Ernest Ranglin

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Born: June 19, 1932    Primary Instrument: Guitar

Ernest Ranglin

Ernest Ranglin was born June 19, 1932 and grew up in the small town of Robin's Hall in the Parish of Manchester, a rural community In the middle of Jamaica. Music has always claimed a special place In the Island's culture, and Ranglin's destiny was set from an early age when two of his uncles showed him the rudiments of playing the guitar. When they discovered just how good the young boy was, they bought him a ukulele. Ranglin learned how to play by imitating his uncles, but he was soon to be influenced by the recordings of the great American jazz guitarist Charlie Christian. Living in rural Jamaica, however, inhibited the boy's ambitions, which, even at the age of fourteen, were focused on music. He then moved to Kingston - the country's capital - ostensibly to finish his studies at Bodmin College. Very high on Ranglin's agenda was to seriously study the guitar; something not on the school's priorities....
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Ernest Ranglin, The Blueprint of Ska Illinois Entertainer, November, 1998 In a lifetime of music creation and innovation, Ernest Ranglin has just now embarked on one of the most mysterious, exciting journeys in his 66 years of life - a journey to the heart of rhythmic communication...

Master Craftsman The Voice, July 27, 1998 Forty years ago the acclaimed jazz guitarist Ernest Ranglin became Island Record's first signing and helped make a mint for its then owner, Chris Blackwell. Now Blackwell is hoping that Ranglin's distinctive...

Ernest Ranglin, Mike Atherton talks to 'the King of the Ska Guitar' Record Collector, December, 1997 He's enjoyed many accolades over the years. He was responsible for the first LP ever to appear on the Island imprint in Jamaica, long before the label reached the U.K. He is “probably the most outstanding...

The Grandpa Of Reggae Gets Some Respect New York times, Sunday, August 31, 1997 Ocho Rios, Jamaica, His neighbours here know him simply as Ernie, the easygoing, gray-haired gent who lives on a hill above town and sometimes comes down with his guitar to jam with the younger musicians who... read more...

The man who gave us reggae The Times, Friday, May 2, 1997 Ernest Ranglin hardly looks like the man who changed the face of modern music. The inventor of both ska and reggae, the maestro who thaught Bob Marley the Rhythms that conquered the pop world, he is dressed ...

Kingston's king of skank steps out Times, Januari 24, 1997 He looks like Nelson Mandela and he practicaly invented reggae. Ernest Ranglin is one of those legendary sideman who is to be heard playing on a hundred records in everyone's collection, but who's name has ...

Ernest Ranglin - reggae music's head creator Caribbean Times, June 8, 1996 Think of Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Sly Stone, James Jamerson, Quincy Jones, Little Richard, Bootsy Collins, Jackie Mittoo. We're talking pioneering musicians who changed the face of pop idiom. Let's talk about ...

The man who invented reggae The Independent, Friday, May 31, 1996 Of all the attempts to marry jazz with reggae, nothing gets close to the wonderfull rootsiness of Ernest Ranglin's new album, Below the Bassline. It's arguably the best jazz album of the year so far, and of it's...

Below the Bassline (1996)
Memoires of Barber Mack (1997)
In Search of the Lost Riddim (1998)
Modern Answers to Old Problems (2000)
Gotcha! (2001)
Ernest Ranglin Surfin' (2005)

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