Alexey Lapin

Born: December 17, 1966    Primary Instrument: Piano

Alexey Lapin

We can say very little about the music we play. The music itself could say much more about us. Why is it interesting to know where we are from, who we are, when were we born, and so on, if you come to listen to music?

Destiny is a strange thing too… We could do something, but we can't. We could be somewhere, but we are not. And what will be the last point in our life? No one knows.

So what is the point of talking about ourselves? ...It's better to play...

Meanwhile, I love to play free jazz and all that's beyond it. Before I played hard bop. Some of my projects still sound like hard bop. But the thoughts run outside of standards. And then......
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Musician of the Year 2010
”Hear how empathetically Lapin plays, restrained and focused enough only to play when contributions are absolutely necessary, and therefore most meaningful.”
- Jason Bivins (Cadence Magazine, NY)

”His spacial awareness is clearly his greatest strength, and he embellishes the improvisations with a poise reminiscent of Misha Mengelberg. His personality doesn't rely on a bold presence -- his is anything but imposing -- but instead makes his mark through a wry delivery which seems to always find the mark and determinedly pursue it.” - 'Seek it Not With Your Eyes' review by Morgan Martin

”While Gratkowski, Gramss and Bledsoe play quite well here, it’s Lapin who impressed me as one of the most subtle prepared pianists I’ve heard in a while”
-Review of ‘Unplugged Mind’ album by Jason Bivins (Signal to Noise)

”...this music is for those who like and feel an improvisation, for those who is able to paint in one’s imagination the most ingenious forms called up by these sounds.”
-Dmitry Yalkin, GES21,

”I never heard of you, but I played impressed by your playing”
-Marco Eneidi (alto sax),

Composition #37
SoLyd Records (SLR 0413)
Alexey Kruglov, reeds
Alexey Lapin, piano
Vladimir Shostak, double bass

Bewitched Concert
Intonema (INT 002)
Thomas Buckner - voice
Edyta Fil - flute
Ilia Belorukov - alto saxophone, objects
Alexey Lapin - upright piano
Juho Laitinen - cello, voice

Double Sonata
SoLyd Records (SLR 0411)
Roman Stolyar & Alexey Lapin, pianos

Inner Spire
Leo Records (CD LR 601)
Francois Carrier, alto sax
Alexey Lapin, piano
Michel Lambert, drums

Alexey Lapin. Parallels. Solo piano
Leo Records (CD LR 598)

Rimsky-Korsakov. Crosswise
Leo Records (CD LR 582)
Personnel: Vlady Bystrov: reeds, electronics
Alexey Lapin: piano

Seek it not with your eyes
Red Toucan (RT 9339)
Personnel: Helen Bledsoe – flute (4,5)
Melvyn Poore – tuba, euphonium
Matthias Schubert – tenor sax
Alexey Lapin: piano
Roger Turner – percussion

Anatomy of Sound
SoLyd Records (SLR 0327)
Personnel: Yury Yaremchuk - soprano sax, bass-clarinet
Alexey Lapin: piano

Road Up the Hill
A&S (ASC 01.006)
Tracks: 1. Road Up the Hill - 7'40; 2. Bee’s Statue – 1'18; 3. Solitary Space - 6'11; 4. House On the Lake - 5'38; 5. Spirit of Sound - 9'44.
Personnel: Helen Bledsoe: flutes
Alexey Lapin: piano

A&S (ASC 01.004)
Personnel: Helen Bledsoe: flutes; Alexey Lapin: piano

Unplugged Mind
LeoRecords (LR540)
Personnel: Frank Gratkowski - alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet; Helen Bledsoe – flutes; Alexey Lapin – piano; Sebastian Gramss - double bass

LeoRecords (LR524)
Personnel: Lena Sedykh, voice; Helen Bledsoe, flutes; Nikolai Rubanov, bass-clarinet; Vitali Zaitsev, trumpet; Alexey Lapin, piano; Vladimir Shostak, double bass; Marcus Godwyn, drums

The Way
DOM (CDDOMA 071202)
Personnel: Lena Sedykh, voice; Helen Bledsoe, flutes; Nikolai Rubanov, bass-clarinet; Vitali Zaitsev, trumpet; Alexey Lapin, piano; Vladimir Shostak, double bass; Marcus Godwyn, drums

A&S (ASC 01.005)
Personnel: Alexey Lapin, piano; Vladimir Shostak, double bass; Marcus Godwyn, drums

A&S (ASC 01.003)
Personnel: Vitali Zaitsev, trumpet; Alexey Lapin, piano; Vladimir Shostak, double bass

Personnel: Alexey Lapin, piano; Grig Voskoboynik, double bass; Alexander Emelianov, drums

A&S (ASC 01.002)
Personnel: Alexey Lapin, piano, back-vocal, acoustic like synthesizers

SNC (SNC-7066)
Personnel: Alexey Lapin – synthesizers; Evgeny Melnikov - 'Active Wood' bass, programming

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