Alexander Hawkins

Born: May 3, 1981    Primary Instrument: Piano

Alexander Hawkins

Born in Oxford in 1981, Alexander Hawkins is a pianist described as having a “fierce technique” and a “wizard's touch”. Indeed, a recent interview commented that he is “just emerging as one of the most striking voices of his generation, both with unique things to say and unique ways of expressing them” (David Grundy, Eartrip).

He leads his own “Ensemble” (featuring Orphy Robinson, album out on FMR) and co-leads the “Convergence Quartet” (featuring Taylor Ho Bynum, Harris Eisenstadt, and Dominic Lash), whose first album featured in two critics' Top Ten Albums of 2007 lists. Other projects include “Barkingside” (featuring Lash, Alex Ward, and Paul May), “Nostromo” (featuring Pete McPhail), and Ntshuks Bonga's “Qwati” (featuring Bonga, Claude Deppa, Oren Marshall, and Mark Sanders). He has also recently worked both in trio and quartet with Evan Parker (with John Edwards or Dominic Lash, and Tony Marsh or Louis Moholo-Moholo). As an organist, Hawkins plays in a trio with Steve Noble and John Edwards, as well as in the funk group “Big Train's Haymaker”. Other more ad hoc collaborations have included with musicians such as Tom Arthurs, Tony Bevan, Gail Brand, John Butcher, Lol Coxhill, Otto Fischer, Will Gaines, John Russell, Pat Thomas, Clark Tracey, Steve Waterman, Alan Wilkinson, and Steve Williamson, amongst many others. He has also played with the Pendulum big band, the London Improvisers Orchestra, and the Oxford Improvisers Orchestra....
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As Co-Leader

The Convergence Quartet: Live in Oxford
The Convergence Quartet
FMR Records
Tracks: miscellaneous; Goad; Convergence; goodbye, sir; mm(pf).
Personnel: Taylor Ho Bynum: cornet, flugelhorn; Harris Eisenstadt: drums, percussion; Alexander Hawkins, piano; Dominic Lash, double bass

Tracks: Alopekis; Basenji; Carnauzer.
Personnel: Alex Ward: clarinet; Alexander Hawkins, piano; Dominic Lash, double bass; Paul May, drums, percussion ment.

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Featured recording “Step Wide, Step Deep”

Step Wide, Step Deep
Babel Label (2014)
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