Mwendo Dawa

Born: 1974    Primary Instrument:

Mwendo Dawa

SUSANNA LINDEBORG�'S MWENDO DAWA is always an adventure listening to. They were a bit of pioneers when the group was formed in the 70th when it came to combining expression of Jazz and traditional instruments together with the possibilities given by new instruments of the time. And they still are. Apart from most others fascinated by the same possibilities at the time. Musically MWENDO DAWA is now working with improvisation in serial technique with electro acoustical backgrounds but with a strong rythmical approach. The group is still now, 30 years later, as much pioneers as ever before. MWENDO DAWA is updated on all frontiers, the musical vision is still there but has changed and grown not only together with technological progress...
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”Keyboard innovator Susanna Lindeborg and tenor saxophonist/EWI player Ove Johansson have presented Sweden’s answer to Weather Report with their daring electro-acoustic quartet Mwendo Dawa. Here they step further into the avant-garde realm than ever before.” Bill Milkowski, JazzTimes ”Swedish improvisational quartet Mwendo Dawa maps out broad landscapes of stark beauty, roams the streets of cold, robotic cities and plows through oppressive, overgrown jungles of sound.” Forrest Dylan Bryant, JazzTimes ”The average jazz listener should not be put off that Susanna Lindeborg’s Mwendo Dawa is avant-garde jazz. It is true the sounds created by this Swedish quartet go well beyond traditional conceptions of melody and harmony, however this is a very accessible recording. For those listeners who enjoy avant-garde sounds, time sign certainly will be full of welcome sounds. The recording would be an excellent addition to any jazz aficionado’s CD collection.” Craig W. Hurst, Jazzreview ”They are creative musicians with their own sounds, their own styles, and their own beauty. They can be touching and subtle at their most delicate, wild and free at their most energetic. The group has, for a long time, incorporated a heavy emphasis on rhythmic energy as well as electronic synthesizers which gives it a distinctly modern sound combined with strictly acoustic musicians. Whether this group has chosen to avoid the commercial track or has been somehow overlooked is a mystery, but anyone interested in the question of whether or not Jazz is still a dynamic form should pick up their new recording.” Stefan Zeniuk, Jazz Now, USA

”Basic Lines” Sonet SLP2634
”Live at Montreux” Dragon DRLP28
”Mwendo Dawa 80” Dragon DRLP30
”Free Lines” Dragon DRLP33
”New York Lines” Dragon DRLP41
”Four Voices” Dragon DRLP47
”Street Lines” Dragon DRLP72
”MD at Northsea” Dragon DRLP79
”City Beat” Dragon DRLP92
”Dimensions” Dragon DRLP123
”Human Walk” Dragon DRLP155
”Live is here again” LJRecords LJCD5203
”The New Scene” LJRecords LJCD5208
”Enter the Outloop” LJRecords LJCD5211
”Breathing Clusters” LJRecords LJCD5217
”Live in Göteborg” LJRecords LJCD5225
”Time Sign” LJRecords LJCD5234
”live at fasching” LJRecords LJCD5244
”a taste of 4 free minds”LJRecords LJCD5248
"Mwendo Dawa Music" LJRecords LJCD5256

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