Joris Teepe

Born: November 27, 1962    Primary Instrument: Bass, acoustic

Joris Teepe

Bassist Joris Teepe (1962) is the first jazz musician from The Netherlands to be able to make it in New York.

Arriving in New York in 1992 with just his bass and a suitcase, he took lessons with Ron Carter, quickly met many musicians and started to work a lot. A year later he recorded his first CD, with a band co-led by Don Braden and featuring Cyrus Chestnut, Carl Allen and Tom Harrell. From that point everything really took off for Joris and he became a bassist in great demand. He has been working with the “who-is-who in Jazz”, such as Benny Golson, Sonny Fortune, Rashied Ali, Billy Hart and Randy Brecker. Coming from a bebop background it was being a member of the Rashied Ali Quintet for 9 years what really changed his vision on music. “When I joined the group we first had Frank Lowe on saxophone (later replaced by Lawrence Clark) and I had no idea what they where doing”....
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In 2004 Joris Teepe has been nominated for the Bird Award at the North Sea Jazz Festival in the category “Artist deserving wider recognition”.
”..Joris Teepe has become musical partners with some of the best musicians in New York. This is due to his status as a bassist who possesses a warm, even tone, and a sympathic, swinging beat (..) but also to his abilities as a writer, arranger, and band leader.” - Peter Washington, New York
Joris Teepe has 9 more CD's out as a leader. Check Here is a list of his recordings as a Sideman: Lewis Porter Trio, "trio solo", Lewis Porter (piano), Joris Teepe (bass) & Rudy Royston (drums), Unseen Rain Records, UR 9964, 2013 Lewis Porter/Dan Faulk Quartet, with Joris Teepe (bass) & Chad Taylor (drums), 2013 (to be released soon) John Davis Trio "One Up Front", Posi-tone Records PR 8110, featuring Jon Davis (piano), Joris Teepe (bass) & Shinnosuke Takahashi (drums), 2013 RASHIED ALI TRIBUTE BAND " Live AT THE ZINC BAR", JazzIntensity, featuring Eric McPherson, Joris Teepe, Greg Murphy, Josh Evans and Lawrence Clark, 2012 GREG MURPHY TRIO "LIVE AT SMALLS", JazzIntensity, featuring Gene Jackson & Joris Teepe, With special guests: Josh Evans, Stacy Dillard and Dimitri Kolesnik, 2012 Jeanfrançois Prins "El Gaucho", Challenge Records, CR 73337 2012, featuring Victor Lewis (drums) Lim Mi Jung "3+1, three plus one", Ponycanyon Korea, PCSD 00674, featuring Benny Golson (sx), Joris Teepe (bs), Gene Jackson (dr), 2010 Matt Savage, "Welcome Home", Savage Records, Sav 0009, featuring Bobby Watson (sx), Jeremy Pelt (tpt), Joris Teepe (bs) Peter Retzlaff (dr)2010 Denny Euprasert Trio, featuring Benny Golson (dr) and Joris Teepe (bs). With Napat (Gong) Piriyakitsarun (dr). Platinum Records, Thailand.2010 Lisa Bouchelle, "Blue Room With A Red Vase", Varese Sarabande Vintage, 3020670062, with a.o. Bob Burger, Joris Teepe and Mike Mancini2010 Brooklyn Big Band, Live at Sweet Rhythm, Candid Records, recorded in 2007. Saxophones: Craig Bailey, Mark Gross, Tim Armacost, Keith Loftis, Terry Goss. Trumpets: Freddie Hendrix, Matt Shulman, Duane Eubanks, Riley Mullins. Trombones: Jason Jackson, Dion Tucker, Mike Fahn, Johannes Pfannkuch. Rhythm Section: David Berkman, Piano, Joris