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Uli Rennert

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Born: September 25, 1960    Primary Instrument: Keyboard

Uli Rennert

During the eighties he studied piano, trombone and composition with teachers like Albert Mangelsdorff, George Gruntz, Harald Neuwirth, Helmut Iberer, Rob Franken, and Peter Herbolzheimer.

Rennert is focusing on synthesizers and live-electronics as expressive musical instruments and he explores the area between composition and improvisation

Uli Rennert recorded with Bob Brookmeyer, Wayne Darling, Bumi Fian, Klaus Gesing, Gregor Hilbe, Peter Herbert, John Hollenbeck, Dieter Ilg, Jazz BigBand Graz, Klaus Johns & Tangavan, Heinrich von Kalnein, Martin Kolber, Peter Kunsek, Thomas Lang, David Liebman, Bob Mintzer, Gerald Preinfalk, Wolfgang Puschnig, Ernst Reijseger, Wolfgang Schalk, Frank Schwinn, Uli Soyka, Gernot Wolfgang, among others.


International piano/keyboard-competition of Keyboard Magazine in cooperation with Berklee College of Music 1984
Diploma ‘summa cum laude’ at the University of Music and dramatic Arts in Graz 1987
Uli Rennert TimeSquare CD "HomePgae was nominated for the Hans Koller Prize 1997
Fast Forward
Rennert blows angular solos over a rhythm section that runs on rock attitude but listens with jazz ears. Often, espcially when playing unaccompanied, he distorts his line with seasick mod effects, but otherwise cultivates an almost pristine approach, with lots of space and fireworks only when necessary.
Check him out now!
- Bob Doerschuk, Keyboard Magazine

Joys & Desires
“Jazz Envy” runs the gamut from maelstrom-like directed themes to a synthesizer solo by Uli Rennert, over astrong groove by bassist Henning Sieverts and Hollenbeck, that’s reminiscent of Canterbury progressive players including National Health’s Dave Stewart and Soft Machine’s Mike Ratledge.
- John Kelman,

Scat and vocalese, definite jazz conventions, are pushed to a level equal with von Kalnein’s reeds. This is best illustrated on “Sam” [composition: Uli Rennert] where Balata and von Kalnein become one in the music. Kalnein’s introduces a compelling melody that is joined by Balata, who solos in scat to striking effect. “Sam” is one of the more compositionally tethered pieces on the disc, which is more widely populated with air, open spaces filled with bass, percussion, and keyboards on all sides with von Kalnein and Balata weaving in and out of the mix. These effects are well reflected in “Songlines” and the eerie “Homepage” [composition: Uli Rennert]. The closing “Coming Home” is an ethereal ballad, softly set to flight by von Kalnein and spurned on by keyboardist Uli Rennert, who uses a variety of effects to cushion the saxophonist’s emotive flights. Achim Tang establishes a steady bass heartbeat, welcoming Balata into the harmonic, melodic mix. Songlines smacks of originality and uniqueness in a current deluge of less well conceived projects.
- C. Michael Bailey,

Projekt M Es ist fein durchdachte Kammermusik, die man hier erlebt. Pianist Uli Rennert hat sich in die Musik von Thelonious Monk vertieft und Schlussfolgerungen gezogen, die raffiniert sanft überzeugen.
- Ljubisa Tosic, Der Standard (A)

… eine fliessende, in ihrer Klarheit beeindruckende Bildersequenz von gleichsam kompositorischer Stringenz …
- Andreas Felber, Der Standard (A)
Project S
Pan Tau X Records 2012 Rennert Gesing Herbert Live in Vienna
Klaus Gesing - soprano saxophone, bass-blarinet
Peter Herbert – bass
Uli Rennert – piano

Project T
Pan Tau X Records 2010
Peter Kunsek – clarinet, bass-blarinet
Phil Yaeger – slide-trombone, spoken word
Frank Schwinn – guitar
Gregor Hilbe – drums
Uli Rennert – composer/arranger, synthesizers, vocoder, megaphone, lap-steel-guitar, typewriters, electronic treatment

Tribal Poetry – BOWW
rhythming 2009
Gregor Hilbe – Drums, Words & Music
Kevin Davy – Trumpet, Voice
Martin Iannaccone – Cello, Voice
Volker Böhm – Realtime Electronica
Uli Rennert – Synthesizer, Lapsteel Guitar
Evaron Orange Sky189 – Freestyle Lyrics

