Laurie Krauz

Born: August 18, 1955    Primary Instrument: Vocalist

Laurie Krauz

Laurie Krauz thrills audiences with her award-winning, blues-influenced jazz vocals and her powerful emotional range. Blazing new musical territory, Laurie combines improvisational elements with the passion and sensuality found in other forms of music to create a unique, soulful jazz -- “she creates a mood and weaves a musical story with every cell of her being.” Named one of the top 525 jazz vocalists of all time in a book by noted jazz critic, Scott Yanow, slated to be published in 2008 (tentatively entitled The Jazz Singers/Backbeat Books), Laurie released her first CD, Catch Me If You Can (LML Records) in 2001 to much critical acclaim....
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With an unusually pliant set of vocal chords, Laurie Krauz has a ball on her first album. The album’s kick off piece, the Ellington/Strayhorn masterpiece, “Day Dream,” sets the high standard for what’s to follow.... [S]he combines the best of cabaret and jazz singing. She has the respect for the lyrics one usually finds within cabaret as well as the ability to use her voice as an instrument, without over embellishing on the latter. This is a wonderful maiden album and will cause listeners to become impatient waiting for her next one.” Dave Nathan,

“...she immediately impresses with her ample vocal presence and poise.... This stands as an impressive debut disc for Laurie Krauz.” Alan Bargebuhr, Cadence

“Krauz possesses a voice of remarkable range and dynamics. She is also a talented improviser who has a remarkable understanding of the jazz language. She imitates a muted trumpet on Kojak’s original “Ducksoup” with a remarkable attention to not only the sound but also the phrasing and breath of a jazz instrumentalist. In contrast to current jazz singing sweetheart Diana Krall, Laurie Krauz is not an introspective or wispy balladeer. When she is ready, Krauz comes straight at you with both barrels blazing, her voice moving from a whisper to a joyous howl within the space of a bar. Jazz aficionados should welcome this impressive debut album from a singer who will certainly be making her mark on the jazz scene for years to come.” Michael Laprarie,

“Laurie Krauz is a bright new jazz singer with a strong and flexible voice, the ability to improvise at all tempos and a sensitive style that pays attention to the meaning of the words she interprets.” Four Stars. Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

“Catch Me If You Can” is a real Jazz Fan’s album. It has all the atmosphere and personality of sitting at a table ten feet away from the stage and soaking up the quite unique technique that Laurie conjures up for us.... [T]his explicit and improvised style is like a chef adding just the right amount of ingredients to taste but not to overwhelm the diner.” Wes Gillespie, EuroClubdeJazz

“Vocal and style comparisons to icons such as Sarah Vaughan, Nina Simone and Annie Ross are inevitable as Krauz often seems to be channeling them while putting her own unique stamp on the material.... [A]nd her amazing recreation of a muted trumpet on “Ducksoup,” ... is worth the price of the CD. (Note - it wasn’t until the third playing that I realized it wasn’t a trumpet!)” David Hurst, Show Business

“Her offering of the Mendes/Bergman bossa, So Many Stars was a veritable tour de force. She’s obviously a seasoned pro.... Krauz focuses on her songs with a strong musical sense thus enhancing their beauty. Send me some tickets Laurie and break a leg girl!” George W. Carroll/The Musicians’ Ombudsman,

“... throbbing and colorful and delightfully unpredictable ...” David Finkle, Back Stage

“You won’t believe your ears -- this jazz singer’s velvety voice is a wonder to behold.” (Critic’s Picks) H. Scott Jolley, Time Out New York

“... Krauz offers a lovely and liquidy voice that pours out of her like fine wine. Her lower register is especially worth drinking in.... [W]hen Krauz and Kojak jazz up the joint, they’re the scat’s meow.” Wayman Wong, New York Daily News

“Laurie Krauz is an entertaining singer who is certain to leave her mark in the world of jazz singers.” Bob Agnew, L.A. Jazz Scene

“Laurie Krauz is one of the rarissimo elite singers group that nourishes the world of Jazz with human warmth, depth and mesmerizing film noire aura. She is powerful, intoxicating with her sparkling talent like a well-aged Napoleon cognac, yet, down to earth with depth, a captivating stage presence which teases you, challenges you and, charms the hell out of you. This is an intelligent, elegantly stylish and warm super singer.” Maximillien de Lafayette, New York Monthly Herald

“A strikingly balanced performer, she can be audacious, mellow or tingly ... her voice and body work as one instrument joining our ears to her breath and our eyes to her performance” Rajene Hardeman, Talent In Motion Magazine

“A versatile jazz vocalist who can be bright and breezy or hot and steamy. Her on air performance started an in studio ‘heat wave.’” David Kenney, WBAI-FM

“... a jazz instrument in human guise.” Peter Leavy, Cabaret Scenes

“Krauz’ smooth, made-for-jazz voice has the range and versatility of a fully-staffed choir/orchestra (the lady can scat so well you’re looking around to determine what instrument made that sound), and Kojak turns any piano into a symphony. Together they are incredible, transforming standards like My Foolish Heart, Cry Me A River, and Love Is Here To Stay into true works of art. Some Kojak originals are included in the program, my favorite being Right Angle. ... Krauz & Kojak are what jazz is all about, bringing to fruition a songwriter’s inspiration and passion.” Laurie Lawson,

“And the Daryl Kojak Trio do more than lend terrific instrumental support: their arrangements and playing are at one with the singer’s vision, making the evening a four-person musical journey, with Krauz in full command -- of both her artistry and her audience.” Roy Sander,

“... if a singer who can become an instrument of bebop is your thing, check out Laurie Krauz....” Lesley Alexander, WRTN-FM/WVOX-AM

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