Tom Heasley

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Born: July 26    Primary Instrument: Tuba

B>Composer, Tuba, Didjeridu, Voice, Electronics, Loops, Throat Singing

The unique musical voice of Tom Heasley is heard internationally as composer, performer and recording artist. At live performances and in recordings, Heasley gathers the warp and woof of tuba, didjeridu, throat-singing, looping and electronics and weaves them into a musical tapestry of great originality and power. He creates “a rich and sonorous aural experience that flies in the face of all the dumb cliches about what tuba music is…” A true “father of invention”, Heasley has turned his Achilles' heel - the tuba - into a force majeure...
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Artist Fellowship in Musical Composition - Arts Council Silicon Valley (2001/2002)
ASCAP Plus Award (2001-2008)

…in comes Heasley sending his brass through the ringer, coating its decay in electronic mercury, stretching the fat tones outwards to infinity...reminiscent of ECM staples like Jan Garbarek and John Surman, two horn-men similarly in tune to mergers of the ancient and modern built upon deeply meditational edifices. The Squid's Ear

Like a slowed down deep jazz Bixobal Magazine

Juicy. Super Coolio.... Michael Landau

I love Tom's music. If you don't go to hear him whenya can, well, [it’s] your loss! David Torn/splattercell

Tom Heasley's mesmerizing loop-based, ambient tuba playing brings an ethereal beauty from the underrated instrument Joseph Woodard, L.A. Times

Tom's music evokes deep meditative states of awareness Ramon Sender Barayon, Composer/Author

Wow! No -- that doesn't really capture it. Let me try again. Stunning! Not quite right yet---One last try: Unique, gorgeous, and moving. No kidding, Mr. Heasley. I listen to a LOT of music and what you have been creating here is something both unique and beautiful and even profound. I often work with someone you may know of (Mark Isham) who, I'm quite sure, would respond to your work (if he hasn't already!) in the same way I did. Wonderful, wonderful work. Thank you Robert Harmon, Director (The Hitcher)

....a rich and sonorous aural experience that flies in the face of all the dumb cliches about what tuba music is Richard Zvonar, PhD, Composer a rare pattern, I have actually listened to the CD three times! …your CD [Where the Earth Meets the Sky] definitely has lots to offer Stuart Dempster, sound gatherer/ composer/trombonist (Deep Listening Band)/professor emeritus, Washington State University

The music...was transporting. I listened over and over. .. Anne LeBaron, composer/ harpist /teacher/ author

Rich and powerful, long delays and reverbs, nuanced overtones and textural details… Gerry Hemingway, drummer/composer

…ravishingly beautiful and meditative… Sherry Goodman, Director of Education Programs, UC Berkeley Art Museum

I've listened to it three times now. 'Monterey Bay' is some of the best 'ambient' music I have ever heard. I will, of course, order a copy for our library and recommend it to my students John Turk, tuba soloist/professor, Youngstown State University

…transcends the curiosity factor of its odd instrumentation and stands as a strong meditative statement, immersing the listener so deeply, that one never thinks of an oompah band Jeff Towne, Echoes Radio/New Age Voice

Put aside any preconceptions you may have about the tuba as an unlikely instrument for beautiful, restrained ambience Mike Griffin, Hypnos founder
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Where the Earth Meets the Sky
Tracks: Ground Zero; Western Sky; Monterey Bay; Where the Earth Meets the Sky.
Personnel: Tom Heasley - Tuba, electronics, loops, voice.

On the Sensations of Tone
Tracks: Prelude; Thonis
Personnel: Tom Heasley - Tuba, electronics, loops, voice.

Desert Triptych
Tracks: Joshua Tree; Solitude; 29 Palms
Personnel: Tom Heasley - Didjeridu, voice, electronics, loops.

Ten X
Old Gold
2 LP Compilation, 1 track
Personnel: Tom Heasley - Tuba; Ken Rosser - Guitar, FX.
Full Bleed Music
Tracks: Different Worlds; 98% Pure; Elegy for Philip Berrigan; Zephyr; Cliffs of Moher
Personnel: Tom Heasley - Tuba, electronics, loops, voice; Toss Panos - Drums.
Live From the Devil's Triangle, Vol.10
KFJC 89.7 FM Compilation, 1 Track
Track: Sweet Basilisk
Personnel: Tom Heasley - Tuba, electronics, loops, voice.

