Bob Brough

Born: 1948    Primary Instrument: Sax, tenor

Bob Brough

Bob Brough was hot, hot, hot back in 1982, with the trio Timewarp, on the CD Time Warp when it was given a Juno nomination.

And Bob was hot, hot, hot back in 2003 with Richard Underhill's Quintet on the CD Tales from the Blue Lounge, when Richard’s CD won a Juno-award.

Now, in 2008 Bob is hot, hot, hot following a 3-year-long adventure with the most recent version of The Bob Brough Quartet which has culminated in the release of a new CD, Time Away, celebrated officially at the Rex Jazz and Blues Bar on November 7, 2008.

At the CD-release engagement, Bob Brough on tenor saxophone, Adrean Farrugia on piano, Artie Roth on bass, and Terry Clarke on drums, played two rousing sets comprised of jazz standards and original compositions by Bob or Adrean. Impeccable cohesiveness was the order of the evening as the 4 dynamic musicians moved as one through incredibly speedy and difficult improvised passages. The Quartet ended the evening with an audience calling for more and none the least unaware of the unstoppable nature of the energy in this fiery ensemble; nor of the up-beat determination of Bob Brough....
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”Brough’s sax kicks in and the bass/drum rhythm section catches on fire culminating in Terry Clarke’s kick-ass drum solo enjoy some jazz, you can’t go wrong with The Bob Brough Quartet’s CD, Time Away.” Jim Dupuis earshot Oct 21'08

“Like A Spring Day offers the opportunity to showcase the talents of singer Carol McCartney. Bob Brough impressed us last year on his debut CD and, likewise, as an accompanist he proves equally adept. We get to hear him solo on every track and also provide gorgeous obbligatos behind McCartney in a manner that you'd associate with Stan Getz or Scott Hamilton.” --Michael P. Gladstone, All About Jazz

”charming and sophisticated new melodies, interesting lyrics, top quality musicianship and wonderful performance values. A very large and enthusiastic audience of about five hundred would definitely agree.” --Larry Rossignol, Distillery Jazz Festival

“...the result is a highly listenable collection of mainstream jazz, with the occasional quirk. This is timeless music, recorded in a straightforward fashion without any trickery that might otherwise date it. This would appear to be the first CD released under Brough's name; for fans of mainstream jazz one can only hope that this will not be the last.” --John Kelman

“The quartet kicked off with John Lewis', Afternoon In Paris. By the time the set concluded, the wind was up and so were the umbrellas. Brough commanded the audience's attention, which was quite a feat. Toronto is full of strong tenor players and Brough can more than hold his own in that company.” --Charles Gordon, The Ottawa Citizen

“...fascinating, exciting duels with bustling drummer Bob McLaren…Bob's other sidemen, bass Mike Downes and pianist Mark Zaret, were given ample chance to show off their skills. Downes, comfortable in all modes, and Zaret's quiet two-handed creations, are a useful contrast to the booming statements from the tenor sax.” --Geoff Chapman,Toronto Star

“...His approach has its basis in the style of John Coltrane, moderated by the lyrical grace and dark, smoky tone of a Stan Getz...His delivery is the thing, finally… honest and heartfelt in a way that slowly but surely elevates his ideas and transcends his influences.” --Mark Miller, The Globe and Mail

As a Leader

Time Away (2008)
Tracks: 1 Traneian Blue; 2 Entity; 3 Basketball; 4 Time Away; 5 Winter Waltz;
6 Dear Benjamin; 7 Light Chasers; 8 Blue Pickup.
Personnel: Bob Brough tenor saxophone, composer, producer; Adrean Farrugia piano, composer; Artie Roth bass; Terry Clarke drums.
Like A Spring Day (2005)
Tracks: 1 Like A Spring Day; 2 I Know Love Must Be Near; 3 A View Painted Citron And Blue; 4 Daisy; 5 Indian Summer; 6 Paradise Is Good Enough For Me; 7 Only Summer Knows; 8 There's A Place In My Heart; 9 Today; 10 Scarborough Fair; 11 When The Atmosphere's Right.
Personnel: Carol McCartney vocals on all tracks; Bob Brough tenor saxophone, composer, producer; Stan Fomin piano; Artie Roth bass; Kevin Brow drums.
A Decade Of Favorites (2003)
Tracks: 1 Interior; 2 Sweet Jessica; 3 Daisy; 4 Iles Du Salut; 5 Remember Rio;
6 An Afternoon In Paris; 7 Lullabye; 8 Riyaz; 9 All Ways Lovely; 10 Today.
Composers: John Lewis, Stan Fomin, Chris Jennings, and Bob Brough. Producer, Bob Brough.
Various Combos: Bob Brough tenor and soprano saxophones; Adrean Farrugia, Mark Zaret, and Stan Fomin piano; Artie Roth, Michael Downes, and Chris Jennings bass; Kevin Brow, Bob McLaren, Mark Adam, and Barry Romberg drums; Carol McCartney vocals on track 10 only. Recordings of particular note As A Side Musician
Involvement with recordings as performer, composer, and/or arranger is noted in each entry, along with instrument played.
Tales From The Blue Lounge (2002)
Juno-Award winning CD: Richard Underhill, Stubby Records, SRCD 777. Performer. Tenor saxophone
Firstflight (1999)
Freeflight The Big Band, Sony Music Entertainment, Inc Ck 80410. Composer and arranger for ‘Night Folk.’
Time Warp (1982)
Juno-nominated CD, Time Warp, C-Note 921039. Performer. Tenor saxophone.

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Featured recording “Time Away”

Time Away
Self Produced (2008)
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