Scott Tixier

Born: February 26, 1986    Primary Instrument: Violin

Scott Tixier

Scott Tixier (born February 26, 1986, Montreuil, France) is a french jazz violinist. He was born in Montreuil and studied a classical violin at Conservatoire de Paris, Then, he has studied the jazz violin with Florin Niculescu and Jean Luc Ponty.

In 2007, he won the first prize of the “Trophées du Sunside”, one of the most important Award for a young jazz musician in France. Some months later, he moves to New York City. Scott has studied in several workshop with some of the finest jazz musicians like: Elvin Jones, McCoy Tyner, Steve Coleman... he was endorsed by Corelli strings (Savarez) Scott Tixier has met and received recommendation letters from: Jean-Luc Ponty, Pat Metheny, Marcus Miller, Mark Feldman, Jacques Schwarz-Bart


First Prize of Trophees du Sunside 2007
”Scott Tixier is an excellent young musician who in an amazing short period of time has found a place for himself within the elite community of New York jazz musicians, no small feat.”

Pat Metheny


“Scott Tixier is an exciting young jazz violinist and is making an international name for himself. I heard him in France and was immediately struck by his individuality and his sound.”

Marcus Miller


“I first heard Scott Tixier I was immediatly seduced by his relentless swing and his neverendng flow of ideas. I later met him in Paris during a tour of mine. He was performing at the Sunside with his band. And I was even more impressed, because I was able to feel the incredible amount of energy generated by his playing”

Jacques Schwarz-Bart


“Il est très consistant, Il a déjà “Son” style, très bon phrasé bebop, excellente mise en place.”

Jean Luc Ponty


“Scott is a fine young jazz musician. He possesses all of the attributes”

David Binney


“Il a remporté les trophées du Sunside 2007, qui est la plus prestigieuse récompense du jazz parisien pour un jeune artiste talentueux. Ce succès confirme avec éclat que son jeu dépasse et de loin ce que nous avons l’habitude d’entendre en violon jazz. Ce style nouveau qu’il développe encore tous les jours risque fort d’être un repère important pour le futur.”

Pascal Anquetil (IRMA)


“Scott Tixier est un violoniste virtuose, il a une maniere de jouer le violon tout a fait nouvelle, c'est magnifique”

Marianne James


”Aprés Yaron Herman, Leila Olivesi... voici le sixième lauréat des trophées du Sunside avec Scott Tixier, violiniste virtuose, établit à New York, il à collaboré avec de nombreux grands musiciens français et américains tel que: Maceo Parker; Lonnie Plaxico; Siegfried Kessler... Ce concours a pris sa vitesse de croisière et devient un acteur majeur dans la détection des jeunes talents qui feront l'avenir du jazz de demain. La nouvelle génération.”

Sunside-Sunset Jazz Club


« …The twins Scott and Tony, who represent the young French Jazz …» Jean- Marie Lagache, La Mezzanine, March 2nd 2006.

« [...] Scott Tixier who still remembers with enthusiasm the joy he had playing with Macéo Parker [...] » Chantal Gillet, Le Dauphiné, July 2003.

« Influenced by the New York ‘scene’, Scott Tixier violinist and composer , and Yvonnick Prene, considered as on of the best French harmonicist[...]. ». Rosny Magazine, Agenda Culturel, june 23th 2007.

« [...]SCOTT TIXIER. True virtuoso of the violin, will share with you his energy in his sets of Soulful, Hip, Deep et Groovy des Djs STARKS, NIKO & MAC D ! ...[...] » may 12th 2007, Etudiant Sortir.

« [...]Lead by the young harmonicist Yvonnick Prene, this amazing quintet plays an original repertory influenced by the New York scene As well as ‘reprises’ de Mark Turner and Myron Walden to quote a few.[...] » March 27 2007, CitizenJazz

Yvonnick Prene Group: Roll The dice

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