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Born: June 21, 1972    Primary Instrument: Bass

Gemini Soul

:The New Album:

Dark Skin Babies : The Movement from Gemini Soul is a two CD set, which contains 20 tracks of non-stoppable experimental jazz funk-fusion at its best. With all songs produced, arranged and composed by Andre Ajamu Akinyele, bandleader and bassist, this marks as their fifth album. This is Gemini Soul's most political and social conscience collection to date. “Dark Skin Babies : The Movement” is the follow-up to their 2008 release The Nefertiti Xperience.

“Dark Skin Babies : The Movement” features three cover songs by some revolutionary artists such as MeShell Ndegeocello's Al-Falaq 113 taken from her jazz effort The Spirit Music Jamia : Dance of the Infidel album; Herbie Hancock's Chameleon taken from his Head Hunters album; and Prince's All The Critics Love You In New York taken from his 1999 album. Gemini Soul makes each song their own by infusing what they call “The Cyber Jazz Sound,” which is a blend of jazz funk-fusion with an electronic element. ...
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An Ambitious Jazz Journey ~ The Urban Music Scene
Dark Skin Babies: The Movement takes Gemini Soul ambitious jazz journey into more social commentary, musical twists and turns, and new renditions from those musical groundbreakers that touch their musical soul. Within the twenty tracks, a few highlights caught my special attention. Subject matter such as treatment of minorities and the black versus black mentality “There's No Money In Jazz” and “Dueling of the Tribes,” respectively, are illustrated with heavy hitting lyrics and spoken word. “Android Slavery” meshes roots Reggae with Gemini Soul's funk backbeats. In respect to their peers, they revisit “Chameleon”- the fusion classic by Hancock; Ndegeocello's Afro-Cuban avant-garde composition - “Al-Falaq 113,” and a slightly tweaked “All The Critics Love You” (the B side of “Little Red Corvette” from 1982) adding a shout-out for cyber jazz. The track, though, that exposes Gemini Soul's strongest creative juices is “Finger Print.” This spotlight on guest saxophonist Waahid Jones is a model exercise in fluid jazz expressions; smooth jazz oozing into a brief Carribean passage before busting out with shades of John Coltrane wrapping up with an engaging Latin finale. The absolute strength of this two-disc set is the firm cohesion and a firm respect between the four members; plus some tight horns from Jones...Being the workaholic that Akinyele is (Gemini Soul has released at least one disc every year since its debut in 2005), they should have more music and plenty of passion in their tank to stretch their jazz muscles for many years to come. ~ Peggy Oliver (The Urban Music Scene March 2009)

An Endless Fusion of Rhythmic Funk, Swing and Collective Improvisation ~ WFSK 88.1 FM ” Fisk University
Gemini Soul offers a blend of eclectic smooth jazz and funk, fused into Cyber Jazz. Dark Skin Babies : The Movement embodies a political edge, and a multitude of songs defining the spirit of positive motivation throughout the album. Dark Skin Babies : The Movement contains an endless fusion of rhythmic funk, swing and collective improvisation. ~ Tory Barnett (Sentimental Sundays Radio Show; WFSK 88.1 FM; Fisk University March 2009)

Gemini Soul Bring the Best of the 70s into the 21st Century ~ Nashville City Paper ” Spin Factor
The quartet Gemini Soul combines a strong political message with explosive and experimental sounds that blend jazz flavor and rock attitude. Their fifth release Dark Skin Babies: The Movement, a two-disc set, includes such topical fare as “Barack & Michelle,” “Android Slavery” and “Pick It Up America,” plus other pieces such as “All the Critics Love You” and “There's No Money in Jazz” that offer pointed commentary on the difficulty of writing and playing music deemed too experimental and/or unconventional for commercial radio. Special guest saxophonist/percussionist Waahid Jones adds some punch to the fiery backdrops provided by regular band members bassist Andre Ajamu Akinyele, pianist/keyboardist Jon O'Bergh, drummer Alex Marks and percussionist Andrew Foster, as Gemini Soul bring the best of the 70s into the 21st century. ~ Ron Wynn (Nashville City Paper - Spin Factor February 2009)

Extremely Impressed ~ Jazzology Radio Show
I got your CD...and I am EXTREMELY IMPRESSED! You are now my favorite band for 2009. I'm loving the new CD! ~ DJ Toni G (Jazzology Radio Show January 2009)

A Whole New Brand of Jazz ~ San Jose Metro Newspaper
Gemini Soul known for their experimental style, is much more than an unusually eclectic jazz band. The Bay Area quartet fuses soul, funk and electronic sounds into its music to create a whole new brand of jazz the band calls “cyber jazz.” Dark Skin Babies: The Movement, adds social commentary to the groove, exploring American history, from slavery to the election of Barack Obama. The two-disc set begins its story with “Dark Skin Babies” and “Reparation,” which blends an Afro-Brazilian beat with smooth jazz. The second disc moves into the realm of funk and soul with “Barack & Michelle,” “There's No Money in Jazz” and “Pick It Up (America).” Gemini Soul bring their musical story full circle, hoping to inspire others through their music the way they believe Barack Obama has inspired an entire nation. ~ Andrea Frainier (San Jose Metro Newspaper January 2009)