Teepe Bass, Gene Jackson Drums.2009 Rashied Ali Quintet, Live in Europe: Rashied Ali (Drums), Josh Evans (Trumpet), Lawrence Clark (Tenor Sax), Greg Murphy (Piano), Joris Teepe (Bass) Survival Records SR 126, Recorded in Finland, 2008 2009 Don Braden, "Gentle Storm", HighNote HCD 7186, featuring Don Braden (sax), George Colligan (p), Joris Teepe (b), Cecil Brooks III (dr)2009 Nana, "Comes Love", Yedang Entertainment Company, YDCD 866, featuring Nana (vocals), Misha Piatigorsky (p), Gilad Hekselman (gt), Joris Teepe (b), Willard Dyson (dr), AndreyTchekmazov (cello) 2009 "Last Love " Meiji Fujita, color, GNBD-74502007 (Japanese Movie) Rashied Ali Quintet, "Judgement Day" Volume 1, Survival Records, SR 121 featuring Greg Murphy (p), Jumaane Smith (tp), Lawrence Clark (sx), Joris Teepe (b), Rashied Ali (dr), 2006Mi Jung Lim, "In the Rain", featuring Billy Drummond (dr), Greg Tardy (s), Joris Teepe (b), Steve Wilson (s) M&F0005, 2006 Rashied Ali Quintet, "Judgement Day" Volume 2, Survival Records, SR 122 featuring Greg Murphy (p), Jumaane Smith (tp), Lawrence Clark (sx), Joris Teepe (b), Rashied Ali (dr), 2006 Nana, "Lovely Day", J.O.a Production, featuring Nana (vocals), Don Braden (s), John Hart (g), Toru Dodo (p), Joris Teepe (b), Tim Horner (d) Hyewon Lee (Geomungo), 2006 Ron Jackson, "The dream I had ", featuring Joris Teepe (bass), Joris Dudli (drums) 2003 Mi Jung Lim, "Flying", EMI Korea, (M&F) EKLD0160, featuring Tom Harrell (trp), George Garzone (sax), Donny McCaslin (sax), Joris Teepe (bass), Ralph Peterson (drs)2003 Antonio Giacca, "Autumn in New York", Splasc(h) Records CDH 849.2 Featuring Joe Magnarelli (trpt), Don Braden (sax), Joris Teepe (bass), Jaimeo Brown (drums)2002 Deborah Brow n, "Song Bird", Jazz¡¯n Pulz BMCD 397, featuring George Colligan (p), Joris Teepe (bass), Gene Jackson (drums). Produced by Joris Teepe. 2002 Joey Berklee, "The Alamo", to be released, featuring Lew Solov (trumpet), Tom Christianson (sax), Gary Deinstedt (p), Joris Teepe (bass), Tony Jefferson (drums) 2002 Rashied Ali, "Raw Fish", Knitting Factory Music (to be released), featuring Jumaane Smith (trumpet), Frank Lowe (sax) Joris Teepe (bass) 2001 Fay Claassen, "Rhythm & Rhymes", Jazz¡¯n Pulz BMCD 380, featuring Toots Thielemans (harmonica), Kenny Werner (p), Mike Stern (guit), Freddie bryant (guit), Boris Koslov (bass), Joris Teepe (bass), Gilad (drums)2001 Mathilde Santing, "New Amsterdam", Epic / Sony Music. SML 504215 2, featuring Eric Alexander (sax), Greg Tardy (sax), Ron Affif (guit), Joe Locke (vibes), Frank Lacy (tbn), Conrad Herwig (tbn), Kurt Weiss (trumpet), Byron Stripling (trumpet), Joris Teepe (bass) and many others. Co-produced by Joris Teepe 2001 Renato Chicco, "Terrestrial", Goga Music Slovenia, featuring Don Braden (sax), Joris Teepe (bass), Steve Altenberg (drums) 2000 Ray Khalil, "A Piece of the Action", Lisray Music, featuring Tim Armacost (sax), Joris Teepe (bass), Shingo Okudaira (drums) 2000 Mikkel Hess, "You Shouln¡'t Do This When You Are In A Hurry", Sundance/ Stunt Records STUCD 19913, featuring Chris Potter (sx), Niels Vincentz (sx), Joris Teepe (bs) 1999 The Netherlands Metropole Orchestra, conducted by Bill Holman (to be released), featuring Bob Malach. 