Bob Siebert

Born: April 28, 1943    Primary Instrument: Multi-instrumentalist

Bob Siebert

”LIVE @ STEINWAY GALLERY” was recorded direct to DAT with no editing except for fading on applause. This collection of Standards originally appeared on the old website, where it received over 15,000 plays. The trio on this CD was my working band that had been together for over 9 years. With the exception of “My Bohemian Legacy”, my other CD's consist of all original pieces.

I sometimes perform on the African thumb piano. “Pieces of the TRANS-World Suite” is a solo CD of my music performed on a variety of these instruments.

My latest project is my collaboration with bob Lepre. I perform on a Circuit Bent SK1 Keyboard and he plays electronic percussion. My 1st recording for the SK1 was “Rrrring tones!” This piece received is premier at the Spark Festival of Music and Art @ the University of Minnesota. We are presently work on a CD called “Tunes for Tomorrow, Noise for today”. This is a collection of original pieces and classic Jazz standards...
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”Rrrring Tones!” [Unsigned Artist of the Month]

Influenced by the prepared piano works of John Cage, bird songs heard in his neighborhood, and Dadaism, Bob Siebert presents his own flavor of compositional quirkiness with Rrrring Tones. The charming album features 15 short pieces, all of which were written for and performed solo on a circuit-bent Casio SK-1 keyboard, an instrument built by Patrick Gill. Minimalist and intelligent throughout, Bob’s album carefully blends harmonies with the sometimes grinding, sometimes-pure lo-fi tones of the SK-1, treating it as a serious instrument, rather than a funked-up toy. And in the tradition of an expert programmer or B-3 master, Bob varies the circuit-bent sonic tapestry in perfect synchronization with the music he creates. Unconventionally musical, unconventionally good. -Michael Gallant Keyboard Magazine

Among the interesting music we've been sent recently is a series of short tracks called Rrrring Tones by composer Bob Siebert who is part of Vox Novus. The CD contains 15 short pieces written for and played on an extremely warped circuit bent Casio SK1 keyboard, an instrument built by Patrick Gill. These startling pieces are lively and unexpected, brief and chaotic, each would be a ring tone to send a shiver up your spine. Influenced by John Cage and his prepared pianos, Siebert says the pieces are also inspired by bird sounds in his local neighborhood and the continuing philosophy and science of dada. This music is uncannily good. White Fungus New Zealand

”pieces of the TRANS-WORLD SUITE”

“Bob Siebert, mbira, Beautiful!” Sandra Mitchell, Spirit of the Arts Foundation\

“Cool” Jim Aikin, Keyboard Mag.

“Meditative” Dave Miller, Kindred Spirits Fair & Music Fest.

”LIVE @ Steinway Gallery” Classic standards for jazz trio. Bob's technique brings out the singing and powerful quality of the 9 foot Steinway grand. We know that you will be moved by his poetic ballads and excited by the powerful, edgy uptunes! Oregon Sentinel Jim Murez

“MY BOHEMIAN LEGACY” - “upbeat Elton John sunniness...touching Billie Holiday melancholia” - Hilary Grey, JazzTimes


“Music to curl up to at night or unwind and relax during the day” - Elizabeth Goodwin, JAZZIZ

“Superior impressionist mood music” Shirley Klett, Schwann Cat.

“URBAN HARMONY”- “a fluent pianist, a skilled craftsman”- Shirley Klett, CADENCE

“NEW DAY” - “complex, finely wrought tunes” - Jim Aikin, KEYBOARD Magazine

As a Leader

Six Lyric Pieces
Aerial (Vinyl)
Tracks: 1) Old Tunes #2, 2) Rain, 3) Forest Song, 4) Black Lace, 5) Cat’s Feet, 6) Inside the music Box
Personnel: Bob Siebert: Wurlitzer Electric Piano & Kalimba, Chuck Sastre: Acoustic Bass, Dave Larson: Drums.