Electric Poetry & Lo-Fi Cookies’s – Jazz Big Band Graz
Intuition Music 2008
Uli Rennert – synthesizers, vocoder, lap-steel-guitar

Project M
Pan Tau X Records 2007
Uli Rennert – Piano, Composer, Arranger
Klaus Gesing – Bass-Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone
Peter Kunsek – Clarinet, Bass-Clarinet
Gerald Preinfalk – Clarinet, Eb-Clarinet, Bass-Clarinet

TCB 2007
Heinrich von Kalnein – alto- and sopranosaxophones
Marek Balata – voice
Uli Rennert – piano, syntheziser
Achim Tang – double bass
Gregor Hilbe – drums, electronics, samples & loops

Datteltiger – Pan Tau X
Pan Tau X Records 2007
Ernst Rejiseger violoncello
Klaus Gesing soprano-saxophone
Uli Rennert piano
Karl Sayer bass
Uli Soyka drums, percussion

Joys & Desires – Jazz Big Band Graz
Intuition Music 2005
Uli Rennert – synthesizers, vocoder, megaphone, lap- steel-guitar

A Life Affair – Jazz Big Band Graz
Universal Music 2004
Uli Rennert – synthesizers

Tagesg’schicht’n – Uli Soyka & Pan Tau-X
Pan Tau X Records 2002
Klaus Gesing – soprano-saxophon, bass-clarinet, flutes
Uli Rennert – piano
Karl Sayer – bass
Uli Soyka – drums, percussion, voice

art&fun.25 – Vienna Art Orchestra
Universal Music 2002
mathias rüegg – leader
Vienna Art Orchestra
Uli Rennert – producer

Blackbird – The Lennon/McCartney-Songbook – Heinrich von Kalnein
Peregrina Music 2002
Heinrich von Kalnein – reeds
Ed Neumeister – trombone
Uli Rennert – synthesizer
Fritz Pauer – piano
Wayne Darling – bass
John Hollenbeck – drums
Luis Ribero – percussion

Bob Brookmeyer & JBBG – Jazz Big Band Graz
Mons 2001

Composition – Gesing/Rennert/Herbert/
Extraplatte 2000
Klaus Gesing – soprano-saxophon, bass-clarinet, flutes
Uli Rennert – piano, synthesizer, samples
Peter Herbert – bass

Pan Tau X – Uli Soyka & Pan Tau X

at the tip of the TimeArrow – Uli Rennert Solo
Extraplatte 1999
Uli Rennert – piano, synthesizer, drums

Perfect World – Heinrich von Kalnein Group
Shamrock 1998
Heinrich von Kalnein – reeds
Ngyuen Le – guitar
Lars Lindvall – trumpet, fluegelhorn
Emil Spany – piano
Henning Sieverts – bass
Christian Salfellner – drums
Uli Rennert – sounddesign
HomePage – Uli Rennert TimeSquare
SOS Music 1997
David Liebman, Bob Mintzer, Florian Bramböck – saxophones
Uli Rennert – piano, synthesizer
Frank Schwinn – guitar
Achim Tang – bass
Gregor Hilbe – drums

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Primary Instrument:

Willing to teach:
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Synthesizer & Keyboards
Clavia Nord Lead 2
Clavia Nord Electro 61
Clavia Nord Micro Modular

No Name Lap-Steel-Guitar
Megaphone (unknown brand made in Corea)
Moog Music Moogerfooger MF-102 Ring Modulator
Moog Music Moogerfooger MF-104Z Analog Delay
Moog Music Moogerfooger MF-107 FreqBox
Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor
Digitech Talker
Lexicon MX200 Delay/Reverb
Digitech DDX DigiDelay
Digitech HardWire DL-8 Delay/Looper (stereo)
Roland Volume-Pedal

Rane SM 82S Line Mixer
Brunetti Rockit Tube Power Amp
Kametler 2×10″-Stereo-Cabinet with Jensen C10Q speakers (handmade)

Digidesign MBox 2 Pro
Pro Tools 8 LE
KS Digital C-88

Audix D6 (2x for cabinet miking)
Shure SM58 (for vocoder-efx)
Fisher Amps In Ear Amp
AKG IP1 Open In Ear Headphones
Racks & Cases by SKB

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