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Amos Hoffman (guitar, 8-string)

Tel Aviv based guitarist and oudist Amos Hoffman started playing guitar at the age of 6, and oud a few years later. He studied guitar privately, and attended the prestigious Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem. His search for new musical...

Bill Burke (guitar, 8-string)

"A new master of the 8 String Warr guitar...” " Robert Silverstein, Music Web Express 3000 “…a wildly gifted musician, Bill Burke plays the Warr Guitar, an eight stringed instrument which allows him to play...

Charlie Hunter (guitar, 8-string)

"I knew that I wanted to do this with my life from when I was 16", says Hunter about his musical career. His early recognition of this may have been influenced by the fact that he grew up in homes where his mother repaired guitars for a...

Christopher Lavender (guitar, 8-string)

Chris Lavender holds a BA from the Berklee College of Music where he specialized as a mallet percussionist and is currently an MFA candidate at UC Irvine in the Integrated Composition, Improvisation, and Technology program. He has...

Craig Layton (guitar, 8-string)

1000 Miles Away will be on Quake's upcoming solo album 'The Myth' | Music Video Produced by Trinocular Films Ltd | Music Copyright Quake 2009 | Music Video Copyright Trinocular Films Ltd 2009

Jack West (guitar, 8-string)

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jack West’s band Curvature is an ensemble of virtuoso musicians engaged in the development of West’s ground breaking progressive acoustic jazz concept. While nothing explains it better than...

Michael Coppola (guitar, 8-string)

"You're onto something there, you're a real innovator" Les Paul, The Iridium, 4/14/2008 Michael Coppola began playing guitar at the age of eleven. His musical foundation, which began with instruction from guitarist Ritchie Lengel, was...

Michele Ramo (guitar, 8-string)

MICHÉLE RAMO (pronounced: Me-KEL-ay) is an 8 string nylon fingerstyle jazz guitarist, jazz violinist, jazz mandolinist, composer and educator who specializes in bringing American Swing, Brazilian, Gypsy and Latin rhythms together in his...

Robert Conti (guitar, 8-string)

Robert Conti was born in South Philadelphia, an area that has produced a respectable number of great musicians including many legendary string players. His interest in jazz guitar began in 1958 at the age of twelve. With the exception of a...

The Hot at Nights (guitar, 8-string)

Says one Carolina newbie to one Carolina native, “Dang! I knew it would be hot in the Summer down here, but I had no idea that it would get even hotter at night!!” Meteorologically speaking, there is a scientific explanation for this...

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