Mike Pride

Primary Instrument: Percussion

Mike Pride

Percussionist/composer Mike Pride was born and raised in the Portland, Maine area. He has been playing & composing music since he was a child.

While living in Maine, Mike studied with Les Harris, Jr., Bill Street and Matt Wilson, performed with legendary composer & jazz educator David Baker, was involved with experimental, shock-rockers Ned Muffleburger & the DSL's, and co-lead the new music ensemble IMAGINARY QUARTET with guitarist/composer Stik Fortier.

Mike moved to New York City in the year 2000 where he studied briefly with drum & bass master, Amir Ziv. Mike then began studying with the legendary percussionist/healer/teacher, Professor, Milford Graves....
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”Local hero Mike Pride is no doubt the only musician to ever play with Anthony Braxton and tour with punk legends MDC (Millions of Dead Cops).” -- Bruce Lee Gallenter (Downtown Music Gallery)

“Drummer Mike Pride stokes the furnace with fire, while never stinting on finesse.” -- Time Out NY

“The drumming, courtesy of Mike Pride, was particularly ferocious and at times bordered on a death metal intensity; it was amazing that the rest of the band [MDC] even managed to keep up with him.” --

“Pride hits both sides of the kit - being the backbone to an ensemble.” -- All About Jazz

“Mike Pride is the kind of musician that makes the current NYC improv underground so vital. He's always challenging himself with new situations and breaking down barriers between different scenes, intermingling avant-rock, avant-jazz, free improv, and miscellaneous wackiness in a countless stream of projects.” -- Michael Anton Parker

