Jim Campilongo

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Primary Instrument: Guitar


Billboard Magazine calls Jim Campilongo, “an American treasure”, an accolade this guitarist's artistry and influential career has richly earned him.

With seven albums of original material and guest appearances on dozens of recordings; from the Bammie-winner's contribution on Cake's million-selling “Prolonging the Magic” to (most recently) doing lead guitar duties with Martha Wainwright, Teddy Thompson and The Little Willies, his band with Norah Jones, He's also had repeat appearances on David Letterman, Conan O'Brien and been interviewed on many major radio shows. Campilongo is also a published guitar teacher and contributing editor for Guitar Player Magazine. Campilongo's virtuosity and originality has inspired a generation of guitar players. His songwriting uses a palette of the best in Blues, Country, Jazz and Rock with a sensitivity and wit that has also earned him the broad fan base most instrumental guitarist never enjoy....
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Gold Record -Cake -Two Bammies
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Jim Campilongo with "The Little Willies" (Norah Jones) Live at the Living Room NYC "Gotta Get Drunk" Jim Campilongo  & Fender amplifiers Jim Campilongo - Live at the Living Room NYC "Like, Hello?" Jim Campilongo Live at the Living Room NYC  "Monkey in a Movie" Jim Campilongo at the Detroit Opera House "Watchin' You Drown in a Mud Puddle" Jim Campilongo Live at the Living Room NYC "Finger Puppet" Jim Campilongo at Home in Brooklyn Jim Campilongo and the 10 Gallon Cats "Harlem Nocturne"
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JIM CAMPILONGO IN TOP 50 ESSENTIAL NYC SECRETS IN THIS WEEKS TIME OUT... November 2008 ”...New York has no shortage of guitar heroes but few cover as many bases as Jim Campilongo...” “...reveals a range that extends from seductive country-swing to atmospheric jazz and well beyond...

BILLBOARD MAR 2007 ” overall killer course on How To Play Your Instrument Putting All Others To Shame. The man can jam. His instrumental compositions are practically lyrical, mixing blues with jazz with country. A real treasure...”


VILLAGE VOICE NYC OCT 2006 ”...Campilongo takes his (as Jim Macnie so accurately coined) “Twangadelica” stepwise into gorgeousness...”

USA TODAY ”... Cry Me a River - an eerie instrumental filled with his rubbery twang-jazz improvisations...”

GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE MARCH 2007 - REVIEW HEAVEN IS CREEPY ”... Campilongo keeps each composition air-tight with nary a sign of filler or fluff, and his playing continues to exhibit a brilliant musicality that relies as much on a finely tuned sense of space as it does on neck wrangling licks...”

VINTAGE GUITAR MARCH 2007 ” .... his jazz and country instincts and adventurous nature help make him one of today's really unique player....”

EAST BAY EXPRESS JULY 2007 ”...His music has echoes of Django Reinhardt, Buck Owens, Bach, Duke Ellington, the Beatles, and a panoply of folk, blues, jazz, and rock styles. Comped chords, delicate filigreed fills, long quavering sustained notes, and shimmering overtones slide together to produce a deep, moody, impressionistic sound...”.


“....Multi-faceted, genre-crossing ideas expertly expressed by a trio exhibiting phenomenal chemistry throughout...”

PASTE MARCH 2007 Jim Campilongo “Heaven Is Creepy” ”...Norah acquits herself well on the standard “Cry Me a River...”

GUITAR WORLD  DEC 2006 ”.... his unrushed approach and generous tone create a comfortable, burnished grace that's distinctly all his own....”

GUITAR ONE DEC 2006  ”.... Long master of the Telecaster, Jim Campilongo has a style that can be described as a cross between Chet Atkins and Thelonius Monk....”

BLUES REVIEW FEB 2007 ”...the release is really a treatise on what an adventurous guitar player who merges jazz, blues, rock, and country can accomplish...”

Primary Instrument: Guitar

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Willing to teach: Beginners


Take the "L" train to the Grand St stop. I'm 50 yards from the stop I'm happy to supply a quality electric guitar for you to play at the lesson *no problem AT ALL* Please bring a blank cassette for my recorder, SanDisk for my recorder (see attachment below for example) or recording device of your own for taping the lesson. **Recording the lesson will help you out greatly** Lessons are $85.00 for one hour of private instruction . *** I have a 48 hour cancellation policy.*** All the best & thanks -Jim
The equipment I use ... I have a '59 Fender Tele three saddle toploading bridge with threaded "steel" saddles and slot head set screws. 1959 was the only year Fender produced string through BRIDGE and not BODY. As far as the Toploader -- I think the feel and sound is a bit more "rubbery" then a standard Tele. I aquired my Tele when a generous pal, John Jensen gave it to me about 12 years ago. He gave to me because I fell so much in love with it! I still feel like it is my musical home. Both pickups have had windings snap internally and have been rewound by Seymour Duncan. So, they are "original" and "Duncan's" at the same time. I like D'Addario EKXL120 009's-.042 sitting as high as possible over the pickup plate. This helps me avoid picking the pickup plate instead of the low E string I also have a tendency to miss strings 3 and 4 . An extreme arch somewhat remedied this problem. I have a string endorsement but I used and liked D'Addario well before they gave the strings tome . I like their bright sound and feel. Maybe I'm imagining this but D'Addario seem wound tighter then "Boomers". They feel more "round wound" on my fingertips. I always get these "raised eyebrow" looks when I say I use .009's but I've used that gauge (on my electrics) since 1973. I've always felt that a lighter gauge was easier on the fretting hand, but harder on the picking hand. Why? Because there is less string surface there is less string to strike. I've used .010's and felt that the sound was too bright. More info can be found at Everything else on my guitar -- pickguard, tone and volume pots (stock, stock, stock I repeat STOCK!), nut, tuners, saddles, paint job... has been redone or replaced many times over. I replace the pots once a year, the nut sometimes more. The tuners last 3 to 5 years. I've had many saddle sets, they usually rust and freeze solid. I use Fulltone "Gold Standard" guitar cable, as short as I can handle, 8 ft to 10 ft. They are a bit "brighter" then most cables I've used which is something I usually shy away from. I mean, have you EVER heard ANYONE say "I can't get enough highs out of this Telecaster!"? All that said, Fulltone add a nice clear fidelity I enjoy. I just wish they would return at least ONE of my e mails! I really like the Klon Centaur for overdrive but except for the occasional session, I haven't used it since I've been using a Princeton Reverb. In my opinion the Centaur is the best overdrive in the market. Learn more about it at I own about seven amps and lately I prefer the weight, portability and sound of Princeton Reverbs. I own two '66 Princeton Reverbs, three 70's Princeton Reverbs, a '70 Vibrolux Reverb (with one solid state rectifier instead of a tube) and a 70's Vibrochamp. Most of these amps have had the original speakers all re-coned several times from de-tuning mayhem. I have not tried any clones and I'm pretty committed to Fender. Aside from tone -I still love looking at the logo, the grill cloth etc etc.
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