Steve Norton

Primary Instrument: Reeds

Steve Norton

Boston-based saxophonist Steve Norton has been performing and recording for over 30 years, with a bunch of folks to whom he is deeply and forever in debt. His recent work has taken a turn toward more sound-based concerns and investigations into performance gestalt. His focus is on improvisation, which is filtered through a strongly compositional sensibility. Current projects include Duck That, Grizzler, Symptomatic, Kilter, Metal & Glass Ensemble, Spam and solo performance as well as ad hoc groupings.

Norton was a member of Debris, the Great Circle Saxophone Quartet and Either/Orchestra and has also performed and/or recorded with Gino Robair, Tom Plsek, Joe Morris, Laurence Cook, Herb Robertson, Steve Adams, Dave Gross, Bhob Rainey, Vic Rawlings, Matt Samolis, Gregory Damien Grinnell, Greg Kelley, Ken Vandermark, Andrea Parkins and Tim Berne. He has recorded for New World Records, Rastascan, Music & Arts, About Time, Tautology and Accurate Records....
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”Back in full force now, at fighting weight, with drive and direction and reinvigorated sound, he's steaming.”

--Gordon Marshall, All About Jazz

Grizzle [Dave Gross]/Jefferson/Norton, 3 X 3 altos (Means of Production, 2010)
Duck That, Highly Qualified (Means of Production, 2010)
Katt Hernandez/Steve Norton, Modern Antique (Means of Production, 2010)
Metal & Glass Ensemble, Concert at Church of the Advent, June 2009 (Half Round Records, 2009)
Norton Plsek Robair Trio, Firehouse Futurities (Rastascan, 1999)
Joe Morris' Racket Club, Rumble Strip (About Time, 1999)
Various, Autumn Uprising (Tautology, 1998)
Great Circle Saxophone Quartet, Child King Dictator Fool (New World, 1997)
Debris, Errata (Eight Day Music. 1997)
Debris, Rapture in the Church of Disreputable Daydreams (Music & Arts, 1996)
Either/Orchestra, Across the Omniverse (Accurate, 1996)
Splatter Trio & Debris, Jump Or Die (21 Anthony Braxton Compositions 1992) (Music & Arts, 1995)
Various, YEARBOOK, vols. 1-3 (Rastascan, 1993)
Debris, Terre Haute (Rastascan, 1993)
Either/Orchestra, Radium (Accurate, 1988)
Either/Orchestra, Dial "E" (Accurate, 1987)

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