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Ove Johansson

Born: December 3, 1936    Primary Instrument: Sax, tenor

Ove Johansson

Ove Johansson, tenorsax, composer, has since the end of the fifties been leading his own groups and been a driving force of the Swedish jazz scene, he is also musical director of [[MWENDO DAWA]]. Although he has been very active on the Swedish jazz scene since several years his most rewarding efforts has been with [[MWENDO DAWA]].

Ove Johansson's musical work stretches all the way from straight ahead, free form and electronic jazz to the acoustic and electro acoustical mix of today. With [[MWENDO DAWA]] he has been able to present his music throughout the world- both in Europe and North and South America, and he has produced 27 albums with his own material and with the group....
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There are few white saxophone players that has such a black feeling like Ove Johansson. NYE TAKTER, NORWAY.

Ove Johansson�'s tenor playing has a force and intensy that is rare in Swedish jazz. HALLANDSPOSTEN, SWEDEN.

The tenor player Ove Johansson is a very powerful and inventive saxplayer, who all the time strives to really improvise. JAZZPODIUM, GERMANY.

When Ove Johansson blew his horn, the audience was faced with an intense, adrinalized artist of wall-moving power. EDMONTON JOURNAL, CANADA.

The complexity of the weave between real and synthetic saxes lays out a beautiful soundscape to correlate with the seascape, leaving the mind aglow. This is a work that evolves just as nature does, starting out quiet and simple, with wrinkles of difference and mutation, moving towards a sound environment that denotes havoc and imbalance often enough, but ultimately achieves a homeostasis in which even the turmoil is beautiful in contextual retrospect.

Gordon Marshall, NewYorkCity Jazzrecord

Mwendo Dawa:
“Basic Lines” - Sonet SLP2634 (1978)
“Live at Montreux Jazzfestival” - Dragon DRLP28 (1979)
“Mwendo Dawa 80” - Dragon DRLP30 (1980)
“Free Lines” - Dragon DRLP33 (1981)
“New York Lines” - Dragon DRLP41 (1982)
“Four Voices” - Dragon DRLP47 (1983)
”Street Lines” - Dragon DRLP72 (1983)
“Live at Northsea” - Dragon DRLP78 (1984)
“City Beat” - Dragon DRLP92 (1985)
“Dimensions” - Dragon DRLP123 (1986)
“Human Walk” - Dragon DRLP155 (1987)
“Live is here again” - LJRecords LJCD5203 (1991)
“The New Scene” - LJRecords LJCD5208 (1993)
“Enter the Outloop” - LJRecords LJCD5211 (1995)
“Breathing Clusters” - LJRecords LJCD5217 (1998)
“Live in Göteborg” - LJRecords LJCD5225 (2001)
“Time Sign” - LJRecords LJCD5234 (2003)
“Live at Fasching” - LJRecords LJCD5244 (2006)
"A taste of four free minds LJRecords LJCD5248 (2008)
"Mwendo Dawa Music" LJRecords LJCD5256 (2012)

“Ove Johansson solo” - LJRecords LJCD5201 (1990)
"In a different World" LJRecordsLJCD5214 (1997)
"Logic Steps" LJRecordsLJCD5231 (2002)
"Music from Steninge" LJRecordsLJCD5239 (2005)
"Coast" LJ Records LJCD5251 (2010)

Lindeborg/Johansson Duo:
“Bright Openings” - LJRecords LJCD5204 (1992)
“Structures” - LJRecords LJCD5222 (1999)
“Lines” - LJRecords LJCD5240 (2006)

Lindeborg/Johansson Duo+ computer:
“Natural Artefacts” - LJRecordsLJCD5228 (2001)
“LIke Jazz” - LJRecordsLJCD5241 (2006)

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Selmer tenor sax Mark 6 AKAI EWI MacBook Pro

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