Keith Rowe

Born: March 16, 1940    Primary Instrument: Guitar

Keith Rowe

Keith Rowe (born in Plymouth, England) is an English free improvisation guitarist and painter.

Rowe is a founding member of AMM in the mid-1960s (though in 2004 he quit that group for the second time) and a founding member of M.I.M.E.O. He trained as a visual artist, and Rowe's paintings have been featured on most of his own albums.

After years of obscurity, Rowe has achieved a level of relative notoriety, and since the late 1990s has kept up a busy recording and touring schedule. He is seen as a godfather of electroacoustic improvisation, and many of his recent recordings have been released by Erstwhile Records....
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Since 1989
1989, A dimension of perfectly ordinary reality, Matchless MR19. Solo.
1990, The nameless uncarved block, Matchless MRCD20. AMM.
1992, Newfoundland, Matchless MRCD23. AMM. .
1993, City music for electric guitar, Table of the elements 7" Boron. Solo.
1994, Live in Allentown USA, Matchless MRCD30. AMM.
1994, Laminal , Matchless MRCD31.3. One CD of 3CD AMM set. Recorded in New York.
1995, From a strange place, PSFD-80. AMM.
1996, Before driving to the chapel we took coffee with Rick and Jennifer Reed, Matchless MRCD35. AMM.
1997, MIMEO/Queue, Perdition plastics Per 009/GROB 005.
1997, Dial: log-rhythm, Matchless MRCD36. Rowe/Jeffrey Morgan. .
1998, Electric chair and table, GROB 206/7. MIMEO.
1999, Ajar, Alcohol ALORS1CD. Otomo Yoshihide/Rowe/Taku Sugimoto.
1999, The world turned upside down, Erstwhile Records 005. Rowe/Gunter Muller/Sugimoto.
1999, Harsh, GROB 209. Solo.
1999/2000, Dark rags, Potlatch P200. Evan Parker/Rowe.
2000, Afternoon tea, Ritornel RIT 14. Oren Ambarchi/Christian Fennesz/Paul Gough/Peter Rehberg/Rowe.
2000, [N:Q], FIBRR001. Jean Chevalier/Christophe Havard/Juilen Ottavi/Rowe.
2000, Tunes without measure or end, Matchless MRCD44. AMM.
2000, With hidden noise, Anechoic a002. Keith Rowe processed by Kim Cascone.
2000, Grain, Zarek 06. Rowe/Burkhard Beins.
2001, Weather sky, Erstwhile Records 018. Rowe/Toshimaru Nakamura.
2001, Fine, Matchless MRCD46. AMM.
2001, The hands of Caravaggio, Erstwhile 021. MIMEO/John Tilbury.
2001, Flypaper, Staubgold 32. Duo with Oren Ambarchi.
2001, 29 October 2001, Sound 323 [2]. Solo.
2001, Thumb, GROB 432. Rowe/Ambarchi/Sachiko M/Otomo/Robbie Avenaim.
2001, Honey pie, GROB 648. Rowe/Ambarchi/Avenaim.
2001/2002, The difference between a fish, Potlatch P 302. Michel Doneda/Urs Leimgruber/Rowe.
2002, Rabbit run, Erstwhile Records 027. Rowe/Thomas Lehn/Marcus Schmickler.
2002, 3D, w.m.o/r 33. Rowe/Seymour Wright
2002, Squire, For 4 Ears CD 1762. Ambarchi/Rowe.
2002, Live at the LU, Erstwhile Records 043. Rowe/Fennesz.
2002, AMPLIFY02: balance, Erstwhile Records 033-040. Box set of 7CDs + 1DVD of Erstwhile-curated event in Tokyo.
2003, Duos for Doris, Erstwhile Records 030. Rowe/Tilbury.
2003, Responses, reproduction & reality: freedom of the city 2003-4, Emanem 4110. London Improvisers Orchestra.
2003, A view from the window, Erstwhile Records 041. Rowe/Axel Dorner/Franz Hautzinger.
2003, Lifting concrete lightly, Serpentine gallery. MIMEO.
2003, Rowe/Fuhler, Conundrum CD3. Rowe/Cor Fuhler.
2004, Keith Rowe/Burkhard Beins, Erstwhile Records Erstlive 001.
2004, Keith Rowe/Toshimaru Nakamura/Thomas Lehn/Marcus Schmickler, Erstwhile Records Erstlive 002.
2004, Keith Rowe/Sachiko M/Toshimaru Nakamura/Otomo Yoshihide, Erstwhile Records Erstlive 005-3.
2004, Cloud, Erstwhile Records Erstlive 046-2. Four Gentlemen of the Guitar: Rowe/Ambarchi/Fennesz/Nakamura.
2004, Apogee, Matchless MRCD61. MEV/AMM.
2004, Fibre, For 4 Ears CD 1657. Tomas Korber/Rowe/Muller.
2004, November Quebec, Esquilo Records ES005.(N:Q).
2005, between, Erstwhile Records 050-2. Rowe/Nakamura.
2007, The room, Erstwhile Records ErstSolo 001.
2008, Keith Rowe/Taku Unami, Erstwhile Records Erstlive 006.
2008, Keith Rowe, Erstwhile Records Erstlive 007.
2009, Contact, Erstwhile Records 054-2. Rowe/Sachiko M

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