Alex Coke

Born: November 13, 1953    Primary Instrument: Reeds

Alex Coke

Alex Coke, born in Dallas, Texas, an original member of the Creative Opportunity Orchestra, has performed with Tina Marsh in various formations for 22 years. For ten years he played and recorded with the internationally renowned Dutch jazz group, the Willem Breuker Kollektief. His various bands have included New Visions, the Live Action Brass Band, the Leadbelly Legacy Band, The Alex Coke/Paul Bollenback Duo, Jamad, and his post-bop quintet, The Worthy Constituents, a collaboration with longtime partner, pianist Rich Harney with Martin Banks on trumpet. He has worked with Gerald Wilson, Charles Tolliver, James Polk, Jay Rozen, the Paradise Regained Orchestra and the Trio Henk de Jonge...
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1990 Best Saxophonist, Music City Critics Poll/Austin Texas 1990 Best Jazz Bands Music City Critics Poll/Austin Texas (Countenance #1, and Worthy Constituents #3) 1990 Best Unsigned Bands Musician Magazine (Countenance, and Worthy Constituents) 1988-1989 Best Jazz Band, Austin Chronicle Music Awards (Chris Duarte and Justus)
Ilebombo, Lebombo (Independant CD, 2013)
Jazz Cosmopolitanism In Accra, Steven Feld (VoxLox 2012)
Sessions,Rich Harney(Aardvark AR72019, 2012) Not A Word, Glenn Fukunaga( Not A Word Music 001, 2011)
Dusk is Drawn, Jenifer Thyssen & Darrel Mayers, (Eternal Song Records, 2011)
D, White Denim (Downtown Records DWT702361, 2011)
Last Day Of Summer, White Denim (Downtown Records VVR786971, 2010)
Sugar & Spice, Symphony of Soul (Independant CD,2010)
Je Te Connais, Silvie Rider (Independant, 2010)
Tether, My Exotic Other (Independant CD, 2010)
845 Morning Offering, First Presbyterian Church (Retrograde Records 001, 2009)
Jazz To the People, Jeff Lofton Quartet (Independant CD 2009)
Mystery Note, Austin Jazz Workshop (AusJazzMusic, 2009)
In The Lateness of the World, Carolyn Forche ´ (Texas Nafas, 2009) Tigatami, Lebombo, (Basa Records 01, 2009) Its Possible, Alex Coke, Tina Marsh, Steve Feld (VoxLox Records 308, 2008)
Topographies of the Dark, Nii Noi Nortey, Nii Otoo Annan, Steven Feld, Alex Coke, Jefferson Voorhees (VoxLox Records108, 2008)
Bufo Variations, Nii Otoo Annan, Steven Feld (VoxLox Records 408, 2008)
Jumpin' From The Tree, David Rothgeb (Independant CD 2008
Where Love Begins, Rich Harney(Aardvark Records Ar-72010, 2007 )
Shimmering, Sangeet Millennium Ensemble (Sangeet Millennium 2007)
Forty Days, Oliver Rajamani,(Independant CD 2007 )
Migration, Tina Marsh/ Creative Opportunity Orchestra, (Ltd Edition Independant CD 2007)
Der Wald, E.C.F.A(Pull the String Records, 2007)
The Legend of the Quetzal, Sue Young, (Motherlotus Records, 2007) Voxtrot, Voxtrot (PlaylouderR21CD/Single: Blood Red Blood, 2007)
A Child's Christmas In Wales, Alex Coke, Suzi Stern, Rich Harney, Aardvark AR72008, 2006
Willem Breuker Kollektief At Ruta Maya Cafe, Willem Breuker Kollektief (BVHAAST0506, 2006)
Smokin' on the B3, , Robert Sanders ORGANization (Independant Bootleg CD 2006) Evolución, Ghandaia, (XP Entertainment, XP 1002, 2006) Piety And Desire, Neil Blumofe (Horeb026- 613-2, 2006)
The Compositions Of Eric Dolphy, Willem Breuker Kollektief (BVHAAST1005, 2006)
Bubba's Waltz, The Austin Klezmorim (Independant CD, 2006)
Big BossTenor, AustinJazz Workshop, (AusJazzMusic, 2005)
Iraqnophobia/Wake Up Dead Man, Alex Coke, (VoxLox Records105, 2005)
Die Mitte, E.C.F.A.Trio (Lemke Lente Records, 2005)
Die Faden, E.C.F.A.Trio (Pecan Crazy Records PC24, 2004)
HipPop, Greezy Wheels (Tana Records TR0005 2004)
Moses Muses, Neil Blumofe (Horeb026- 613-1, 2004)
Soundtrack For Wandering Minds, Hutch (Independant CD, 2004)
Apple Howling, Mundi (Int'l Rain IR0006, 2004)
Lines of Darkness, Lines of Light, Michael Shay (Independant CD, 2004)
Firefly, Mathew Joseph (Independant CD, 2004)