New Day
Tracks: 1) Old Tunes # 2, 2) Rain, 3)Cat’s Feet, 4)Blue, 5) Spirals, 6) Piece in E flat, 7) Forest Song, 8) Black Lace, 9) Forest Music, 10) Improvisation in G, 11) Flamenco Tune, 12) Dark the Night Express, 13) Fragments, 14) April Aire, 15) Inside the Music Box
Personnel: Bob Siebert: Electric Pianos & Kalimba, Chuck Sastre: Acoustic Bass, Dave Larson: Drums

Urban Harmony
Tracks: 1) Urban Harmony, 2) City man, 3) Here’s One for Tony, 4) Lonely Child, 5)Hot Rod, 6) Kick a Tin Can, 7) Bob’s Blues, 8)Phrase, 9) Summer nights, 10) Interlude, 11)Old Tunes #1, 12) The City Sleeps
Personnel: Bob Siebert midi synthesizers

Tracks: 1) Summerset, 2) Seascape, 3) Litely Raining, 4) Photograph, 5) Winter Dreams, 6) Homage to George S Tillyou, 7) American Highway, 8) Ship Wrecked, 9) The Wizard Dances
Personnel: Bob Siebert midi Synthesizers

My Bohemian Legacy
Tracks: 1) Prelude, 2) Dancing Tune, 3) Baby Never Let Me Go, 4)March of the Grey Flannel Suits, 5) Just a Working Man, 6) Tell Me Now, 7) Naima, 8) Mysterioso, 9) Broadway Blues, 10) Autumn Leaves, 11) Come Rain or Come Shine, 12) What is This Thing Called Love, 13) I’ll Remember April, 14) Where Are You, 15) Moonglow, 16) The Ending Part I, 17) the Ending Part II
Personnel: Bob Siebert: Solo Electric Piano

Live @ Steinway Gallery
Tracks: 1) A Foggy Day, 2) Fly Me to The Moon, 3) My One And Only Love, 4) Night And Day, 5) Moonlight In Vermont, 6)Yesterdays, 7) Willow Weep For Me, 8) Remember, 9) Witchcraft, 10) Body And Soul, 11) Moondance, 12) Over The Rainbow
Personnel: Bob Siebert: Steinway Concert Grand, Steve Kaiser: Acoustic Bass, Dave Schmieder: Drums

pieces of the TRANS-WORLD SUITE
Tracks: 1) Harp, 2) Seagulls, 3) Inside The Music Box, 4) Story Song Part I, 5)”7”, 6) Gothic Trilogy Pt.1, 7) Gothic Trilogy Pt. 2, 8) Gothic Trilogy Pt. 3, 9) Swing Tune, 10) Three Little Tunes – 1, 11) Three Little Tunes – 2, 12) Three Little Tunes – 3, 13) Butterflies!, 14) And We All Must Say Goodbye
Personnel: Bob Siebert Solo African Thumb Pianos

Rrrring Tones!
Tracks: 1) Primitive Melodie Electronique #1, 2) Primitive Melodie Electronique #2, 3) Primitive Melodie Electronique #3, 4) Primitive Melodie Electronique #4, 5) Primitive Melodie Electronique #5 6) Primitive Melodie Electronique #6, 7) Primitive Melodie Electronique #7, 8) Primitive Melodie Electronique #8, 9) Primitive Melodie Electronique #9, 10) Primitive Melodie Electronique #10, 11) Primitive Melodie Electronique #11, 12) Primitive Melodie Electronique #12, 13) Primitive Melodie Electronique #13, 14) Primitive Melodie Electronique #14, 15) Primitive Melodie Electronique #15
Personnel: Bob Siebert Solo Circuit Bent SK1 Electric Keyboard

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Primary Instrument:

Hawthorne, NJ

Willing to teach:

I have been teaching for the last forty years. Many of my students have gone on to careers in the music business. My philosophy of teaching consists in self motivation of my students, an emphasis on creativity and musical exploration, and a solid background in technique and repertoire. I'm in the North New Jersey area. My availability is on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10:am to 6:30PM. I charge $35 per 1/2 hour at my studio. Lessons are once or twice a week, either 1/2 or full hour. Rates for me to travel to your house start at $40 a 1/2 hour, depending on distance.

In addition to my Knabe grand I enjoy playing any well maintained acoustic piano, particularly the 9 foot Steinway on the "Live at Steinway Gallery" CD I've performed on a variety of electric keyboards starting with my customized Wurlitzer piano on my CD "New Day" to the proteus piano module on "Pictures" and "My Bohemian Legacy". My vast collection of African Thumb Pianos are always a joy to play, particularly outside, where they seem to connect with nature in some special way! these can be heard on the "Pieces of the TRANS-WORLD Suite" CD. My newest keyboard is the circuit bent SK1. This instrument was built by Patrick Gill 4 years ago. It is my electric keyboard of choice at the present time. Lastly is my Schoenhut toy Piano. I have some pieces for it which will be posted to YouTube shortly.

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