“You can almost see drummer Mike Pride having a catharsis.” -- Bryan Barge (

Darius Jones- alto sax
Evan Lipson- bass
Mike Pride- drums
(presenting Mike's "Statement Musics": looping, phrase-based material) the MPTHREE
Mary Halvorson- guitar
Ken Filiano- bass
Mike Pride- drums, glockenspiel, occasional vocals, compositions
(new-music for power trio & song cycles) Mike Pride's SCRAMBLER
Tony Malaby- tenor sax
Charlie Looker- guitar
William Parker or Mark Helias- bass
Mike Pride- drums
(free-improvisation) DRUMMER'S CORPSE
Mike Pride- voice, keyboard, floor tom
Fritz Welch, Kevin Shea, Ian Antonio, Russel Greenberg & more- drums
Charlie Looker or Ben Greenberg- guitar
Marissa Perel- dance
Jaime Fennelly- live processing, farfissa
(multi-layer, polyrythmic, hyper-dense, drone based catharsis music for DRUMMERS, composed by Mike Pride) Mike Pride's BIG F***ING SELL OUT (Quintet or Big Band)
Andrew D'Angelo- alto sax & bass clarinet
Nate Wooley- trumpets
Mike Gamble- el. guitar
Evan Lipson- el. bass
Mike Pride- drums
(serialized and "Statement Musics" for quintet or big band) Mike Pride's IXTLAN
Mike Pride- drums, compositions
Chris Welcome- guitar
Shayna Dulberger- bass
(tuneful "new age" jazz trio) Scene Fucker
Socio-political settings for a revolving cast of musicians from a variety of musical backgrounds. Previous partcipants include:
Tony Malaby, William Parker, Charlie Looker, Okkyung Lee, Perry Robinson, Aaron Ali Shaikh, Jessica Pavone, Brian Moran, Gerald Menke, Brett Deschenes, Nat Baldwin, Eyal Maoz, Kentaro Saito, Tim Kiah, Loren Dempster & Ben Lee. DYNAMITE CLUB
Kentaro Saito- guitar & voice
Mike Pride- drums & voice
Evan Lipson- bass
(high-octane avant-rock band) Snuggle/Stencil
Mike Pride- drums, vocals
Mike Gamble- guitar
Jesse Krakow- el. bass
(thrash/prog. rock meets additive classical composition) NED MUFFLEBURGER BAND
Ned Muffleburger- vocals, guitar, shamanistic engineering
Andrew D'Angelo- alto sax
Mike Gamble- guitar
Fritz Welch- drums
Jesse Krakow or Byrne Klay- bass
(shamistic noise-pop/psych-folk) PERIOD
Charlie Looker- guitar
Mike Pride- drums, glockenspiel
(semi-composed cellular slay motives) VISITORS
(chris forsyth) electric guitar:drums & percussion (mike pride)
(song based improvisations) Mike Pride SONGS
Mike Pride singing his songs with or without band. BUNDA LOVE (duo or quartet)
Mike Pride & id m theft able- percussion, electronics, vocals etc.
sometimes a quartet with:
Blanca Martin- violin
Don Pride- nylon-string guitar
(noise from the southern-maine underground) EVIL EYE
Jonathan Moritz - tenor & soprano sax
Mike Pride- drums
Nate Wooley - trumpets
Ken Filiano- bass
(improvising quartet co-lead by Jonathan Moritz ) PUNKAPPELLA
International political a cappella ensemble.
With Dusan Hedl & Bojan from Slovenia's CZD, Mike Pride & a revolving cast of Brooklyn-ites. BE MORE NAKED
Mike Pride- drums & voice (be more)
Kentaro Saito- guitar & voice (naked)
(speed noise-rock/free improv) AS A SIDEMAN: DEALBREAKER
Aaron Ali Shaikh- alto sax
James Ilgenfritz III- doublebass
Mike Pride- drums
(impressionistic readings of standard jazz repetiore, release on Utech Records) Josh Sinton Group
Josh Sinton- bass clarinet, bari sax
Alex Hamlin- bari sax
Brandon Seabrook- banjo, guitar
Mike Pride- drums Jack Wright Quartet
Jack Wright - saxaphones
Nate Wooley- trumpets
Mike Pride- drums & percussion
Ben Wright- doublebass Wooley/Filiano/Pride Trio
Nate Wooley- trumpet
Ken Filiano- doublebass
Mike Pride- drums & percussion Sonny Simmons RENEGADE SOCIETY
Sonny Simmons- alto sax, english horn
Brandon Evans- tenor sax, bass clarinet
Shanir Blumenkranz- doublebass
Mike Pride- drums MDC (millions of dead cops)
That's right, that MDC...the early 80's thrash band...w/ the original guitarist.
Dave Dictor- vocals
Ron Posner- el. guitar
Mikey "Offender" Donaldson- el. bass
Mike Pride- drums PALE HORSE & RIDER
Marc Gartman- guitar, vocals
Jon DeRosa- bass, vocals
Gerald Menke- pedal steel guitar
Mike Pride- drums & glockenspiel Andrew d'Angelo's Morthana with Pride
Andrew D'Angelo- baritone sax
Anders Hana- guitar
Morten Olsen- drums, percussion
Mike Pride- vocals, drums, amplified percussion Jason Stein's LOCKSMITH ISADORE
Jason Stein- bass clarinet
Kevin Davis- cello
Mike Pride- drums Matthew Welch's BLARVUSTER
Matthew Welch- bagpipes, soprano sax, voice
Leah Faye Paul- flutes
Karen Waltuch- viola
Mary Halvorson- el. guitar
Ian Riggs- el. bass
Mike Pride- drums & glockenspiel Matthew Welch Trio
Matthew Welch- bagpipes
Mike Pride- drums
Timothy Dahl- bass The Sperm Wales
Jason Weston- programming
Tom Shad- bass
Mike Pride- drums Benjamin Lee AC UNIT
Ben Lee- guitar, compositions
Mike Pride- drums
Jonathan Moritz- tenor sax Aarktica
Jon Derosa's loop based drone/songs/improv band. FREE IMPROVISATION DUOS Nate Wooley//Mike Pride DUO
trumpet & voice:drums, percussion & voice Aaron Dugan//Mike Pride DUO
electric guitar & electronics:drums & percussion Daniel Carter//Mike Pride DUO
woodwinds & trumpet:drums & percussions, woodwinds Kevin Davis//Mike Pride DUO
cello:percussion Marcos Fernandes//Mike Pride DUO
percussion, field recordings:percussion, electronics

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