Cyber Jazz Album Exudes Mystic Allure! ~ The Solano Tempest Newspaper

Strong Sounding & Solid Grooves! ~ The Rosebud Agency

A New Wave of Jazz Music for Audiences to Experience! ~ JazzReview

Gemini Soul's “The Nefertiti Xperience” Is A Winner! ~ Listen & Be Heard Weekly

Jazz Doesn't Get Much Funkier...Smooth, Groovy Fusion! ~ East Bay Express

Masters At Their Respective Instruments! ~

Groove Driven, Retro Tinged, Piece of Work! ~

Sweet Jazzy Funk! ~

Shines! ~

Jazz With A Pulse! ~ Phoenix New Times

A New, Rootsy Yet Forward Thinking Sound! ~ All Music Guide

A Good All-Round Jazz Experience; Highly Recommended! ~ Improvijazzation Nation

Jazz Funk Fusion, Smooth Jazz, Pop Funk, and a Bit of Soul! ~ Music for America

Funky Jazz! ~ Midwest Record

Great music & “Take Five”…WOW! ~ KRBS-LP 107.1 FM

Ajamu is one FUNY bass player! ~ Pete Escovedo

Laid back and mellow tunes! ~ Monterey County Weekly

Great Stuff! ~ Jazz Radio 101.9 (Germany)

Funky jazz that keeps the atmosphere light! ~ Diablo Magazine

A hybrid of musical styles and delivers a wide range of compositions! ~ Jim Harrington (Oakland Tribune)

Awesome job on your new CD! ~ Abyss Jazz Magazine

Gemini Soul w/ Ajamu Akinyele

Dark Skin Babies : The Movement
Pearl Jazz Recording Label
Tracks - Disc 1: Dark Skin Babies; Pearl Lives; Dueling of the Tribes; Al-Falaq 113; Android Slavery; Chameleon; Reparation; Revolution : Evolve; Dark Skin Babies : New Vibe; Finger Print.
Tracks - Disc 2: The Movement : Intro; Right On; Barack & Michelle; The Movement Pt.1; The Movement Pt. 2; There's No Money In Jazz; Pick It Up (America); O.C.S. (Only Child Syndrome); All The Critics Love You; Nakedness : Skin.
Personnel: Andre Marcel Ajamu Akinyele (bass, guitar, keyboards, percussion & programming); Jon O'Bergh (keyboards, piano, rhodes & programming); Andrew Foster (percussion); Alex Marks (drums) and special guest Waahid Jones (saxophone & percussion).

The Nefertiti Xperience
Pearl Jazz Recording Label
Tracks: Sun Goddess; River Nile; Radical; Nefertiti's Theme; Nefertiti Xperience; Chance To Grow; The Eye of Horus; Black Venus; Serpent's Tongue; Vertigo; Oliver Jones; Compared To What?; Sphinx.
Personnel: Andre Marcel Ajamu Akinyele (bass, guitar, keyboards, percussion & programming); Jon O'Bergh (keyboards, piano, rhodes & programming); Andrew Foster (percussion); and Alex Marks (drums).

Live : The Liquid Soul Tour
Pearl Jazz Recording Label
Tracks: Gypsy; Fever; LiLi; Pandora's Boxx "Remix"; Hang On To Your Love; Goodbye; In The Mood; Winter; Take Five; Ancestor's Dub; Supernova "Remix"; Lake Merritt.
Personnel: Andre Marcel Ajamu Akinyele (bass & drum programming); Jon O'Bergh (piano, keyboards & programming); and Andrew Foster (percussion).

Gemini Soul w/ Ajamu Akinyele

Liquid Soul
Pearl Jazz Recording Label
Tracks: Gypsy; Liquid Soul; Fever; LiLi; In The Mood; Yesterday Princess; Spiritually In Tune; Kiss of Life; The Chocolate Factory; Evolution Part 2; Hang On To Your Love; Lake Merritt; Take Five (Bonus Track).
Personnel: Andre Marcel Ajamu Akinyele (bass, drum programming, keyboards, fender rhodes, atmospherics & vocals) and Jon O'Bergh (piano, keyboards, fender rhodes, & atmospherics).

A Cyber Jazz Holiday
Pearl Jazz Recording Label
Tracks: Winter; In Love With You; The Holiday's Are Here; Evergreen; Gemini Soul Is Coming To Town; Silent Night; Hark! The Herald Angels Sing; The Holiday Song; So What.
Personnel: Andre Marcel Ajamu Akinyele (bass, drum programming, keyboards, fender rhodes, piano & vocals) and Jon O'Bergh (piano).

As A Solo Musician

Black Magic The Cyber Jazz Experience
Ajamu Akinyele
Pearl Jazz Recording Label
Disc 1 Tracks: Pandora's Boxx; Intro:Black; Black Magic; Crystal Ball; Spellbound; Rio Dulce; You Always Remind Me of December; Barbarella; Sahara Nites.
Disc 2 Tracks: Passage; The Look of Love; The Sweetest Taboo; Gemini Blues; In Love With You "Live"; Winter; Witchcraft; Fire Dance; If Trees Could Talk.
Personnel: Ajamu Akinyele (bass, drum programming, piano, keyboards, atmospherics, fender rhodes, & vocals); Jon O'Bergh (piano).

Ajamu Akinyele
Pearl Jazz Recording Label
Tracks: Supernova; Evolution; 2704 Shane Drive; Orbiting The Universe; Gemini Soul; Starwalkin'; Love; Pearl; Supernova (Extended).
Personnel: Ajamu Akinyele (bass, drum programming, piano, keyboards, atmospherics, fender rhodes, & vocals); Jon O'Bergh (piano).

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Featured recording “Dark Skin Babies : The Movement”

Dark Skin Babies : The Movement
Pearl Jazz Recording Label (2009)
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