August Engkilde

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Born: October 10, 1970    Primary Instrument: Bass

Short info:
August Engkilde is a composer, arranger, producer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ and sound-designer. August plays the bass, the keyboards and twists the computer knobs on more than 32 jazz, latin, electro, dub, hip hop, break beat, and other electronic/experimental releases. This includes among others “Kaotic Brain | Beautiful Noise” (Brumtone, DK), “Band of Inner Urge” (Storyville, DK, Police Beat Box (Cheap, AUT), Mobile (Cheap, AUT), E.P.O. (~Scape, DE), “Warum sollten wir angst vor großen Tieren haben” (Musicsystem, DK, Elektrazz (Musicsystem, DK), Pole (Mute, UK) and Señor Coconut (Multicolor, DE).
Further, he delivered tracks for a number of compilations on various labels among others: Kitty Yo (berlin), Cheap (Vienna), Air France (France) and ~Scape (Berlin). As a sound designer he made Tool records for the label and production group Musicsystem, which he founded together with the art- group Superflex. August as well made the music for the 8 hour long art movie “The Wake” by Christian Lemmerz and Mikael Kvium, in collaboration with composer Dror Feiler and Dj Wunderbaum.

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”Next-Level-Teo-Macero” - DW - Grooves Magazine - Berlin June 2008.

“He's plainly a sick man worth tracking down”. - Richard Hector-Jones (Jockeyslot) June 2000

“vielleicht die Standards der next generation”. - WESTZEIT - 2004

“so don't waste your money on dropping acid, just buy this instead.” *** (Echoes June 2000)

“EPO is actually the name of the music collective founded by Engkilde who all step up to the plate and bring a polished, cohesive sound that only a good ensemble could produce. 7.5/10 (Raf Katigbak) montreal Mirror

“And sounds - compared to so many others - never just like an update of the usual sounds but completely peculiar.” DW - Grooves Magazine - Berlin June 2008.

“Wilkommen im “Club für gute Musik”. - Manou - DeBug - Berlin 2008


-Releases that August Engkilde participates on as a band-leader, producer and/or Bass-/keyboard-player:
As the driving force:
August Engkilde/ - 1/ 'Band Of Inner Urge', 1997 (STCD 4210)
- 2/ 'Police Beat Box', 2000 (Cheap CDSeven and lp033 )
- 3/ 'Mobile', 2001 (Cheap lp35)

4/ ‘ Kaotic Brain | Beautiful Noise’, 2008 Brumtone, brum001cd/lp
5/ ‘The Surface Constructors’ - “Live at the Living Room”, 2008 Brumtone brum002cd/dl 6/ ‘Engkilde&Groth - “SNOW”, 2009 Brumtone, bum003cd/dl
August Engkilde & E.P.O./ - 1/ ‘Electronic Panorama Orchestra’, 2004 (popScape 01)
Elektrazz/ 1/ 'Elektrouble', 2002 (Msysm006CD and Cheap on vinyl in 2003)
Ljiljana Petkovic Orchestra/ 1/ “Hinter dem Spiegel”, 2009 Brumtone, bum004cd/dl
Musicsystem/ - 1/ 'Jul i Africa', 1996 (Superflex music)
- 2/ 'Hello DJ' , 1997 (Msysm001CD)
- 3/ 'Warum Sollten Wir angst vor Großen Tieren haben?', 1997 (Msysm004CD)
- 4/ 'Scratch Tool 1+2',1998 (Msysm002+003LP - 5/ 'Musicsystem VS.L?K?O-Live', 1999(Cha-bashira-records-Japan - 6/ 'Musicsystem / Electric', 2002 (Msysm006lp + Msysm008CD) BIOBAS/
1/ 'Learning Tennis', 2002/2003 (Musicsystem free sportsmusic line. All music by August Engkilde released as free mp3's as a part of the Musicsystem sportsmusic line.)

As a side-man:
Señor Coconut/ 'Fiesta Songs', 2003 (Multicolor, EFA)
POLE/ 45/45, 90/90, Pole/Pole 2003 (Mute, 12mute279, 0724354694165)
Flanger/ 'Outer space', 2001 (ZenCD61, Ninja tune)
Louie Austen/ 'Only Tonight'', 2002 (Kitty-yo)
Thomas Hass/ - 1/ 'A Honeymoon too soon', 1996 (STUCD19601)
- 2/ the film/CD 'Hannibal & Jerry', 1997 (RECD 2929).
Mindspray/ 'Howl On!', 2001 (Borgen CD)
Asger Siiger/ 1/ 'A Change of Scene' , 1996 (Music Mecca CD 2056-2)
2/ 'Excursion ticket ' , 1997 (Music Mecca CD2083-2)
3/ 'This way out', 1998 (Music Mecca CD 2056-2)
Circle Circus/ 'Circle Circus ', 1994 (DJBFA ).
Peter Reim/ 'Cutting the final Cheese', 1999 (BIOBAS, a memorial release of the great drummer and friend Peter Reim.
Søren Eriksen/ 1/ 'Greatest hits', 2001 (DJBFA Distribution)
2/ Stringswing 'Red Shoes', 2001 (STUCD 0182)
3/ 'The power keg', 2003 (A love Supreme)
4/ stringswing 'Blue Hat' (STUCD 04142)
Jesper Løvdal/ 1/ 'Out to Lunch live' in Bilbao, Spain, 1998 (Hilargi records 021157)
2/ 'Out to Lunch',
Remixes and compilation tracks that August Engkilde have made tracks to: Louie Austen/ 'Amore', 2001 (ky01049CDM)
Xart Hybrid/ 'Offen bar', 2000 (Xart records 01)
Art space 1%/ 'On sound On' -Brian the Lion, 2000 (One:sound01)
Nativemusic/ ' Out In'+'A warm sunday', 1998 (namucd9801)
More jazz visits 97-99/ 'The elephant secret', 2000 (STUCD01122)
Musicsystem/ 'Electric', 2002 (Msysm006lp+Msysm006CD)
Danish Jazz Federation/ 'All that jazz, music from Denmark 2003'. Louie Austen/ 'Amore', 2001 (ky01049CDM)
Scape/ 'But then again'. 2004 (Scape23)
Air France/ 'On Air/1', 2004 (By Air france, Frederic Sanchez.

Film music Film music made by August Engkilde: The Wake an 8 hour long art movie over the theme ”Finnegans Wake” by James Joyce. The Wake on DVD won the DVD Europe Award 2001 for "Most creative use of DVD's functions on a title designed for corporate use" at the DVD Forum Europe in London, 18-20 April 2001. The music is made in a collaboration between August Engkilde, Dror Feiler and Anders-Peter Andreasen.

Other works by August Engkilde:
1996: Made music for the exhibition "Explore Europe" by Cornelia Zinca and an exhibition by Superflex at "Proms".
1997: Made sounds for an exhibition by Superflex at the Louisiana Museum, Humlebæk.
1998: "The animal farm", a radio show for The National Danish Radio.
1999: "The chicken farm", an outdoor fluxus exhibition in collaboration with the art group Superflex, showed at Møn.
1999: "The Green Box", an installation on the Roskilde music festival made in collaboration with Superflex.

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Primary Instrument:


Willing to teach:
Advanced students only.

Bass Composition Live Electronic Music Logic, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Kontakt

Clinic/Workshop Information:
As a performing artist/ multl-instrumentalist I am very experienced in improvising using both Electronic ( Synth, Computer, sampler, effects...) and acoustic instruments. The interplay between the electronic and acoustic sound universe in what I have been researched the last 16 years.

Ableton - LIVE Native instruments - Kontakt Byman Cykler - Bikes

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