Bob van Luijt

Born: November 15, 1985    Primary Instrument: Bass, electric

Bob van Luijt

Bob van Luijt was born in Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands, on November 15, 1985. At a young age he started to develop an interest for music in general, playing piano, guitar and trumpet. At the age of 14 he started to play the bassguitar and auditioned for the conservatory ArtEZ, The Netherlands. At age 16 he was accepted for the young talent class. In 2008 Bob graduated and was awarded a scholarship from the VSB fund. After an audition in Paris, the VSB scholarship was supplemented with a scholarship by the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. This gave Bob the opportunity to work and study with the most important people of contemporary music. During his stay in Boston, Bob decided to return to The Netherlands to work on his own projects....
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VSB fund and Berklee College of Music World Scholarship Tour.
“...van Luijt, on a custom crafted, light-hued electric bass, referenced the choppy, percussive dynamics of post-Headhunters funk and a flowing fretless drive, its clear, acoustic tone complemented by subtle electronic interventions and echoes. He found his voice in extended solos comprising fluid, melodic statements from which he returned with ease to the bassist's more familiar supporting role...“
As a Leader

Square Orange - The Core
Bob van Luijt - Bassguitar, Acoustic bassguitar, programming
Raoul van Herpen - Synthesizers
Sjoerd Visser - Sopranosax, Tenorsax, Flute, Acoustic guitar
Florian Weber - Piano
Yonga Sun - Drums

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Featured recording “The Core”

The Core
Kubrickology Music (2013)
Download jazz mp3 “Appa” by Bob van Luijt, Bryan Baker, and Sebastiaan Cornelissen
  • Appa
  • Bob van Luijt, Bryan Baker, and Sebastiaan Cornelissen
  • Amsterdam 011

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