Hakon Kornstad

Born: April 5, 1977    Primary Instrument: Saxophone

Hakon Kornstad

Saxophonist Hakon Kornstad has enjoyed critical praise not only for his performance technique and emotional intelligence, but also for his willingness to experiment in a wide range of different expressive moods. Combining soundscapes and percussive beats and layers with a melodic sensibility, there's always been a sense of awe when listening to his recordings. In his newest offering, Dwell Time (Jazzland, 2009), we are again presented with his well-honed musicality, but this time the performances are all his own, in a scaled-down setting. It is a solo effort in every sense of the word.

In eight pieces we are offered a variety of expressions. From Still One, which seems to convey a reflective solitude, to the cool hipness of Oslo and the aptly titled Noir, Kornstad astounds us with his ability to masterfully grasp a spectrum of emotional output through his tenor sax, bass sax, flutonette, flute, in addition to his live looping. Recorded in the Sofienberg Chruch in Oslo, the album is produced by Kornstad as well....
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US reviews
The Norwegian saxophonist Hakon Kornstad has a deeply focused tone and a dazzling command of expressive effects. He puts it all to good use on ”Dwell Time” (Jazzland), his serene but potent new solo album.
Nate Chinen - New York Times

Adventurous, yet undeniably accessible, Single Engine is another rung on a ladder that Kornstad’s been climbing for the past few years. Along with Seim, he’s part of a new generation of Norwegian reed players regularly pushing the boundaries of the instrument, finding limitless potential through persistent experimentation.
John Kelman - AllAboutJazz (US)

Norwegian saxophonist Håkon Kornstad has been one of the central figures on the new Norwegian scene that aspires to break new vistas beyond the almost codified ECM representation of the Nordic scene (...) A Beautiful and impressive statement.
Eyal Hareuveni - AllAboutJazz (US)

Kornstad has conceived a singular approach to the saxophone, fully realized on this solo effort. (...) A highly inventive album. Single Engine is a definitive statement from an up and coming artist.
Cadence (US)

German reviews
Der feine skandinavische Jazz hat einen zweiten Ausnahme- Saxophonisten neben Jan Garbarek: Håkon Kornstad.
Leipziger Volkszeitung (DE)

Dann hat man die besten Gründe, neben Trygve Seim noch einen zweiten großen Saxophonisten aus dem Norden in der Nach-Garbarek-Ära zu begrüßen (...) konzentrierte, abwechslungsreiche, überraschungspralle Soloplatte von großer Souveränität.
Sonic (DE)

Eine wunderschöne und ernsthafte Interpretation des Hits »Crying In the Rain« von a-ha beschließt die Platte. Diese Norweger halten eben zusammen. (DE)

«SINGLE ENGINE» läuft nie leer - eine Solo-Platte so spannend hinzubekommen, ist schon eine Kunst. (...) mit dieser ebenso wunderbaren wie gründlichen Klangerforschung seines Instruments hat sich Kornstad auf Augenhöhe zwischen die Großen des Genres gestellt.
Nordische Musik (DE)

Kammermusikalische Introspektion mit einer Prise Gospel, irgendwo zwischen Jimmy Giuffre und Albert Ayler. Nach einer etwas längeren kreativen Durststrecke nimmt das einst so innovative Jazzland- Label endlich wieder Fahrt auf.
Stuttgarter Zeitung (DE)

Auf dem Weg zu einer neuen Vision des in weiten Teilen in Traditionsstarre verharrenden Jazz, ist dieser Saxofonist aus Norwegen ein großes Stück vorangeschritten.
Financial Times (DE) 4 of 5

Spannender und enorm vielseitiger Saxophon-Solo-Trip. Definitives highlight. (DE) 4 of 5

Norwegian reviews:
A definitive artistic breakthrough
Dagbladet (NO) - 6 of 6

I can't think of any saxophone player who sounds quite like Kornstad does
TV2 Nettavisen (NO) - 6 of 6

Frail, warm, funny, melodious, challenging and entertaining.
Nordlys (NO) - 6 of 6

For a decade he's been a central figure of the new Norwegian jazz scene. «Single Engine» is his first call to accounts, and is a strong and beautiful listening experience
Dagsavisen (NO)

Kornstad as a solo artist has let his music develop in an untied, free and natural way
Aftenposten (NO) - 5 of 6

A mature solo debut
VG (NO) - 5 of 6
As leader

Dwell TIme
Jazzland Recordings
Personnel: Håkon Kornstad: tenor and bass saxophones, flutonette, flute, loops

As leader

Single Engine
Jazzland Recordings
Personnel: Håkon Kornstad: tenor and bass saxophones, flutonette, flute, melodica, programming; Bugge Wesseltoft: Hammond B3; Knut Reiersrud: pedal steel guitar; Ingebrigt Håker Flaten: double bass

The Bad And The Beautiful
Personnel: Håkon Kornstad: tenor saxophone; Håvard Wiik: piano

Wibutee: Sweet Mental
Sonne Disk
Personnel: Håkon Kornstad: tenor and baritone saxophones, flutonette, flute, keyboards, programming, vocals; Anja Garbarek: vocals; Wetle Holte: drums, percussions, keys, programming; Rune Brøndbo: keys, guitars, programming; Tor Egil Kreken: bass, guitars

Eight Tunes We Like
2005 (recorded 2003)
Personnel: Håkon Kornstad: tenor saxophone; Håvard Wiik: piano

Kornstad Trio Live from Kongsberg
Jazzland Recordings (limited edition vinyl)
Personnel: Håkon Kornstad: tenor saxophone; Axel Dörner: trumpet; Mats Eilertsen: double bass; Paal Nilssen-Love: drums

Wibutee: Playmachine
Jazzland Recordings
Personnel: Håkon Kornstad: tenor saxophone, melodica, flutonette, programming; Wetle Holte: drums, programming; Rune Brøndbo: programming; Per Zanussi: bass, programming; Bjorn Charles Dreyer: pedal steel guitar; Hild Sofie Tafjord: vocals

Smalltown Supersound
Personnel: Paal Nilssen-Love: drums; Håkon Kornstad: tenor saxophone

Space Available
Jazzland Recordings
Personnel: Håkon Kornstad: tenor and soprano saxophones; Mats Eilertsen: double bass; Paal Nilssen-Love: drums

Wibutee: Eight Domestic Challenges
Jazzland Recordings
Personnel: Håkon Kornstad: tenor and soprano saxophones, flutonette, programming; Wetle Holte: drums, percussion, programming; Rune Brøndbo: programming; Per Zanussi: bass, programming

Wibutee: Newborn Thing
Jazzland Recordings
Personnel: Live Maria Roggen: vocals; Hå:kon Kornstad: tenor saxophones; Wetle Holte: drums, percussion; Per Zanussi: double bass; Erlend Skomsvoll; keys; Bugge Wesseltoft: production

As Side Musician

Transistor Beach

Open Reminder

My Time is Yours

Bugge Wesseltoft
Jazzland Recordings

2 of 2
Tri-Dim + Barry Guy and Jim O'Rourke

Jacob Young
Curling Legs

Tri Dimprovisations 1 of 2
bp recordings

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Selmer MKVI 142,XXX Tenor Saxophone Buffet silver Bass Saxophone (early 1900's)

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