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Hafez Modirzadeh

Primary Instrument: Saxophone

Hafez Modirzadeh

HAFEZ MODIRZADEH (aka Hafez Modir - woodwinds and flutes) has published and recorded extensively on an original cross-cultural musical approach he terms “chromodal”, from which he received a Ph.D. from Wesleyan University, and lectures on internationally. Hafez' horn playing is deeply rooted in the legacy of African-American musical traditions, yet is also compelled by his Persian heritage. Hafez creates melodies that adapt Middle Eastern and African-American sources into an intelligent and most original melodic conception. His invention of the “chromodal” method allows for a nonlinear improvisational practice that is able to adapt to and incorporate multiple systems of music, permitting a cross-cultural “conversation.”...
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All Music Guide ”Saxophonist Hafez Modirzadeh is unlike any other ... ”Saxophonist Hafez Modirzadeh is unlike any other player or composer out there. His relationship to the musical whole on his recordings is an approach that carries within it a host of contradictions, especially as it engages Eastern modalism and European chromaticism. This set, which is earmarked by the truly lovely “Tetrapath: Music,” (which earmarks the entire proceeding) is a concept on the union of these two pursuits and how they play out, not only in jazz and improvised music, but in the languages folk musics, and how they inform and engage one another through the general vision of cultures and the particular gaze of musicians. His quintet that includes drummer Royal Hartigan, guitarist Timothy Volpicella, bassist Ken Filiano, and guests such as Ramin Zoufonon on piano and Sharam Kazemi on dumbek, is well versed in the spatial orientation of Modirzadeh's composition and approach to the inclusion of improvisation. This is not that far outside the realm of Ornette Coleman's harmolodics, and the artist was certainly influenced by it, but the individual solos matter less here, and pace -- with its restrained use of tension and ballast -- is emphasized more. Also, the texture of each instrument as it is drawn into the discourse of the group and extends itself in solo is of primary importance. This is a two-act work, which covers so much ground it's dizzying by the end. However, Modirzadeh does so in such a lyrical and sensuous way, and it becomes a joy to have been overwhelmed by such a singular work of art. This man is a composer to watch. “-Thom Jurek, All Music Guide

Bemsha Alegria
Disques Chromodal
Tracks: Bemsha Alegria I; Blues Seguiriya - tenor trio; Tunisia Buleria; Flowing Solea; Bemsha Alegria II; Tangos Mysterioso - for Rachel; Blood Tones; Tabriz; Bemsha Alegria II; Goodbye Solea; Blue Seguirya - piano trio; Taranta; Martinete del Turry; Karna; TunuT; Bemsha Alegria IV.
Personnel: Hafez Modirzadeh - tenor & soprano saxophones, karna and chains; Pancho Branas - drums, cajon, percussion; Juan Masana - electric bass; Jesus Hernandez - piano; Antonio “El Turry” Gomez - vocals, hammer, hand-claps.

Global Phatness w/ Hafez Modir: Suryaghati
Global Phatness
Tracks: Rahu; Sani; Sukra; Brhaspati; Mangala; Surya; Candra; Ketu; Budha.
Personnel: Hafez Modir - tenor, alto, soprano saxophones, ney, alto clarinet, piccolo, karna, shenai, suling, atenteben; Dan Newman - electric and acoustic guitars, saz, banjo, electric bass, percussion and editing/production.
GUEST PERFORMERS ON SURYAGHATI: Sanaz Ebriani - vocals on Mangala and Surya and editing/production; Dhruva Ganesen (Dhamaal) - doumbek on Rahu; royal hartigan - trap drumset on Candra and Budha.

Disques Chromodal
Tracks: All Got Rhythm; Babylon; Maqam X; Chelsea Bridge (Strayhorn); Safa; Stairway to the Stars (Malneck); Mystique Pratique; Erfan; Tag; When Night Withers Away; Dandelion; Now’s the Time (Parker).
Personnel: Hafez Modirzadeh - tenor saxophone, voice; Art Hirahara - piano; John Wiitala - bass; Akira Tana - drums; w guests: Baomi Butts-Bhanji - vocals on “When Night Withers Away” & “Dandelion”; Masaru Koga - alto saxophone on “Now’s The Time”.
BR>By Any Mode Necessary!
Tracks: Invitation; Nowhere Revisited; Dearly Beloved; Our Fathers Mothers; Wise Sisters Rise; Some Other’s Brothers; Mothers Reprise/Karna Segue; The Calling; Rumblings; Offerings; Burial Dirge; Eternal Soul.
Personnel: Hafez Modirzadeh - tenor & soprano saxophones, flute, karna choir, percussion; royal hartigan - drums, percussion (8-12); Dan Sabanovich- drums (1,3); Wally Schnalle - drums (3); Bob Adams - bass (3); John Shifflett - bass (1,2); Murray Low - piano (2); Nima Rezai - composer, chapman stick and effects (4-7); Ramin Zoufonoun - piano (4-7); Darius Minaee - drums (4-7).

The Mystery of Sama
Asian Improv Records
Tracks: Oh Shams - Prologue; Rise - Instrumental Opening; Particles - Shams’ Arrival; Beloved - Meeting Rumi; Where… - Shams’ Vanishing; I Stand Up - Rumi’s Enlightenment; Dance - Epilogue; Essence - Instrumental Closing; Ruminations - Part I; Ruminations - Part II; Ruminations - Part III; Ruminations - Part IV.
Personnel: Hafez Modirzadeh - tenor & soprano saxophones; Ramin Zoufonoun - persian-tuned piano; royal hartigan - drums; Baomi Butts-Bhanji - vocals; Ken Filiano - acoustic bass; Amir Zoufonoun - vocals; poerty by Rumi, recited by: Koorosh Angali; and Baomi Butts-Bhanji.

The Peoples’ Blues
Tracks: Peoples’ Blues; Song Unknown; Native Paradox Part I: Tradition; Native Paradox Part II: Transformation; Tabriz; Tehran Part I: Regime; Tehran Part II: Discontent; Tehran Part III: Revolution; Tehran Part IV: Mourning; Mashad; Sama; Akan; Irama; Rasa; Nava-Ye Mardom.
Personnel: Hafez Modirzadeh - tenor saxophone; royal hartigan - drums; James Norton - soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, alto flute; Tim Volpicella - guitar and effects; Ken Filiano - bass; Larry Grenadier - bass (on Tehran only); Jeff Ballard - drums (on Tehran only); with special guests: Ramin Zoufonoun - persian-tuned piano; Shahram Kazemi - tombak and daff.

In Chromodal Discourse
Asian Improv Records
Tracks: Inflections; Tetrapaths; Excursions; Night Witness (Shahed-e Shaab); Ritual Relics; Echoes Of Ancestors; Mended Wings; Infernal Tongues; Spirits Undivided; Adagio In Eb; Yeganeh; Reflections.
Personnel: Hafez Modirzadeh - tenor saxophone, voice; James Norton - soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, alto flute; royal hartigan - drums; Tim Volpicella - guitar and effects; Ken Filiano - bass; Ramin Zoufonoun - piano; Shahram Kazemi - tombak.

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Primary Instrument:

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