Enrico Rava

Born: August 20, 1943    Primary Instrument: Trumpet

Enrico Rava

Enrico Rava, born in Trieste in 1939, is undoubtedly the most internationally acknowledged Italian jazzman. In forty years of his career as trumpet player, and composer, he has produced more than ninety recordings, tweny-five of which as a leader. Being a great admirer of Miles Davis and Chet Baker, his career started at an early age, when he played in clubs in Turin.

In 1962, he meets Gato Barbieri

Gato Barbieri
Gato Barbieri
with whom, two years later, he records the soundtrack for Montaldo's film “Una bella grinta”. In those years he meets Don Cherry, Mal Waldron and Steve Lacy, with whom he plays free jazz in a quartet alternating between London and Buenos Aires (it is in Argentina in 1966 that the quartet records the album “The Forest and the Zoo”)....
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1966 Steve Lacy "The forrest and the zoo" (ESP 1060)
1968 Lee Konitz "Stereokonitz" (RCA 74321591462)
1971 Carla Bley, Mike Mantler "Escalator over the hill" (JCOA)
1972 Enrico Rava "Il giro del giorno in 80 mondi" (Black Saint BS120011)
1975 Enrico Rava "The pilgrim and the stars" (ECM 1063)   Listen to an MP3 sample
1976 Enrico Rava "The plot" (ECM 1078)   Listen to an MP3 sample
1978 Enrico Rava "Quartet" (ECM 1122)   Listen to an MP3 sample
1983 Enrico Rava Quintet "Andanada" (Soul Note SN121064)   Listen to an MP3 sample
1984 Enrico Rava "Rava string band" (Soul Note SN121114)
1986 Enrico Rava Quintet "Secrets" (Soul Note SN121164)
1989 Rava / D'Andrea / Vitous / Humair "Quatre" (Gala)   Listen to an MP3 sample
1990 Enrico Rava "What a day!" (Gala)
1993 Enrico Rava "Rava l'opera va" (Label Bleu 6559)   Listen to an MP3 sample
1995 Enrico Rava "Electric Five" (Soul Note SN121214)   Listen to an MP3 sample
1995 Enrico Rava "Rava Carmen" (Label Bleu 6579)   Listen to an MP3 sample
1997 E. Pieranunzi / E.Rava "Nausicaa" (Egea SCA037)
1997 Enrico Rava Electric Five "Noir" (Label Bleu 6595)
1998 Enrico Rava "Certi angoli segreti" (Label Bleu 6594)   Listen to an MP3 sample
1999 E. Rava / P.Fresu "Shades of Chet" (Via Veneto 023)   Listen to an MP3 sample
2000 E. Rava / B.Casini "Vento" (Label Bleu 6623)
2000 E. Rava / G.Tommaso "La dolce vita" (CAM)   Listen to an MP3 sample
2002 E. Rava / P.Fresu "Play Miles Davis" (Label Bleu 6639)
2002 E. Rava / S.Bollani "Montreal Diary /B" (Label Bleu 6645)
2003 Enrico Rava Quartet "Full of Life" (CAM 7759)
2003 Enrico Rava (feat. John Abercrombie) Happiness is... (Stunt 03062)
2004 Enrico Rava Quintet "Easy Living" (ECM 1760)
2004 Francesco Bearzatti + Enrico Rava "Hope" (Auand AU9007)
2005 Enrico Rava "Flat fleet" (Philology W734)
2005 Enrico Rava "Tati" (ECM 1921)
2007 Enrico Rava "The Words and The Days" (ECM 1982)

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