Aaron Germain

Born: February 8, 1977    Primary Instrument: Bass

Aaron Germain

Spending 15 years as a busy hired-gun bass player, Aaron has been through all sorts of adventures; traveling the world and learning from the masters. This album displays his wide range of music experiences.

Growing up in Massachusetts, he cut his teeth playing upright and electric bass in bands ranging from jazz, blues, funk, reggae, to senegalese mbalax; and he found himself regularly driving to New York, Boston, Burlingame, Providence and just about anywhere else in New England where there was a gig. From the beginning he learned to be picky about quality, but not genre. When there is so much amazing music to be played, there should be no reason to have to specialize....
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”Before You Go features Germain's technical prowess on both upright and electric bass with a stellar crew of sidemen. The disc's ten tracks-all composed by Germain-are high energy romps with exceptional soloing”

”Germain's compositions are lyrical, harmonically interesting and groove heavy.”

”Bolstered by Germain's jaw-dropping electric solo, the tune leaves one wanting more from such a dynamic configuration.”

”Before You Go is an exciting session deserving of wide recognition. The level of musicianship is first-rate and Germain's rousing compositional skills are a delight.”

-John Barron

“While the quality of his playing is obvious, Germain never uses the tunes simply to demonstrate his talent--neither does he push his own instrument too far to the front of the mix. The result is a beautifully balanced recording that gives all the musicians space to play.......Before You Go demonstrates his ability as a writer and bandleader and clearly sets out his potential--it's a lovely album, imbued with talent, imagination and humanity.”

-Bruce Lindsay (All About Jazz)

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7/8 Romanian flatback upright with Eva Pirazzi strings and a David Gauge Realist Pickup

3/4 Czech upright with Velvet Anima strings and a David Gauge Realist Pickup

Eminence electric upright bass

Japanese Fender Jazz Bass with Fender flatwound strings

G&L 2500 5 string electric bass with DR lo rider strings

Warwick Thumb 6 string with Fodera strings

Warwick Corvette Standard fretless 4 string bass

Walter Woods 650 watt bass amp

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