
Jazz Anthology Book, 1977
Encyclopedia of Jazz, 1978-78
ASCAP Special Awards

Clinic/Workshop Information:
Dom Minasi 
Lectures – Clinics - Workshops

Children’s Literacy Through Songwriting Workshops: 
Starting with the history of the blues, covering down-home Blues, Rock & Roll and Jazz. The children are guided through a step-by-step process that teaches them how to write songs. Using literacy as the main objective, each workshop covers grammar, spelling, rhythm, musical terms, rhyming and poetry put to music. 

Learning the Orchestra: A one-hour per week, for four weeks, lecture designed to teach children what the instruments of the orchestra look and sound like

Harmonic Substitution for Guitar: 
A lecture and demonstration with handouts from Dom’s book A Guitarist's Ultimate Guide To Chord Construction and Substitution. The lecture covers chord structuring, en-harmonic chords, essentials of chromatic substitution, when to substitute and when not to substitute. Chord melodies.

A lecture and demonstration on the different approaches to improvising which includes scales, chromattics, intervals, harmonic resources and Dom's own particular method based on his book Stress Points.

Improvisation for String/Woodwind/Brass Ensembles: For Those Who Have Never Improvised Before: 
 Original though compose music, is used as a beginning approach to free form improvisation. Students will be guided every step of the way to let go and listen, create &harmonize with other musicians to form music they are not accustom to playing.

The Art of Takin’ It ‘Out’ (for all instruments):
Dom Minasi-guitar, Ken Filiano-bass and Jay Rosen-drums, demonstrate, perform and discuss how to incorporate, within the jazz repertoire 21st century techniques. Using the arrangement of Satin Doll, from the Takin' The Duke Out and other standards, they will perform and discuss some of the ways to incorporate free-form improvisation, motifs and pedal tones within the same arrangement. The trio will also demonstrate both the ‘in & out ' versions of improvising and how to create sound scapes and re-harmonizations based on Dom's books. Written examples are given out.

Duets: How Piano and Guitar Can Learn To Play Together and Love It 
Dom Minasi, guitar, Michael Jefry Stevens, piano 
It’s unusual to hear two chordal and percussive instruments play well together. This workshop will encompass the different techniques needed to do just that. Dom Minasi & Michael Jefry Stevens will demonstrate single note improv, chords, chordal clusters, the use of the ‘wall of sound,’ space, odd time signatures with the 4/4 meter, how to listen while still being free and yet stay musical at all times.

The In's and Out of Solo Guitar: Dom will demonstrate how to take a standard and play it as a solo piece from and 'inside-out' approach

Carlo Greco Custom Archtop, D'Aria Custom D'Aquisto Centura Archtop, Eastman Archtop, An Epiphone double pickup Archtop 2 Steel String Flat top acoustics by Takemine , 1 Takemine 12 string, 1 Gianni 12 string, 1 Grodin Electric Nylon String, One Seaman and one Guild nylon string guitars, 1- 335, 2 Polytone amps, 1 Vox amp, I Fender Blues and One Lunchbox amp and various pedals

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