Matt Savage

Born: May 12, 1992    Primary Instrument: Piano

Matt Savage

Matt Savage’s highly anticipated tenth album, A BIGGER CELEBRATION, is scheduled for release in September 2013. This is Matt’s third album to be produced by Grammy-nominated Jonathan Wyner and engineered by ten-time Grammy-winner Tom Bates. The music celebrates life and youth and embracing experiences with open arms. It captures the joy of being alive through upbeat, multicultural, surprising and diverse compositions. Happiness takes different forms… driving a fast car, dancing at a party, exploring jungles, traveling to distant continents, even lazing on a beach. From the country to the city to concerts around the world, Matt continues his journey as an extraordinarily talented jazz composer, arranger, performer and pianist....
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Selected as a Berklee Performing Artist/Representative to perform/teach at the Costa Rica International Jazz Festival, July 2011, ASCAP Young Jazz Composer Award (2005-2010), Finalist for ASCAP Young Jazz Composer Award (2011-2013), International Songwriting Competition (ISC) Winner (Second Place) (2008), ISC Finalist (2004-2007, 2009-2012), ASCAPLUS Award (2012, 2013), Signed as a Bösendorfer Piano Artist (2003), Signed a domestic distribution agreement with Palmetto Records (MRI/RED) (2004), Signed an international sub-publishing deal with SONY/ATV (2008), NH State Champion of the National Geographic GeoBee (2004), Chaka Khan Foundation Award (2005), McCarton Foundation Award (2009, 2011-12), Dr. Margaret L. Bauman Award of Excellence (2005), Council of Exceptional Children Award (2008)
”… this is Savage's album all the way, as he not only plays with a maturity well beyond his years but wrote and arranged every number…” ALL ABOUT JAZZ.COM

“… Savage proves he’s no novelty act, as can be heard on his CD Welcome Home.” JAZZIZ

“… hints of Aaron Copland and Pat Metheny done in a piano trio setting that shows how hard-swinging a player Savage is.” CADENCE

“… a phenomenally talented pianist and composer who demands to be taken seriously on purely musical terms.” WALL STREET JOURNAL

“A wildly inventive composer, interpreter and pianist no matter what his age… Savage proves his maturity…” JAZZIZ

“He clearly knows what he is doing … not only as a hard bop/post-bop pianist, but also as a composer.” ALL MUSIC GUIDE

“This young man plays with grace, energy and originality. Jazz Savant INDEED!” MARIAN MCPARTLAND

“You blew my mind. That was incredible!” CONAN O'BRIEN, host of “Late Night with Conan O'Brien”

“A jazz legend - at 15” AMERICAN WAY

“Jazz prodigy makes ‘Leap’ to maturity.” BOSTON HERALD

“… a schooled, seasoned jazz pianist …” JAZZTIMES

“… astonishing, refreshing and engaging …” ALL MUSIC GUIDE

“I am amazed at Matt’s musical ability at such an early age.” DAVE BRUBECK

“… is Matt Savage really that good? Does he deserve the hype and hoopla? In a word, yes… he's an admirable jazz pianist, one whose age seems largely irrelevant…” ALL ABOUT JAZZ.COM

“… brilliant” TIME MAGAZINE

“… jazz phenom Matt Savage unlocks a door to genius using 88 keys” PEOPLE MAGAZINE

“The Key Master.” … he's got command of the music and, most important, he's got swing.” THE BOSTON GLOBE

“… delightful and inspiring …” CHICK COREA

“… the future of JAZZ” JIMMY HEATH

“Besides being an extremely gifted pianist and improviser, Matt has the musical instincts of a person many years older. To me this is the most incredible characteristic about Matt. Where did this come from? Wow! I can't wait to hear him perform when his feet can reach the pedals.” BOBBY WATSON

“I was amazed at how talented he is. Amazing is the word I can tell you. I keep track of young talent in kids, and he’s the first one that I met that young that was THAT talented. He has such a musical mind that it isn’t music that he has to learn. It seems like he’s such an advanced musician in so many ways already at 8.” DAVE BRUBECK

“Matt Savage is, in short, a wonder, and he’s just 13 years old.” OAKLAND TRIBUNE

“Whenever he plays… he blows people away.” THE MAINE SUNDAY TELEGRAM

“Matt combines all forms of harmony resolution, not just rhythmic or counterpoint, but he goes beyond to levels once visited by Bach concerto and Mozart.” AFRO AMERICAN SYNDICATE

“Phenomenal… He sounds as good as any of the top pros in this town, and better than some.” JOHN PAYNE

As a Leader

Welcome Home
Savage Records, LLC
Tracks: Our Town; On the Farm; Picturesque; Seasons Change; Night Falls; Big Apple Suite: Big Apple Blues; Big Apple Suite: The Night Goes On; Big Apple Suite: The City Sleeps; Big Apple Suite: The City Is Alive; Big Apple Suite: Finale; Inner Search; Welcome Home (Boston); You Are Here.
Personnel: Matt Savage: piano, Bobby Watson: saxophone, Jeremy Pelt: trumpet, Joris Teepe: bass, Peter Retzlaff: drums, with John Funkhouser: bass, Yoron Israel: drums.

Hot Ticket: Live in Boston
Savage Records, LLC
Tracks: Muy Caliente; Father's Day; Setting Sun; Quittin' Time; Black-Key Magic; An Awful Song (That You'll Really Hate); El Fuego; A 6/4 Song (That's Also in 6/4); Colors; Seven Steps to Heaven; Curacao; Free and Easy.
Personnel: Matt Savage: piano, Dave Robaire: bass, Joe Saylor: drums.

Quantum Leap
Savage Records, LLC
Tracks: Give Me a Break; Couch Potato Blues; Lullaby of Birdland; Serenity; Free and Easy; Curacao; A Child is Born; Wobble Waltz; Closer Than You Think; All the Things You Are; Flights of Fancy; Dreaming of You; Hide and Seek; Blues in 33/8; Monk's Dream.
Personnel: Matt Savage: piano, John Funkhouser: bass, Steve Silverstein: drums.

Cutting Loose
Savage Records, LLC
Tracks: Infected With Hemiola; The New Sensation; Plain Old Rhythm Changes; Sneaking Up; Waltz for Mom; Nine at Night; The Ride Cymbal; House Cat; Seven Up; Stop and Go; The Wild Rose; Wow!; Grandpa's Ramble; Ladybug Bounce.
Personnel: Matt Savage: piano, John Funkhouser: bass, Steve Silverstein: drums.

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Featured recording “A Bigger Celebration”

A Bigger Celebration
Savage Records, LLC (2013)
Download jazz mp3 “Big Apple Suite:  The City Is Alive” by Matt Savage Download jazz mp3 “A 6/4 Song (That's Also in 6/4)” by Matt Savage

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