Rodrigo Dominguez

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Born: January 28, 1970    Primary Instrument: Saxophone

Rodrigo Dominguez is the most sought after saxophonist in the vibrant Buenos Aires jazz scene. He is an inspired, critically acclaimed musician-composer, who is an astonishing improviser. This dynamic artist expertly plays a range of woodwind instruments with powerful eloquence. Esteemed by his peers and critics alike, one can detect his commanding presence on most contemporary Argentine jazz recordings.

Born in 1970 to a musical family, he studied guitar at age 13. Dominguez was highly influenced by his father, a respected folk singer and guitarist. Early exposure to the musical roots of his homeland, engendered a profound understanding of the traditional rhythms and forms, as is revealed in the natural insight of his later work....
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• ”Rodrigo Dom-nguez' tenor sax floats over long melodic lines, while demonstrating his ability as an intelligent composer.” - La Nacion (Buenos Aires, Argentina) • ”He is an excellent soloist, who moreover, is capable of building -in his own language- a totality, that is more than the sum of its parts.” - Página/12 (Buenos Aires, Argentina) • ”His intense soprano sax solo in Bazzola's “Whaltham Rose” is one of the most brilliant moments of the recording.” - La Nacion (Buenos Aires, Argentina) • ”Keep an eye on this guy!” - Clar-n (Buenos Aires, Argentina) • ”On tenor as well as on soprano, Dom-nguez expresses himself eloquently. He vividly weaves in and out of the harmony, often developing his ideas into bursting climaxes.” - • ”Not only one of the best saxophonists in Argentina, but also a musician that shows a remarkable empathy with the band.” - Página/12 (Buenos Aires, Argentina) • ”Rodrigo Dom-nguez is a great saxophonist.” - Rolling Stone Magazine (USA) • ”Dom-nguez renders simply stated elegance amid complex dialogues and lightly swinging motifs” - • ”Dom-nguez has developed a strong personality as a soloist.” - La Nacion (Buenos Aires, Argentina) • ”Dom-nguez proves he's a talented player with superb tenor and soprano solos.” - Cadence Magazine (USA) • ”Clearly among those responsible for the new wave, characterized by combining jazz concepts with the musical roots of Rio de la Plata” - La Nacion (Buenos Aires, Argentina) • ”Dom-nguez communicates the essence of the musical moment. His solos, brought from silence itself, felt like clouds floating over the rhythm section.” - La Nacion (Buenos Aires, Argentina) • ”The Rodrigo Dom-nguez Trio raises a flag of freedom in a search of a personal language.” - Página/12 (Buenos Aires, Argentina) • ”Dom-nguez blows fire through his horn.” -La Republica (Montevideo, Uruguay) • ”Dom-nguez aims for conceptualization which is free. His compositions are strongly melodic.” - La Nacion (Buenos Aires, Argentina) • ”The variety of his solos makes listening a never-ending blast.” - 3 Puntos (Argentina) • ”Rodrigo Dom-nguez' sound fills up the concert hall.” - El Porteño (Buenos Aires, Argentina) • “His compositions and playing are coherent and intense: an introspective search.” - La Nacion (Buenos Aires, Argentina) • ”One of the most intense and dynamic concerts heard in town lately.” - El Ciudadano (Montevideo, Uruguay) • ”A high level soloist.” - Cuadernos de Jazz (Spain) • ”An exceptional saxophonist, one of the most representative musicians of the Argentine new wave” - Il nuovo terrazzo (Crema, Italy) • ”Possessor of a notable fluidity, Dom-nguez likes to develop his solos as if opening a surprise gift.” - La Nacion (Buenos Aires, Argentina) • ”an exceptional saxophonist, one of the most representative musicians of the argentinean new wave” mara zanotti (il nuovo torrazzo, crema, italy) • ”amazing!” (la cronaca de cremona, italy) • “one of the best releases of the year, from one of the best argentine saxophonists” La Nacion (Buenos Aires, Argentina) • “A musician in constant evolution, with a powerful presence, Dominguez squeezes his tenor in a sensitive and generous manner. Spinetta can be proud of these versions.” Marcelo Morales, El Intruso (website, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

As Leader or co-leader: • Rodrigo Domínguez "Tonal" (2004, BAUrecords) • Rodrigo Domínguez "Soy Sauce" (2008, S-Jazz) • Quinteto Urbano "Jazz Contemporáneo Argentino" (1999, Acqua Records). • Quinteto Urbano "Estudio + Vivo" (2001, Acqua Records). • Quinteto Urbano "En Subida" (2003, Fresh Sound) • Dani Perez "Bue/Bcn Connection" (2002, Fresh Sound). as sideman: • Santiago Vázquez "Santiago Vázquez & Puente Celeste" (Musical Antiatlas,1998). • Santiago Vázquez & Colectivo Eterofónico de Improvisación "Medios de Transporte" (Musical Antiatlas, 2001). • Santiago Vázquez "Ra-Amon" (Los Años Luz, 2004) • Guillermo Bazzola Summer Quartet "3D" (PAI Records, 1999). • Guillermo Bazzola Summer Quartet "Alas" (BAU Records, 2002). • Fernando Tarrés "Camorreando" (BAU Records, 2002). • Fernando Tarrés "Milongueando Solo" (BAU Records, 2003). • Fernando Tarrés "cruces" (BAU Records, 2006). • Hernán Merlo Quinteto "ConSin" (Fresh Sound, 2002). • Mariana Baraj: "Lumbre" (BAU records, 2002). • Mariana Baraj: "Deslumbre" (Los Años Luz, 2005). • Mulam “Como los Niños Viven" (Los Años Luz, 2004). • Marcelo Gutfraind "Rio Abajo" (BAU Records, 2003) • Luis Nacht "Nachtmood" (BAU Records, 2003) • Juan Pablo Arredondo "Lo que las paredes oyen" (BAU Records, 2004) • Mariano Otero "A Través" (BAU Records, 2003) • Mariano Otero "D-forma" (S-Jazz –EMI, 2004) • Mariano Otero orquesta "Tres" (S-Jazz , 2006) • Mariano Otero orquesta "Cuatro" (S-Jazz, 2007) • Mariano Otero Quinteto "En Vivo en Medio y Medio" (S-Jazz, 2008) • Tango Crash Project (Popart, 2003) • Tango Crash "Otra Sanata" (Popart-Galileo (europa), 2004) • Tango Crash “Bailá Querida” (Aqua Records – Galileo, 2008) • Guillermo Klein "Una Nave" (Sunnyside, 2005, Limbomusic, 2008) • Pepi Taveira "Dahomey Dance" (BAU Records, 2004). • Guillermo Vadalá "Bajopiel" (Epsa, 2004) • Javier Malosetti “Niño” (S-Jazz, 2007) • Lucia Pulido "Songbook, vol. 1 y 2" (BAU Records, 2005/6) • Sergio Verdinelli "Primo" (Buri, 2005) • Paula Shocron "Urbes" (BlueArt, 2007) • Eleonora Eubel "Full Moon" (Eurecords, 1999).

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