Simon Spang-Hanssen

Born: April 13, 1955    Primary Instrument: Saxophone

Simon Spang-Hanssen

SIMON SPANG-HANSSEN saxophonist & composer 1955 Born in Copenhagen, Denmark on April 13th

1970 Starts playing alto-saxophone, later also tenor and soprano

1976 Member of ”Strange Brothers” with Peter Danstrup , Ole Rømer and John Tchicai.

1978 Receives the annual Ben Webster Price and creates his own quartet “Spacetrain” with Ben Besiakov, Jesper Lundgaard and Alex Riel.

1979 Plays in many different groups with among others: Jan Kaspersen, Pierre Doerge, Marilyn Mazur, Atilla Engin, Okay Temiz, Mozar Terra, Chuim, Jesper Zeuthen,the Voodoo Gang….

1983 Joins the sextet of Brazilian drummer and composer Nenê, tours in Denmark and France (double-concertsl with Hermeto Pascoal e Grupo)....
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The "Ben Webster-Prize" 1978
”One has a clear sense of continuous intensety and inner glow when the saxophone-player Simon Spang-Hanssen is onstage. “ Kjeld Frandsen , Berlinske Tidende (DK)

“Simon Spang-Hanssen, tenor & soprano saxophone, whose imagination seems unexhaustible...” Michel Contat , Telerama ( FR )

“He makes you think of Johnny Griffin because of the vélocity and the impatience, Dexter Gordon because of a sort of half-feinted nonchalance , immediately contradicted by his George Adams side ( a certain way of transgressing the references by lyricism and excess )” Franck Bergerot , Jazz Hot ( FR )

“ Simon Spang-Hanssen is a very impressive technician whether performing on alto or soprano-sax. Simply put, this guy can play ! ..”Wondering” is yet further evidence of an enormously talented conglomerate of Danish Jazz musicians who are willing to take chances yet produce music that is surprisingly accessible.” Glenn Astarita allaboutjazz

” …is in incredible shape, and in both ”Trinity Blues” and ”Flip Fool” his playing almost makes you think of Sonny Rollins: energy and imagination seems unlimited” Joergen Siegumfeldt (Berlingske Tidende, DK )

“ and yes, “our man” provides his best, as well as when he makes you think of Ornette Coleman in Marocco (on soprano), plays the flute with reminiscences of Abdullah Ibrahim, or is simply himself”.

Flemming Olsen ( Jazz Special sept. o8 )

« Simon Spang-Hanssen possesses the art of enthousiasming himself and his fellow musicians.... »

Frank Buchmann-Moeller ( Fynsk Stiftstidende, DK )

” The soprano finds its own sound, profound, sometimes enchanting, with the particular lyricism that is special for small-bodied instruments (and one notices a touching kinship with the harmonica of TootsThielemans in “Lady Love”. “ Yvan Amar ( Jazzman, France )

“Spang-Hanssen places himself in a sort of post-bop tradition; and his playing, while staying highly personal, evokes that of grand masters like Coltrane, Rollins or Lacy.”

Sylvain Siclier ( Jazz Man , France )

“An ardent European saxophonist, with a Texan sound, round, fleshy and with a passionate phrasing.”

Michel Contat ( Telerama, France )

ABOUT “Central Earth” live and CD (“South of Nowhere SPCD 001) “Saxophonist Simon Spang-Hanssen is a composer of remarkable originality. Undoubtedly colored by his collaboration with a large spectrum of musicians during his long stay in Paris, the pieces had either African, Middle-Eastern or orthodox jazz-accents, without, at any point, giving the impression of being exercises in style. And- not least important- in a way so that appeared to have the melodic element as a determinating factor for the formal structure. At the same time the ethnic imprint was not so strong as to mask the basic jazz-roots of Spang-Hanssen: the final tune “Dexterism” was a vital, almost fiftyish classic blues and others were more or less modeled on the A-A-B-A form of American song-tradition.” Thorbjoern Sjoegren , ( Politiken, DK )