S.O.S. Drummer's Double Bill (BVHAAST 0703, 2003)
Blut auf der Veilchen, E.C.F.A.(Independant CD, 2003)
Soul Prayers, Rich Harney, Alex Coke (Aardvark AR-72007, 2003)
With Strings Attached, Willem Breuker Kollektief, (BVHAAST 0203, 2002)
New Texas Swing, Alex Coke, Tina Marsh, (CreopMuse 010, 2002)
Through The Years, The Worthy Constituents, (CreopMuse 09, 2001)
Circle Of Light, Tina Marsh (CreopMuse08, 2000)
Thirst! Willem Breuker Kollektief & Denise Jannah, (BVHAAST 0300, 2000)
Jazzland, Maryann Price, (Catfish Records, 2000)
Celebrating 25 Years On The Road, Willem Breuker Kollektief (BVHAAST 9914/15, 1999)
Hunger! Willem Breuker Kollektief (BVHAAST 9916, 1999)
Kurt Weill, Willem Breuker Kollektief (BVHAAST 9808, 1998)
PAKKEPAPEN, Willem Breuker Kollektief, (BVHAAST 9807, 1998)
Bongo Nights, J.R.Ryan (Ace Le Bop Records, 1998)
Psalm 122, Willem Breuker Kollektief (BVHAAST 9803, 1998)
Music For His Films 1967/1994 Johan Van Der Keuken, Willem Breuker, (BVHAAST 9709-9710, 1997)
Navegando de la Habana a Rio, Estrella Acosta, Luizao Paiva (eStar Records131,1996)
The Parrot, Willem Breuker Kollektief (BVHAAST 9601, 1996)
Van Het Jaar Van De Ensembles-Compilation, (Polygram 454 058-2, 1995)
Willem Breuker Kollektief Meets DJazzex, Joy of Dance Willem Breuker Kollektief (BVHAAST 9513, 1995)
Nedly Elstock's Paradise Lost and Regained Suite, Paradise Regained Orchestra (BVHAAST CD 9511 DDD, 1995)
Sensamaya, Willem Breuker Kollektief (BVHAAST CD 9509, 1995)
J.R.'s Big Hits, J.R.Ryan (Ace Le Bop records, 1995)
Overtime/Uberstunden, Willem Breuker Kollektief, ( NM Classics 92042, 1994)
East Of Odessa, West Of Palestine, Austin Klezmorim (EofO 03, 1994)
The Heaven Line, Tina Marsh, Creative Opportunity Orchestra , (CreOpMuse 002,1994)
Etched in Swing, MaryAnn Price, (Watermelon CD1014, 1994)
Deze Kant Op Dames, Willem Breuker Kollektief, ( BVHAAST CD 9301, 1993)
J.C.'s Blues, J.R.Ryan, (Ace Le Bop, Cassette)
Transformation Vol. 1 and 2, Creative Opportunity Orchestra , (CreOP Muse Cassette, 1991)
Crammed Into Infinity, , Texas Instruments ( Rockville,ROCK-6058-2, 1991)
Jumping Shark, Trio Henk de Jonge (BVHAAST CD9103,1991)
Parade, Willem Breuker Kollektief(BVHAAST CD 9101, 1991)
Horn to Horn, Live Action Brass Band((Indy Cassette 1990, Postout CD 1999B,1999)
JAMAD, James Polk, Alex Coke, Martin Banks, A.D.Mannion (Indy Cassette1990, Twink Records CD reissue, 2009 )
Texas Klez, Austin Klezmorim (BAMusic, cassette, 1990)
KLBJ Local Licks Live 1990, With Alejandro Escovedo Orchestra ( Track 17-"Tired Skin"1990)
Musician Magazine's Best of the B.U.B.s 1990, Worthy Constituents (Warner Brothers CD 1990)
RadioActive, Creative Opportunity Orchestra (Daagnim Records18, LP/ Cassette1990)
West Dallas Suite, Stone Savage Band, (Stella-001CD 1990)
Labor Of Love, Maryann Todd-Thompson (Indy Cassette 1989)
Trained Ants (Authorized Bootleg Cassette, 1989) Benediction, Creative Opportunity Orchestra (Daagnim Records16, LP,1988)
Shalom Y'all, Austin Klezmorim (BAMusic,cassette, 1987)
The Worthy Constituents, Alex Coke, Rich Harney, A.D. Mannion (Indy Cassette, 1990)
Out On The Western Plains, Leadbelly Legacy Band, (Indy Cassette: 1989, LP: Daagnim Records-LP17,1989, CD Postout 1999A,1999
Live at the Continental Club, With Butch Hancock (Profile Records 1412, 1985)
Wild Cards (Moonlyte Records)
Witness, Dennis Gonzalez & The Metaphysical Year Ensemble (Daagnim Records #08,1983)
New Visions, Alex Coke (re Records 001, 1982)

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Primary Instrument:

Austin, TX

Willing to teach:
Intermediate to advanced students

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Eva Kingma Bass and Alto Flutes Yamaha piccolo Muramatsu flute Chris Abell wooden headjoint Selmer Tenor/Soprano

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