Brian Adler

Born: August 18, 1983    Primary Instrument: Drums

Brian Adler

Argentine-American percussionist/composer Brian Shankar Adler had his first musical experience at the age of five, studying North Indian music. Adler grew up in an Ashram in upstate New York and was taught to recite classical Indian drum syllables and play the corresponding finger patterns on his knees before ever picking up a drum. Adler was gifted a pakhawaj and later a trap drum set, on which he began to develop connections between Eastern and Western music.

While in High School, Adler attended summer programs at Stanford University, Purchase Jazz Conservatory and Berklee College of Music. He went to Manhattan School of Music Preparatory School and received a scholarship to New England Conservatory, where he received his Bachelor’s degree with honors. He studied with Arjun Bhatt, Billy Hart, Billy Higgins, John Hollenbeck, Misha Masud, Danilo Pérez, Bob Moses, and Dave Rataczjak, among others who helped him discover his own voice incorporating jazz, Indian, South American and western classical traditions. Adler's understanding of these four various rhythmic traditions contribute to his uniquely earthy and melodic approach to the drums....
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”Adler is an amazing instrumentalist who has seemingly mastered all aspects of percussion... his bubbling, percolating rhythms carry the music forward in the most graceful possible ways.” Dave Wayne- Jazz

“Adler’s command of the drums is stunning.” Mark E. Gallo- Jazz

“Percussion colorist and intrepid musican” Raul d'Gama Rose- All About Jazz.

“Adler's percussion is sure-footed and, when called upon, majestic.” David Dupont- Cadence Magazine.

“Brian swings hard and plays at an extremely high conceptual level.” Cecil McBee- Jazz Bassist, Member of bands led by Miles Davis, Elvin Jones, David Liebman.

“Brian Adler’s odd drum sequences and patterns challenge the common belief of how a musician should sound in a jazz ensemble.” Luis Oliveira- Ventrilocution Magazine.

Phase 1
Circavision Productions

Brian Adler- drum set, tablas
Kate McGarry- voice (1)
Peter Ehwald- tenor saxophone (1)
Benedikt Jahnel- piano (1)
Dave Eggar- cello (1)
Nicky Schrire- voice (2)
Nick Kadajski- alto saxophone (2)
Sean Moran- acoustic nylon string guitar (2)
Mark Lau- acoustic bass (2)

The Singing Image of Fire
Circavision Productions

Brian Adler- drum set, tablas, cajon, melodica
Sunny Kim- voice (1-11)
Carmen Staaf- piano, accordion (1,3,5,6,8,10)
Frank Carlberg- piano (4,7,9,11)
Matt Aronoff- acoustic bass (5,10)
Robert Lanzetti- guitar (2,12)
Nathan Goheen- electric bass (2,12)

Four Across
Circavision Productions

Brian Adler: Drums
Josh Deutsch: Trumpet
Kendall Eddy: Bass
Carmen Staaf: Piano

Circavision Productions

Brian Adler: Drums
Sunny Kim: Voice
Stomu Takeishi: Bass
Frank Carlberg: Piano (Trs. 1,3,7)
Jeremy Udden: Soprano Sax (Trs. 2,4)
Mike Winograd: Clarinet (Tr. 4)
Chris Donohue (Tr. 4)

After Dark
Circavision Productions

Brian Adler: Drums & Toy Piano
Sunny Kim: Voice & Drums
Evan Halloin: Bass
Frank Carlberg: Piano (Tr. 3)

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Primary Instrument:

Astoria, NY

Willing to teach:
Intermediate to advanced students

Private Teacher, 2000-present
Faculty Drum Teacher, 2010-present: 92st Y
Faculty Drum Teacher, 2007-present: Larchmont Music Academy
Outreach Drum Teacher, 2005-present: Hoff Barthelson Academy
Clinician and Teacher, 2005: Day Jams Summer Camp
Teacher Assistant to Hankus Netsky, 2004: “Int. to Jazz Theory” New England Conservatory
Teacher Assistant to Ran Blake, 2003: “Long-term Melodic Memory” New Engladn Conservatory

Clinic/Workshop Information:
Melodic and harmonic approach to Drumming

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Nodar Rode, 3 piece drum set (12", 14", 18").
Slingerland, Radio King Snare drum
Istanbul, Zildjian and bosphorus cymbals.

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