Deep Listening Band: Non Stop Flight
Music & Arts (1998)
Tracks: Cage: 4:33; Cage: Variations II; Mairsy Doats; Traffic Prayers and Amnesia (excerpt from Traffic Prayers); Cage: 4:33; Deep Hockets; The Last Chances
Personnel: Pauline Oliveros, David Gamper, Stuart Dempster, Abel-Steinberg-Winant Trio, The Hub (John Bischoff, Chris Brown, Scot Gresham-Lancaster, Tim Perkis, Phil Stone), Thomas Buckner, Tom Heasley, Toyoji Tomita, Maggi Payne, Ramon Sender-Barayon, Jennifer Wilsey, Wendy Jeanne Burch, Bob Bielecki, Joe Catalano, Tom Dambly, Karl S. Pribham.

Eugene Chadbourne: Insect Attractor
Ensemble Pieces, 1 Track: Mourning of the Praying Mantis
Personnel: Eugene Chadbourne, Mischa Feigin, Joe Conroy, Carrie Biolo, Charles Waters, Steve Good, Bob Stagner, Bruce Wagner, Brent Dunn, Tom Heasley, Ashley Adams, Gino Robair, Dan Plonsey, Bunk Gardner, Barry Mitterhof, Ted Reichman, Ritchie.

Malcolm Mooney and the Tenth Planet
MRM Publishing
Tracks: Dead End; Ol' Ship 1; Ol' Ship 2; The Eagle Has Landed; Squares Prayer; The Eagle Has Landed II; Jack; I Dream Of You; Father Cannot Yell; Right Behind Time; Squares Prayer; The Bulls Are Running
Personnel: Marc Weinstein, Russ Schoenwetter, Bruce Anderson, Kent Randolph, Myles Boison, Malcolm Mooney, Tom Yoder, Dave Barrett, Kenny Kearney, Michaelle Goerlitz, Dave Slusser, Tom Heasley, Dean Santomeiri.

Marco Eneidi & the American Jungle Orchestra
Botticelli Records
Tracks: Disc 1 - Landscapes I+II; Prairie Sunrise; Last Flight of the Nez Perce (Walowa); R.A.G.S; Lakota (upper); Lakota (lower); Going To Meet the Man; Jumin' at the Woodside; Disc 2: - Landscape III: Neruda/Segovia; Wadada; Landscapes IV-V; Way, Way Down Low; Landscapes VI-X; Last Flight of the Nex Perce (Toolhollzote)
Personnel: Marco Eneidi, Bruce Ackley, Ashley Adams, Chris Cox, George Cremaschi, Danielle Degruttela, Tara Flandreau, Hal Forman, Matthew Goodheart, Phillip Greenleif, Tom Heasley, Ron Heglin, Jackson Krall, Garth Powell, Jon Raskin, Damon Smith, Wadada Leo Smith, Glenn Spearman, Oluyemi Thomas, Bertram Turetzky, Alex Weiss.

Miguel Frasconi: Song + Distance
New Albion
1 Track: Dreams From The Body
Personnel: Eda Maxym, Jim Santi Owen, Stephen Kent, Ashley Adams, Tom Heasley, Miguel Frasconi.

Amoeba: Pivot
Relapse Records
2 Tracks: Traces; Sparks
Personnel: Robert Rich, Rick Davies, Don Swanson, Andrew McGowan, Hans Christian, Forrest Fang, Tom Heasley

Robert Rich: Temple of the Invisible
Soundscape Productions
Tracks: Etranon, Antalieh, Pa Tanak; Jibra; Fasanina; Tulcrhu; Lan Tiku; Otranon
Personnel: Robert Rich, Sukhawat Ali Khan, Forrest Fang, Paul Hanson, Tom Heasley , Percy Howard

Alvin Curran: Lost Marbles
1 Track: Music Is Not Music
Personnel: California Vocal Academy directed by Boyd Jarrel, Tom Dambly, Tom Heasley, Alvin Curran, William Winant.

48 Cameras: After all, isn't tango the dance of the drunk man
(Tom Heasley samples used on 3 tracks)
3 Tracks: This river may spring to life again; Tableau respire; Between the mist and the sky
Personnel: David Coulter, Pascal Lacroix, Chris Long, Calogero Marotta, Jean Marie Mathoul, Shri Bernard Petit Jr, Madame Pascale Tempels, Sandy Dillon, Tom Heasley, Aaron Ximm, Carrie Ann, Visica Piscis, Yves Dellicour, Alan Smithee

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Primary Instrument:

Los Angeles, CA

Willing to teach:
Advanced students only.

Mirafone 188 CC Tuba, Didjeridu (ABS pipe), Eventide Eclipse, Lexicon MPX1, Line 6 DL4, Mackie Onyx 1620 Mixer, Meyer UMS1-P Sub-woofer, Yamaha P.A. Speakers

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