Ralf Krebs

Primary Instrument: Guitar, acoustic

Ralf Krebs

“I see it as a big personal challenge, to expand the feasabilities of the guitar in my own compositions and arrangements. The more I explore new paths, the more ways, techniques and sounds are revealed to me, all lifting the guitar as an eminent instrument of Jazz on a higher level.“ (Ralf Krebs)

The native Berliner began his musical career at the age of 11, taking lessons in drumming and latin percussion. He was much in demand as a drummer and percussionist in numerous local bands and counted amongst his influences Salsa, Fusion and the Jazz Rock of the 70s and 80s.

His love of harmony and melody led him to undertake the transition from drums to guitar. The experience he gained in his first instrument is still paying off today in his distinctive feeling for rhythm and precise timing. Whereas many guitarists think either in terms of melody or chords, Ralf Krebs simply does both - an ability which he has built up over decades of concentrated study....
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”RALF KREBS, Berlin (self-distributed) Stretching the boundaries of nylon-stringed guitar to encompass classical and jazz idioms, Krebs' compositions have a lilting quality reminiscent of artists like Alex DiGrassi. Originally trained as a drummer, his precise rhythmic sense never overpowers the lyrical quality of his music.” Steven Stone, Vintage Guitar Magazine September 2010, Vol. 24 No. 11

“The Internet, and the ability to self produce, allows lesser known artists the chance to be heard. Ralf Krebs is a competent player and a gifted writer. His nylon string guitar work is solid, and his original music is thoughtful and well presented. I would not describe this CD (Berlin) as a jazz recording, but it is definitely a pleasure to listen to and has a relaxed feel to it ” good for a rainy day when you want to retreat into your own thoughts.” Vince Lewis (

“I enjoyed the CD (Berlin). Ralf Krebs clearly is a talented jazz guitarist, and his overall music making and the way he has the ability to make his thoughts come across in music is admirable to the point where I can re-think my own interpretations of Piazzola and Tarrega.” Mark Antony (Guitar World)

“A celebration of acoustic guitar jazz is what Berlin guitarist Ralf Krebs presents on his first CD “My Room”. Unostentatious and almost chaste, his pure guitar sounds reveal a fine intuition for the perfect sound. Setting out from his Berlin appartment where he created his own compositions, he passes Chick Corea’s “Spain”. Ralf Krebs to whom no journey seems too troublesome proceeds acousticly, on six strings. It is rewarding to join him on his walk.” (Elmar Krämer RBB)

“The most outstanding characteristic is the refreshing and natural way of Ralf Krebs, which is revealed on stage and expressed in his music. His compositions sound accessible, mellifluous, familiar and sincere but never ingratiatingly smooth-tongued.” (Irina von Bentheim)

“You simply have to listen to his music which carries to the colourful world of guitar music. From warm bossa rhythms to tangos to the waltz, all is accompanied by a virtuoso walking bass. Ralf Krebs is equally at home in Jazz and Latin music. His wonderful, sophisticated and cordial tone invites to take off and dream away.” (Joel Betton UdK)

As a Leader

Solo - from J. S. Bach to L. Breau
Self Produced
1.Fuge BWV 1000 (J.S. Bach)
2.Largetto (D. Cimarosa)
Quatre Valses Venezolano (A. Lauro)
3.No. 1
4.No. 2
5.No. 3
6.No. 4
7.Spain (C. Corea)
8.Lenny´s Warm Up And Improvisation (L. Breau)

Personnel: Ralf Krebs: guitar.

My Room
Mons Records
1. Sommermanja 4:39
2. My Room 4:55
3. Autumn Leaves 2:53
4. Feels so Good 5:22
5. Club Sophie 3:00
6. Abandon 3:54
7. Entre Las Estrellas 5:57
8. My Romance 4:10
9. Prélude/Petit 5:11
10. Spain 6:11
11. Sommermanja (Reprise) 1:35

Personnel: Ralf Krebs: guitar.

1. Raymond Bossa
2. Muerte Del Angel
3. Milonga Del Angel
4. Summer
5. Ray´s Space
6. Preludio
7. Estrellas
8. Club Sophie
9. Abandoned
10. Berlin
11. Feel So Good
12. Petit Prelude
13. Verano Porteno

Personnel: Ralf Krebs: guitar, percussion;
Hans Georg Conrads: violin, viola.

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Primary Instrument:
Guitar, acoustic


Willing to teach:
Advanced students only.

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Featured recording “Berlin”

Self Produced (2010)

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