Solitaire Miles

Primary Instrument: Vocalist

Solitaire Miles

Solitaire Miles... the name has a ring to it, echoing with loneliness and distance... it sounds too good to be true, but look on her birth certificate and you'll see it's the real thing: Solitaire Miles. Listen to her sing and you'll hear the real thing, too. Considering the ancestry of hipness she needed to get a name like that, you won't be surprised to learn that Solitaire comes from a swinging bloodline. Her grandmother Sybil Der Manuel was a big band vocalist in the early 1940's. When Sol, aged three, heard her first Billie Holiday side, she thought she was hearing Grandma. When Sybil played the piano and sang, young Sol would sit underneath next to the foot pedals for hours, drinking in the sounds of the past that would one day become her future. ...
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Source: M.V. Moorhead

Solitaire has superb phrasing” --Willie Pickens, Chicago jazz pianist

“Listening to singer Solitaire Miles is like stepping into a time machine and going back to a bygone era of great female jazz singers. With a clear, clean voice and keen sense of phrasing, Miles belongs to another period in time” --Brad Walseth,

“There are a lot of female singers singing the old songs these days, but I can't think of another singer who sings the kind of songs Solitaire Miles has chosen for her new CD, 'Born to Be Blue'. Trifles like “Make with the Kisses” and “Me and the Moon” are treated like masterpieces by Gershwin or Kern. And that's Miles' secret weapon. She never condescends to the material, but instead invests it with utter commitment and lots of love. Taste, too.” --John Chacona, Erie Daily Times

“Solitaire Miles captivates an audience with mesmeric tone, playful, conversational phrasing, and a sinuous sense of swing. Miles has a voice that grabs you, and demands to be listened to. Her natural, unaffected delivery never draws attention to itself, allowing the craft of the song writers to shine through.” --Tamara Dailey, Orange County Sentinel

“Billie Holiday with sunshine and air.” --Harry Jacobson, Chautuaqua Sympony bassist

“Her singing is enhanced by an uncanny stage presence. She could easily fit into a group portrait with Peggy Lee, Maxine Sullivan, or Billie Holiday. She shows great vocal diversity, strength and agility as she explores the timeless textures of songs like 'Autumn Leaves', 'I Must Have That Man', and 'Lush Life'” --Dave Rhoerbach, Los Angeles Victory Gazette

“We can learn a lot from the way Miles informs each song with impeccable intonation, flexible phrasing, and historical insight. She can take an obscure Billie Holiday song and recreate it in her own style without sacrificing the mood of it's time.” --Marion Herschberger, Brooklyn Free Press

“Her voice is best described as human and earthy, and she presents jazz standards and forgotten favorites in a sassy style of jazz/swing hybrid that has been compared to Mildred Bailey, Billy Holiday and Helen Humes.” --Emily Santolla, The Chautauquan Daily

“Solitaire Miles has a voice that makes you think she’s opened a hole in the fabric of time and stepped right out of 1939.” --J M Reid, The Kent Observer

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Featured recording “Born to Be Blue”

Born to Be Blue
Self Produced (2010)
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  • Tenderly
  • Solitaire Miles
  • Melancholy Lullaby
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