Norman Hedman

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Born: July 17, 1945 | Died: September 29, 2008    Primary Instrument: Congas

Norman Hedman

Percussionist, Producer, Composer, Solo Artist

One man's trash is another man's treasure. Nothing could be truer for Norman Hedman and the discovery of his first hand drum, a conga, he rescued from a Brooklyn garbage can. A native of the West Indies, Hedman instinctively knew how to repair the conga at age 12 and has been playing music ever since.

Today, the music of this first call percussionist, solo artist, producer, and composer, gathers multi-genre music connoisseurs around the globe. Attracted to Hedman's number one hits with broad appeal, audiences discover his passion for accessible music. “I think music heals, and Tropique's music falls into that category; whether you're a teen or 80 years old,” says Hedman. From Latin Jazz to R&B and Pop, Hedman's commercial recognition is widespread. His extensive product pedigree includes a variety of hit projects: ...
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“In the tradition of Mongo Santamaria, Hedman is a passionate percussion pioneer who designs a hybrid of creative Latin sounds with multi-genre grooves.” - Tony Mowod, DUQ 90.5 FM, Pittsburgh

“The band excels at producing pumping Afro-Cuban style rhythms and attaining a harmonious group sound atop all the nuances, accents and altogether tight arrangements.” - All About Jazz

“Norman Hedman’s Flight of the Spirit offers listeners an opportunity to hear exotic and diverse rhythmic and textures used correctly in a blended, fully realized setting which never compromises melody.” - Jazz Times

“Percussionist Norman Hedman and his ensemble were one of the brightest moments of the recent 2001 Barbados Jazz Festival…This group generates enough hear and excitement to warm even the coolest of Latin fans.” - JAZZ REPORT

“TAKEN BY SURPRISE is a lively collection of Latin jazz with a shading of world music…All musicians perform with gusto and sensitivity…Latin jazz at its finest!” -

“Hedman, a percussionist whose diverse resume includes sessions with the Spinners, Sister Sledge and Daryl Hall, has an uncanny ear for rhythmic tapestry…in an Afro-Cuban flurry of congas.” - Jazz Times

“Hedman and his rhythmic accomplices are on target as the sense of professionalism and intuitive interplay become obvious from the onset.” - All About Jazz

“No frills, no jive. Hedman and Tropique sidestep convention by efficiently melding cross-cultural rhythmic structures with unruffled elegance and verve, as the compositions are generally memorable and first rate. A breath of fresh air indeed. - All About Jazz

“You can easily visualize a bright sunny day, on the sands, somewhere near the aquamarine waters of the Caribbean.” - All About Jazz

“Here’s a great album’s worth of Afro-Cuban jazz salsa. Deftly, combining the spirit of these genres with the fine composing and arranging of the tunes, this album is definitely worth hearing.” - Jazz 52nd Street

“Norman Hedman is an open-minded musician who has that rare sponge like ability to soak up and fuse both rhythmic and melodic strands from various ethnic sources. One Step Closer is an excellent fusion masterpiece of Latin American, Caribbean and Arabesque influences.” - Source Unknown

“Norman Hedman, with his refreshing musicianship and always hot, on target percussion skills, has to be one of the best kept secrets of jazz.” - Sister-Sister

“My feet were tapping the whole time I listened…you don’t hear this music, you feel it.”-

“Norman Hedman has an uncanny ability to create enticing musical adventures in a matter of minutes…the music is rich, creative, inspired, exotic and original.” - Inside World Music

“The polyrhythmic textures here are great fun as well, setting a solid foundation for the Brazilian electricity of the album’s title track (Healing Hands), with Andrienne Wilson singing gamely in Portuguese, English and French.” - Jazz Times

“Basically, Hedman & Tropique serve up…spacious yet often grooving Afro-Cuban induced themes and rhythms…” - All About Jazz

As a Leader

Garden of Forbidden Fruit
PowerLight Media
Tracks: Rundadar Dance, Closer, Cuttin Loose, Angel of the Night, Because I Can, Garden of Forbidden Fruit, It's Just Not The Same, Wherever U R, Walk in the Moonlight, Feeling My Way, Wait & See, Island Spice.
Personnel: Willie Martinez, Misha Tsiganov, Alexei Tsiganov, Craig Rivers, Ron Monroe, Sam Furnace, Brad Mason, Ada Dyer, Dani Stevenson, James D-Train Williams, Kendra Shank, Robert Aron, Joe Gonzalez.

Compilation (Special Edition)
Tracks: My Heart, Gypsy Caravan, Rudy's Mambo, Forever, I Caught Your Smile, Pa'Bailar, Flight of the Spirit, Maurice, Hed-Theme

Taken By Surprise
Palmetto Records
Tracks: That Unpredictable Eugene, Pa'Bailar, Taken By Sruprise, Rudy's Mambo, Felicidad, Soft Serenade, Can't Sell A Secret, Light at the End of the Tunnel, The One Left Behind, Just for Ruby, Maurice, Rags to Riches, The Message
Personnel: Willie Martinez, Roger Byam, Craig Rivers, Ron Monroe, Ahmaad Alaadeen, A.J. Mantas, a.o.

One Step Closer
Tracks: Gypsy Caravan, Celebration, Shades Of Magenta, Michelline, I Caught Your Smile, Passage, Flight of the Spirit, La Rerdida, Hed-Theme, One Step Closer, I Don't Know You, The Other Side.
Personnel: Hilton Ruiz, Talib Kibwe (T.K. Blue) Willie Martinez, Craig Rivers, Ron Monroe, Glen Pearson, A.J. Mantas, a.o.

Healing Hands
Tracks: One For Ahmad, Blue N' Boogie, Healing Hands, Chickadee & Guajra Medley, Let's Have Fun, Forever, In A Moment, Camel Rise, Snake In The Grass, Alone In Love With You, Wonderful Feeling, Samba For Janice, Ample Hips.
Personnel: George Cables, Chico Freeman, Willie Martinez, Glen Pearson, Andrienne Wilson, a.o.

Flight of the Spirit
Tracks: After the Tears (I'm Gonna Make It), Only You, Sweet Thing, Island Spice, Sicilian Nights, Until, Flight of the Spirit, Strutt'n, Naima's Love Song, State of Mind, My Heart.
Personnel: Chico Freeman, Lew Soloff, Alex Foster, Delmar Brown, Lisa Fischer, Horacee Arnold, John Hicks, a.o.

As A Side Musician

Stone Blue
Pat Martino
Blue Note Records

Songs in A Minor
Alicia Keys
J Records / BMG

Fear of Flying

I Ain't Movin

Champagne Sketches
Nate Fitzgerald
Monad Records

Fully Loaded
Delmar Brown
WEA (Korea)

Rhythm Romance
Mari Wilson
Dino / EMI

Live in Paris
Chico Freeman
In & Out Records

Mystical Dreamer
Chico Freeman
In & Out Records

Sweet Explosion
Chico Freeman
In & Out Records

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