Marc Wagnon

Born: October 26, 1956    Primary Instrument: Vibraphone

Marc Wagnon

Born in Switzerland, Marc studied classical percussion at the Geneva Conservatory and later moved to the United States to study vibraphone and percussion at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Upon moving to New York City, where he currently resides, Marc founded the group Shadowlines, which included such prestigious musicians as Dave Kikoski, Ray Anderson, Dave Douglas, drummer Mike Clark and bassist Paul Jackson. Marc has performed and recorded extensively in the United States, South America and Europe with his sextet Shadowlines, the avant-rock group Dr. Nerve, Brand X, Gongzilla, and Tunnels...
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”This recording holds interest from start to finish, the musicianship and originality is lofty, and Wagnon should be quite proud of this individualists effort. Recommended.” --Michael G. Nastos, All Music Guide

”...a modern visionary and high-achiever whether performing on vibes or as a composer-leader.” --Glenn Astarita,

”Wagnon avoids the usual fusion cliches while staking out some adventurous new territory.It’s a heady mix that communicates with power and passion.” --Bill Mikowski Jazztimes

”Wagnons' style is refreshingly new, innovative to the point of pure brilliance.” --Savon Edwards

”You can spend hours studying Wagnon's intricate patterns.” --Francois Couture, All Music Guide

”Playing with a wide range of interests and textures, Wagnon is the new progressive darling to watch now that he's calling his own shots.† Right in that progressive/jazz/rock pocket, you know who you are if you're a fan of this, and if you are, you will be a fan of this. Right on the money throughout.” --Chris Spector Midwest Record Recap

With Tunnels:
Tunnels with Percy Jones Ozone 1993 / Buckyball Records 1999
Painted Rock Buckyball Records 1999
Progressivity Buckyball Records 2002
The Art of living Dangerously, Live Buckyball Records 2004
Natural Selection Buckyball Records 2006

Solo Projects:
Marc Wagnon Earth id a Cruel Master (Buckyball Records) 2010 Marc Wagnon An Afterthought (Buckyball Rec.) 1999
Marc Wagnon Shadowlines LP (Sun Jump) 1988 re-released CD (Buckyball Rec.) 1999

With Brand X:
Manifest Destiny CD (Pony Canyon) 1997

With Sarah Pillow:
Remixes (Buckyball Records) 2003
Nuove Musiche (Buckyball Rec.) 2000
Paper Cuts CD (Buckyball Rec.) 1997

Mike Clark & Paul Jackson
Conjunction (Buckyball Rec.) 2001

With Doctor Nerve:
Out to Bomb Fresh Kings,LP (Cuneiform) 1984
Armed Observation LP (Cuneiform) 1987
Did Sprinting Die CD (Cuneiform) 1988
Beta 14 Ok CD (Cuneiform) 1990
Skin CD (Cuneiform) 1995

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Primary Instrument:

New York, NY

Willing to teach:
Advanced students only.

Greenwich Music School 1988 to 1992 Lighthouse Music School NYC 1990 to present EJMA Lausanne Switzerland (visiting teacher) Private lessons Hours to be discussed 60 minute lesson $55

Clinic/Workshop Information:
Marc Wagnon Drum Ensemble Method This new method is design for teachers and music therapists. It aim to give a experience of group music making, using real music styles from all over the world. There are several facets to this progam, they are designed to cater to the various needs of educators are laid out in three basic element. 1. a book that laids out the technique used. 2. a workshop for educators on how to use the method. 3. a direct intensive workshop, along with a performance with students that have been learning the method from instructors.

Marc Wagnon is the author of the book, that is targeted to music teachers who want to teach percussion in an ensemble setting. This first book is for beginner students, and it outline my method of teaching which involves learning by rote using syllables for each stroke and rhythm. This allows the student to play together complex polyrhythms without the need to understand and learn western style notation. Based on the method devised by Marc, there are severl ways classes workshops and Master Classes can be arranged: • A weekly class of one and a half hour for ten weeks which will cover the content of the book • A master class of four hours to teach instructors on how to use the book, with hands on experience • A three day workshop for student that have gone thru the book with their instructor. In order to take it to the next level and conclude with a short public performance. I will furnish the basic instruments needs, but it is helpfull if the institution has access to at least a drum set, or other percussion instruments. Every case will be dealt with accordingly.

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