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Greg Kelley

Primary Instrument: Trumpet

Greg Kelley

Greg Kelley began studying the trumpet at age 10. He attended the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore, where in addition to studying the Conservatory curriculum, he also immersed himself in a deep study of avant- garde and experimental music, eventually coming to the conclusion that his musical focus fell outside of the academic sphere. After his studies, Kelley moved back to his native Massachusetts, quickly insinuated himself into the local avant-garde circles and soon commenced a period of intense travel and collaboration, bringing him across the United States, throughout Europe, Japan and South America....
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”Kelley takes an atom and constructs a world out of it...[He] is one of the great one before him has so unashamedly fused flesh to metal.”

--Gordon Marshall, All About Jazz

Nmperign/Jake Meginsky, Selected Occasions of Handsome Deceit, 1-sided LP (Rel, 2010)
Nmperign, Ommatidia (Intransitive, 2010)
Hair Police, Our Minds Problem Vol. 4, quadruble cassette (self- produced, 2009)
Weasel Walter, Apocalyptic Paranoia (Gaffer, 2009)
Life Partners, Men Are Talking, LP (Ride The Snake, 2009)
Alex Neilson/Greg Kelley, Passport to Satori, LP (Goldenlab, 2009)
Anthony Braxton, Nine Compositions 2003, DVD (Rastascam, 2008)
Greg Kelley, Self-Hate Index (Semata, 2008)
Greg Kelley, Religious Electronics, LP (No Fun, 2008)
Cold Bleak Heat, Simitu (Family Vineyard, 2007)
Nmperign/Jason Lescalleet, Love Me Two Times, 2CD (Intransitive, 2006)
Greg Kelley, One hour as something that didn't turn out the way I intended it to (I'm not Anti-Music, Music's Anti-Me), CDr (Chocolate Monk, 2006)
Heathen Shame, Speed the Parting Guest(Twisted Village, 2005)
Axel Doerner, Greg Kelley, Andrea Neumann, Bhob Rainey, Thanks, Cash (Sedimental, 2004)
Nmperign, We Devote Every Effort TO Offer You The Best That You Deserve To Have For Your Enjoyment, 2LP (Siwa, 2003)
Nmperign/Gunter Muller, More Gloom, More Light (Rossbin, 2003)
Greg Kelley, If I never meet you in this life, let me feel the lack (Rossbin, 2002)
Bhob Rainey/Greg Kelley, Nmperign (Selektion, 2001)
Greg Kelley/Jason Lescalleet, Forlorn Green (Erstwhile, 2001)
Greg Kelley, Trumpet (Meniscus, 2000)

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