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Primary Instrument: Guitar

Savio Rego

Savio Rego is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He describes his style as “chill-out soul,” an amalgam of Latin, Soul, R 'n' B, Jazz, Electronica and Pop. Rego cites as main artistic influences such popular songwriters as Sting, Sade, Joe Satriani, Phil Collins, India Arie, Eric Claption, and John Mayer. Of these, Sting and Phil Collins seem to have left their mark on his signature sound most audibly, though his Latin flavor is arguably the most important ingredient to his eclectic, modern mix of tones.

Rego was born in India and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. Rego's early chops were developed playing guitar at age 13 as a hobbyist. He considers himself lucky to have been introduced to a wide range of musical modes at that time....
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Cool name, cool guy, cool songs! The San Francisco Bay Area resident is deliberately setting his course to Smooth by Smooth West with his debut release ALL I WANT. If Sade and John Mayer were to have a love child, he would sound like Savio Rego… cool, soulful pop with chilled beats wrapped around an acoustic guitar. Savio's songs are seductive, there's no question about it… featuring lyrics revealing open lust and melodies leading straight into hooky choruses. In my world, you can't ask for more. Songs like the Latin-tinged ”Senorita,” the breathy, “Miss You” and the subtly exotic “Jamaican Queen” are sure to reel in new fans real fast. ~Sandy Shore, Smooth Jazz Global Radio

“Guitarist/Vocalist Savio Rego's All I Want is about intimacy, his acoustic guitar is soft and lush, creating layers of silky smoothness. This is a quiet, moody record that creates an atmosphere of warmth and calm reflection. The overall effect is like having Rego performing in your living room. All I Want is effective in its ability to convey and evoke innermost feelings”. - All About Jazz

“Seine Songs klingen weder wie klassische Popstücke, noch folgen sie der Jazzlehre oder folkloristischen Konventionen. Sie pendeln zwischen den Extremen, setzen sich aber immer wieder herrlich erfrischend zwischen alle stilistischen Stühle...” - Melodie & Rhythmus

”Savio Rego's musical debut is a collection of soothing ballads, blending R&B stylings with solid guitar playing” - Heath Andrews, 106VIC

“It’s a rare thing these days when an artist can produce an album within a genre that you swear you’ve heard a thousand times before and genuinely stand out above the rest. Savio Rego’s All I Want is that kind of album” - Jason Randall Smith, Impose Magazine

Latin music has its own special way of being sexy, and when it's combined with jazz it kicks it up a notch on the sexy scale. All I Want is Latin jazz and it has such a subtle way of seducing you that you don’t know what is happening to you, until you are totally in love. That’s what this album is really about when you listen to it from start to finish-love. All I Want is very emotionally charged. Whether the songs are dealing with longing (Miss You) or lust (Jamaican Queen) you’ll be reduced to mush. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know this is just how Savio wants you. Savio plays with your senses. Each song has a certain sensuality to it that transcends the baser needs. Savio sings with a voice that’s almost like a whisper into a lover’s ear. Senorita opens the album slowly, almost gently, trying the waters to see what you are ready for. The steady drum beat and the acoustic guitar tease the listener with the promise of more. This is a hint of what is to come. This album is musical foreplay, pure and simple. All I Want is one of those albums you want to put on when you have a mission for the evening that has nothing to do with a dance floor-though that evening might well start there, with a little slow dancing. Even the instrumental Chai Time has a way about it that will leave you thinking of things other than a warm cup of tea.

Most albums that deal solely with love songs end up being trite, but not this one. The songs speak to you on a personal level. The lyrics are never cliché, and the rhythm is always slow and steady and just a touch primal. With eight songs, Savio begins and ends a love affair, and at the end of Love For Me leaves his listeners spent and dying for more. To say this is a good album doesn’t say enough. Few albums out there reach their listeners on such an emotional level. All I Want reaches deep and it touches the soul of each person that listens. This is probably the most album of the year, maybe even the last five years. The CD should bear a warning label on the sleeve, stating that if it is played while alcohol is consumed, the artist can’t be held responsible for any offspring that might show up nine months down the line! Yes, that’s how romantic this CD is.

Move over Jim Brickman. Move over Harry Connick Jr. Move over Michael Buble. Savio Rego has out-romanced all three of them and then some. All I Want is a romantic journey worth taking whether you are in love or not. It will open your senses and fill you with sensuality. It’s a pure joy to listen to. This is definitely a must-have album for any music lover's collection this year. Open your ears and your hearts to the beauty of Savio’s All I Want. - Andrea Guy, Live Journal

German Press

“Seine Songs klingen weder wie klassische Popstücke, noch folgen sie der Jazzlehre oder folkloristischen Konventionen. Sie pendeln zwischen den Extremen, setzen sich aber immer wieder herrlich erfrischend zwischen alle stilistischen Stühle...” Melodie & Rhythmus

Magenschonend. Savio Rego ist ein Freund der zarten Töne. Geboren in Indien, aufgewachsen in San José in Kalifornien, veröffentlicht der ehemalige Pilot nun sein musikalisches Debüt. „All I Want“ schmilzt wie Butter in der Sonne. Leichtes Bongo-Geklopfe, sonniges Gitarrenzupfen, feinfühliger Bariton zu jazzlastigen Melodien Planet tt

Geboren ist er in Indien, aufgewachsen in Kalifornien. Er war Pilot und Banker, doch im Herzen ist Savio Rego Musiker, und zwar einer der sanften Art. Der Gitarrist und Sänger hat sich aus den Kulturen, in denen er lebte, und aus der Musik, die er mag, seine eigene freundliche Welt gebastelt. Man hat Savio Rego als Bruder von Lionel Richie deklariert, aber so schmalzig ist er nicht. Andere sehen in ihm einen musikalischen Verwandten von Sade, aber so glattgebügelt ist seine Musik denn auch wieder nicht. Die Wahrheit, zu hören auf “All I Want” (Hamuse Records / Bellaphon), liegt irgendwo in der Mitte und wirkt sehr entspannend. Landeszeitung Lüneburg

Inmusic: ”....eine abwechslungsreiche Scheibe, die gekonnt zwischen bluesigen Momenten, Folk, Soul und Chill Out wechselt...”

Savio Rego Album - Someone To Tell Released 06/2011

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Featured recording “Someone To Tell”

Someone To Tell
Self Produced (2011)
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