Chelsea Baratz

Born: March 24, 1986    Primary Instrument: Sax, tenor

Chelsea Baratz

:There’s a new voice on the saxophone, forged in the gritty steel town of Pittsburgh. Her name is Chelsea Baratz and at 24, her soulful sound is a fiery combination of be-bop swing and hip hop hooks. Her debut release “In Faith” illuminates the distinctive tenor of an emerging player and original composer. She’s a band leader whose music follows in the footsteps of 1960’s soul jazz and the hard bop roots of her hometown. Innovative and ear-bending with a sizzling originality to her horn, Baratz’s music is heartfelt, simple in its power to bridge quiet moments with bursts of fiery improvisation. When she picks up her saxophone, the soul of her own life comes alive. It’s a reflection of the obstacles she’s overcome and provides a backbone to her music. On “In Faith”, it’s evident that she is no stranger to pain, struggle, love and loss. These experiences are gracefully embued in her music. Or as Baratz simply states...
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2007 Iaje Sisters in Jazz Collegiate All-Star 2010 Skope Magazine "Artist to Watch"
”Saxophonist Chelsea Baratz takes her listeners into an urban groove setting with music and it is a pleasure hearing this talented young lady's hip musical direction. A musical disciple of Sean Jones and Branford Marsalis, Baratz is also an associate of young stars like trumpeters Corey Wilkes and Maurice “Mobetta” Brown and bassist extraordinaire Richie Goods - all of whom appear at times on her debut In Faith. “Philo's Groove” starts things off with a surprisingly tough-minded groove and is heightened by some fine sax, Craig Handy on flute, Wilkes' muted trumpet, Goods rubbery bass and Renee Neufville's vocals. The “Mobetta Remix” of the title track is a clear single - with Brown on muted trumpet, fellow Soul'd U Out keyboardist Chris Rob on moog synth and Raymond Angry on tasty Fender Rhodes. The lovely “Sentiments of Solitude” is a more straight-ahead jazz ballad with impressive work from Baratz and pianist Orrin Evans on this surprisingly mature and sensuous composition that has the ability to get under your skin. Baratz has grown immensely as a player since her work on Corey Wilkes' Drop It (see our review here) - her tasteful solo here may be her finest yet. “601” meanwhile, brings back the funk with Goods, Wilkes, drummer Jevon Rushton and electric pianist Mike Murray laying down a bouncy groove for Baratz to show some burning chops - this young player has obviously been working hard.

The young saxophonist slows it down for a couple more ballads, including Sean Jones' “Lover's Lullaby” and shows a nice touch with such material. Obed Calvaire's drum solo on the latter is a treat. The full In Faith is the centerpiece of the album, and offers more of the great band interplay on this number. “'Burgh Holla!” (a shout out to her original hometown) is a good-time high-stepping blues, while Fela Kuti's “Water No Get Enemy” ends the album with Baratz, Miller, Rushton and Goods, Brown and Rob (also on multi-tracked vocals) threatening to burn the place down on this high-energy afrobeat number. Keep the faith, sister - you are on the right track!” -Brad Walseth,

”Chelsea Baratz plays with the spirit and conviction of someone who has lived a lifetime of change and discovery. She possesses a musical voice and sure-footed musical sensibility that is impossible to not be affected by. “In Faith” is a fitting announcement that Chelsea has arrived and is more than worth everyone's ears, time and attention.” -Greg Osby

“That bitch can play!” -Nicholas Payton

“Chelsea Baratz has a beautifully pure and personal sound on tenor saxophone, and her writing is distinctly captivating in it's emotional directness and honesty. The soul evident in her playing and writing reflect an authentic awareness and respect for the musical traditions which have already been set forth, as well as being in tune and enthusiastically passionate & genuine about all that is happening in the present moment of collective musical evolution in celebration of today and cultivation of tomorrow. Chelsea's music speaks from and to the heart with a depth that is undeniable. She is a musician with a lot to contribute, and with all her innate fluency and musical eloquence, she somehow manages to impart her message with an absence of self-glorifying display, but rather with a voice which is unmistakably pure of sound and vibrant in rhythm.” -Benny Green

"In Faith"- Chelsea Baratz, 2009 "Mobetta & Soul'd U Out: The Official Mixtape"- Maurice Brown, 2009 "Jewels in the Crown"- Aretha Franklin, 2008 "Drop It"- Corey Wilkes, 2008

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Primary Instrument:
Sax, tenor

New York, NY

Willing to teach:
Advanced students only.

Mark VI tenor saxophone, Oleg tenor saxophone neck, Lebayle mouthpiece (size 9), Alexander D.C. reeds (size 3.5)

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In Faith
Self Produced (2009)

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