1999 The Netherlands Metropole Orchestra, conducted by Vince Mendoza (to be released). (recorded in 1999) Joey Berkley, "Made in NYC", A-Records, AL 73170, featuring Darrell Grant (p), Joris Teepe (bs), Carl Allen (dr). 1999 Darrell Grant, "Twilight Stories", 32 Jazz 32079 featuring Don Braden (sx), Joris Teepe (bs), Cecil Brooks III (dr) 1998 Jason Seizer, "Serenity", Acoustic Music Records, 319.1152.242, featuring Peter Bernstein (g) Joris Teepe (bs) Falk Willis (dr) 1998 Brad Leali / Joerg Krueckel Quartet, "Cookin' Good", Edition Collage EC 507-2, featuring Joris Teepe (bs), Vito Lesczak (dr) 1998 Christoph Leicher, "Evidence", (to be released) featuring Walter Gauchel (sx), Joerg Krueckel (pi), Joris Teepe (bs) 1998 Jeroen de rijk, "Speak Low", A-Records AL 73085, featuring Dado Moroni (pi), Joris Teepe (bs) 1997 Barend Middelhoff, "The River", A-Records AL 73103, featuring Carlo de Wys (or), Anton Goudsmit (gt), Joris Teepe (bs), Joost Kesselaar (dr) 1997 Steve Altenberg, "Dig Deep", Via Records, CD 992.020.2, featuring Tim Armacost (sx), Darrell Grant (pi), Joris Teepe (bs) 1997 Maximilian Geller, "Goes Bossa Encore", Edition Collage EC 505-2, featuring Melanie Bong (voc), Sabina Scubbia (voc), Susan Tobocman (voc), Peter Mihelich (pi), Fernando Correa (git), Joris Teepe (bs), Vito Lesczak (dr) 1997 Maximilian Geller, "Goes Bossa", Edition Collage EC 496-2, featuring Melanie Bong (voc), Sabina Sciubba (voc), Susan Tobocman (voc), Peter Mihelich (pi), Fernando Correa (git), Joris Teepe (bs), Vito Lesczak (dr) 1996 Barend Middelhoff, "Soil", A-Records AL 73026, featuring Anton Goudsmit (gt), Joris Teepe (bs), Joost Kesselaar (dr), produced by Joris Teepe 1995 Don Braden, "Landing Zone", Landmark LCD 1539-2, featuring Kevin Hays (pi), Joris Teepe (bs), Cecil Brooks III (dr) 1994 Big Band Hilversum Conservatory, conducted by Eric van Lier, YSL, HC 001, featuring o.a. Deborah Brown (voc), Ferdinand Povel (sx), Ack van Rooyen (tp), Joris Teepe (bs), Cees Kranenburg (dr) 1990 Bram Wijnands Trio, "Easy to Love", ZerOne, Pen 241.188, featuring Joris Teepe (bs), Jurgen Welge (dr) 1989

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Primary Instrument:
Bass, acoustic

Bronx, NY

Willing to teach:
Advanced students only.

Here is an overview of Joris Teepe's activities as a jazz educator: Since 2001 Teepe has been the Director of Jazz Studies at the Prince Claus Conservatory in Groningen, the Netherlands. He is also inventer and founder of the program New York comes to Groningen, a unique system of jazz education with a rotating visiting faculty from New York teaching at this International University in Europe. Joris Teepe is on the faculty of Queens College in NY as Bass Professor, since 2008 From 2000 until 2012 Teepe has been the bass instructor at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. The Wachovia “Jazz for Teens” program.

Clinic/Workshop Information:
Joris Teepe has been teaching workshops at Universities all over the world, also at private instituions, such as Peter Herbolzheimer's Big Band Workshop. He is teaching at several jazz camps each summer, such as Litchfield Jazz Camp(Connecticut), Jazzinty (Slovenia) and Orsara Jazz (Italy)

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