Jack DeSalvo

Born: October 15, 1957    Primary Instrument: Guitar

Jack DeSalvo

Jack DeSalvo began guitar lessons at age eight. By his early teens he was rehearsing and performing with local rock groups. The first transformation from interest in pop music to other forms occurred when he bought an LP based on its cover when he was 11. The record, already a classic by that time, was Fresh Cream. Hearing the track Sleepy Time Time inspired his early research into the Blues, including BB King’s Live at the Regal and recordings by Albert King and others. By 15 DeSalvo had picked up harmonica and mandolin and started to use a bottle-neck slide after seeing Johnny Winter and Duane Allman perform....
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”Using both acoustic and electric instruments, DeSalvo demonstrates technique, intelligence and imagination with a broad streak of lyricism and passion in what amounts to one of the better guitar voices to be heard in improvised music these days.” - Cadence
Chris Kelsey Group The Change of the Face of the Century of Jazz to Come (UR9961) Chris Kelsey - alto Sax, Jack DeSalvo - cello, Lewis Porter - piano, Dave Miller - drums, Joe Gallant - bass guitar Julie Lyon Quintet Julie (UR9957) Julie Lyon - vocal, Tom Cabrera - drums, Matt Lavelle - trumpet and alto clarinet, Jack Desalvo - guitar, Bobby Brennan - double-bass Jack DeSalvo and Joel Shapiro Inherence(UR9963) Jack DeSalvo - guitar, Joel Shapira - guitar 1Up 1Down Live From Nowhere (UR9965) Chris Kelsey - alto and soprano saxophones, Jack DeSalvo - guitar, Lewis Porter - organ, Joe Gallant - bass, Alan Lerner - drums D3 
OFF WORLD (UR9972) Matt Lavelle – trumpet, flugelhorn, alto clarinet/ Jack DeSalvo – guitar, slide guitar/ Tony DeCicco – five-string double-bass, Bruce Ditmas – drums JACK DeSALVO, HERB KLOSS, TOM CABRERA 
LION HEARTED (UR9980) Jack DeSalvo – mandola, cello, classical guitar/ Herb Kloss – flute, alto flute/ Tom Cabrera – frame drums, riq, tombak, darbuka, percussion JACK DeSALVO, TOM CABRERA
 LIBRA MOON (UR9978) Jack DeSalvo – mandola, cello, acoustic guitar/ Tom Cabrera, frame drums, riq, tombak, darbuka D3
 STARLIGHT (UR9990) Jack DeSalvo – guitar/ Tony DeCicco – double-bass/ Bruce Ditmas – drums JACK DeSALVO
 SUDDEN MOVES (UR9989) Jack DeSalvo – guitar/ Chris Kelsey – soprano saxophone/ Peter Herbert – double-bass/ Bruce Ditmas – drums JACK DeSALVO
 PRAMANTHA (UR9988) Jack DeSalvo – six and 12-string acoustic guitars JACK DeSALVO
 JUBILANT RAIN (UR9987) Jack DeSalvo – classical guitar TOM CABRERA, JACK DeSALVO
(UR9986) Tom Cabrera – frame drums, percussion/ Jack DeSalvo – six and 12-string acoustic guitars, mandolin, slide guitar PAT HALL 
K3rnelPaN1C (UR9985) Pat Hall – trombone, laptop, electronics/ Jack DeSalvo – guitar, slide guitar/ Joe Gallant – bass guitar/ Bruce Ditmas – drums, keyboards, percussion, electronics JACK DeSALVO
 HELICONIA (UR9991) Jack DeSalvo – guitar/ Tony DeCicco – double-bass/ Bruce Ditmas – drums RIVER ROAD (UR9994) Dan Willis – soprano and tenor saxophones/ Jack DeSalvo – guitars, alto guitar, mandola, mandolin/ Lee Marvin – double bass/ Jon Berger – drums, dumbek, percussion D3 OVER THE EDGE (UR9995) 
Sam Morrison – soprano saxophone, flute/ Jack DeSalvo – guitars/ Tony DeCicco – five-string double-bass/ Bruce Ditmas – drums CHRIS KELSEY, JACK DeSALVO, TOM TEDESCO
 STUTCHES (UR9996) Chris Kelsey -soprano saxophone/ Jack DeSalvo – banjo, mandolin, guitar, classical guitar/ Tom Tedesco – tabla, drums, percussion TOM DeSTENO Trio
 CORIOLIS SKY (UR9999) Tom DeSteno – drums/ Jack DeSalvo – guitar/ Mark Hagan – double-bass JACK DeSALVO, ARTHUR LIPNER LIQUIDE STONES (TUTU CD 888132) Jack DeSalvo - classical and electric guitars/ Arthur Lipner - vibraphone, marimba D3 SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION (TUTU CD 888126) Jack DeSalvo - electric, acoustic and 12-string guitars/ Tony DeCicco - five-string double-bass/ Bruce Ditmas - drums KARL BERGER TRANSPARENCIES (Bellaphon CDLR 45057) Karl Berger - piano, vibraphone and bailophone/ Tom Tedesco - drums, percussion/Anthony Cox - double-bass/ Jack DeSalvo - 12 string, electric and classical guitars RONALD SHANNON JACKSON RED WARRIOR (Axiom 539 872 and Knit Classics KCR-3032) Ronald Shannon Jackson - drums, schaumei/ Jack DeSalvo - guitar, slide guitar and mandolin/ Jef Lee Johnson - guitar/ Stevie Salas - guitar/ Ramon Pooser - bass guitar/ Konrad Mathieu - bass guitar JACK DeSALVO FALLS HOME Jack DeSalvo - electric and classical guitars, Allen Farnham - piano, Drew Gress - double-bass, Tom Tedesco - drums CHRIS BRAUN CHRIS BRAUN TRIO Chris Braun - drums/ Jack DeSalvo - guitar/ Mike Bocchicchio - double-bass JACK DeSALVO MOMENTS OF Jack DeSalvo - guitar/ Rick Jesse - tenor saxophone/ Scott Butterfield - double-bass/ Chris Braun - drums

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