"Citizen Song" Alisio Music ALCD006 2012 , Simon Spang-Hanssen Special Quartet with Kristian Jorgensen, violin - Kaare Munkholm, vibraphone - Jesper Lundgaard, bass- S.S.H., tenor-saxophone "Bird in Space" Alisio Music ALCD005 2011, Simon Spang-Hanssen & Grupo with Mariane Bitran, flutes- Irio Junior, piano - Enéias Xavier, bass- André Limão Queiroz, drums- S.S.H., saxophones "Intersections" Alisio Music ALCD004 2010, Simon Spang-Hanssen & Alisio Ensemble with Kristian Joergensen, violin- Mariane Bitran, flute- Bent Clausen, vibraphone- Henrik Sveidahl, bass-clarinet/tenor-saxophone- Benita Haastrup, percussion- Peter Danstrup,bass- Mikkel Schnettler, percussion- S.S.H, alto & soprano-saxophones "The Riddle" Alisio Music ALCD003 2008, Simon Spang-Hanssen & Ear Witness with Emil Spányi, piano/keyboards- Linley Marthe, bass - Felix Sabal-Lecco, drums. Guest: Alain Apaloo, guitar "Coexistence" Alisio Music ALCD002 2007, Simon Spang-Hanssen 5-tet with Bob Rockwell, tenor-saxophone/clarinet /flute - Peter Dahlgren, trombone - Jeppe Skovbakke, bass - Karsten Bagge, drums - S.S.H., alto & soprano-saxophones - Guset: Yasser Morejon Pino, bass "Rainbow Spirit" Alisio Music ALCD001 2005, Simon Spang-Hanssen & Rainbow Spirit with Dawda Jobarteh, kora - Thomas Fonnesbech, bass- Ayi Solomon, percussion - S.S.H., tenor & soprano-saxophones, flute. Guest : Mariane Bitran, flute "Ear Witness" Music Mecca CD 4027-2 2004 , Simon Spang-Hanssen & Ear Witness with Emil Spányi, piano/keyboards - Linley Marthe, bass - Felix Sabal-Lecco, drums - S.S.H., alto & soprano-saxophones "Live in Copenhagen Jazzhouse" Music Mecca CD 4048-2, Simon Spang-Hanssen & Central Earth with Jesper Sveidahl, trumpet -Mariane Bitran, flute - Jakob Dinesen, tenor-saxophone - Henrik Sveidahl, barytone-saxophone - Bjarne Roupe, guitar - Poul Reimann, piano - Marc Davis, bass - Dawda Jobarteh, percussion - Anders Mogensen, drums - S.S.H., alto & soprano-saxophones "Long Shadows" Music Mecca CD 3087-2 2001, Simon Spang-Hanssen Quartet with Thomas Clausen, piano - Jesper Lundgaard, bass - Ole Roemer, drums - S.S.H., tenor-saxophone "South of Nowhere" Spangster Records SPCD001 2000 , Simon Spang-Hanssen & Central Earth with Jesper Sveidahl, trumpet - Mariane Bitran, flute - Fredrik Lundin, tenor-saxophone - Henrik Sveidahl, barytone-saxophone - Poul Reimann, piano - Marc Davis, bass - Jacob Andersen, percussion - Anders Mogensen, drums - S.S.H., alto & soprano-saxophone "Identified" Dacapo DCCD9448 1999, Simon Spang-Hanssen Quartet with Thomas Clausen,piano - Jesper Lundgaard,bass - Billy Hart,drums - S.S.H., alto-saxophone "Wondering" Dacapo DCCD9436 1998 , Simon Spang-Hanssen & Maaneklar with Mariane Bitran,flutes - Peter Danstrup,bass -Jacob Andersen,percussion - Ole Theill,tablas - S.S.H. alto & sopranosaxophones. Guests: Marilyn Mazur,drums/percussion - Klavs Nordsoe,congas "Instant Blue" Storyville STCD4217 1997 Simon Spang-Hanssen Quartet with Bojan Z.,piano - Michel Benita,bass - Billy Hart,drums - S.S.H. tenor & soprano-saxophones "Mardi Gras Chez Toi" BondAge 1994 Francois Moutin, bass - Xavier Dessandre, percussion - Steve Argüelles, percussion - Julien Lourau, saxophones - S.S.H. saxophones, flutes "Soul on Fire" DMP 1981 Simon Spang-Hanssen & Spacetrain with Ben Besiakov, piano - Peter Danstrup, bass - Jeppe Reipurth, drums

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Primary Instrument:

1860 Frederiksberg

Clinic/Workshop Information:
Ensemble-playing. Based on a series of originals the students( all levels ) works with interpretation, form , section-work, creativity, spontaneous arrangements, reading, understanding of structure, sound, improvisation... Ideally the clinic runs for a couple of days and end with a concert.

"Rhythmic Music Conservatory", Copenhagen ,the Fyen Conservatory, music-schools in Sønderborg, Brandbjerg(Denmark )... Clinics in Grenoble,Rouen, Montpellier (France ), Mexico D.C.

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