Claude Werner

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Born: October 4, 1975    Primary Instrument: Sax, tenor

Claude R. Werner originally from Chile, landed in Newcastle upon Tyne by a circuitous route that took in New York, Paris, Barcelona, and goodness knows where else- a visiting Danish rhythm section greeted him as an old friend. Learnt his craft on the front-line playing with world class musicians across Europe. Those who have come to expect a sometimes slightly psychotic post-bopper tenor saxophonist are beguiled by the warm expressiveness of his tone in his most recent work, Thoughts and Recollections. Listen to the music.

”Claude Werner has a great tenor sound that draws richly upon his knowlege of the tradition, his trio allows for ample space in which it can take centre stage” Tim Garland

“For those who only know Claude as last night's sax toting tenor player shooting from and to 'the hip' at The Chilli, or the frontier stretching avant gardist of The Blofield Experiment, this CD reveals yet another facet of his personality. ”Thoughts and Recollections” might, on the first spin, be wrongly described as bland. However, this is far from the case as repeated listenings have proved. The title of the album is apt - these are the original thoughts, recollections and compositions of a man who is not only a talented player but an equally compelling composer. ”Daydreaming” portrays exactly what the title says and, in places, reminded me a little of early Warne Marsh. ”Nostalgia in Jesmond Vale” - how could anyone from the north-east not be drawn to this even if it was written by a man from Chile? Underneath it all, David Carnegie plays subtly and effectively. Mick Wright and Lawrence Blackadder also have their say adding vital colour to the tonal landscape. An excellent CD - 9.99 out of 10.” Lance Liddle; Be-bob Spoken Here

Claude Werner Quartet shines through the rain in St Anne’s Sq. It’s the Manchester Jazz Festival, its St Anne’s Square and it’s open to the elements. The heavy rain punctuated with short sharp bursts of strong sunlight kept the audience busy with umbrellas, drying seats and repeatedly scurrying for cover. This didn’t phase The Claude Werner Quartet however and it was clear that it would take a great deal more audience distraction to shake these accomplished players out of their collective groove.

A real international band this that Claude Werner (tenor sax) has put together ranging from his own roots in Chile through Barbados (David Carnegie on drums), Northern Ireland (Mark Williams on guitar) to the north-west with Laurence Blackadder on bass.

For me their music reflects the international mix within the band as each member’s influences were evident throughout the cleverly constructed Werner compositions.

Its hard to pick out a favourite from the 7 number set but the opener ‘City’, the closing ‘Things I cannot express’ and if for nothing else other than its appropriateness on the day ‘Sitting in the sun’ stood out.

The most striking thing about this band is how such strong individuals, and they all had the space to make their own statements, could create such an effortless sound which was relaxing yet challenging at the same time.

Claude Werner on tenor sax has a strong, clear tone and with more than a hint of Charles Lloyd in his technique. Extremely melodic but at times stepping way out of the box, such as on the finale ‘Things I cannot express’, but always with a distinct purpose. A consummate band leader and, on this showing, also a composer to be reckoned with.

Mark Williams on guitar augmented each number with his sharp and precise, but seemingly effortless solos.

David Carnegie was energetically confident on drums and together with the bass provided a driving purpose to this strong assured music.

Laurence Blackadder on bass provided a steady, pulsating support that underpinned the whole performance and allowed his fellow band members the perfect canvas on which to sketch their solos.

The Claude Werner Quartet can be heard on CD with ‘Thoughts and Recollections’

David Gosling (Jazz Promoter)

As a Leader

Thoughts And Recollections
1. Good Ol' Days
2. I Have Nothing To Say To You
3. Three Stories
4. Daydreaming
5. Conversations With D
6. Nostalgia In Jesmond Vale
7. Fagin's Pack
8. Falling Bolinas
9. Gorka
Claude Werner : Tenor Sax
Mick Wright: Guitar
Laurence Blackadder : Double Bass
David Carnegie : Drums

Live at Bel.Luna
1. The Big Fiasco
2. The Extra
3. A Standard
4. Leora
5. An Evening With Mr. Slavich
6. Bouncing At Bel.luna
7. BØrneteatre
8. A Chant

Claude Werner : Tenor Sax
Jose Alberto Medina : Piano
Anton Jarl : Drums
Rene Dossin : Double Bass
Manel Vega : Double Bass

Chiliclaude with Slavich
Self produced
1. Along Came Betty
2. O Animo De Jose
3. Broadway Blues
4. Charade
5. Skylark
6. Sunburst
7. Whisper Not
8. Beatrice
9. Mohawk
10. Without A Song
11. A Chant
Claude Werner : Tenor Sax
Marcos Collado : Guitar (Tracks 8 – 11)
Ivan “Chili” : Guitar (Tracks 1 – 7)
Goran Slavich : Double Bass

Buscando a Joë (Searching for Joe)
1. Blues & Sentimental
2. Softly as in a morning sunrise
3. There will never be another you
4. Just friends
5. Shadow of your smile
6. Wave
7. On green dolphin’ St.
8. Sonnymoon for two
9. Rosetta
10. Invitation
11. Stella by Starlight
12. After you’ve gone
13. Out of nowhere
Claude Werner : Tenor Sax
Marcos Chacon : Double Bass.
Felipe Greene : Drums
Ricky Araiza : Guitar
Alexei Baitchouk: Trumpet
Aleix Canal: Vocals
Rachel Thalmann: Vocals
As A Side Musician

State Of Emergency
Blofeld Experiment
1. Running Late - The Way I Am
2. Jiggery Pokery
3. Despite Everything
4. International Passport
5. The Cumbrian Pirate
6. Rose Of Sheron
7. A Confluence
8. Farewell
Ben Gilbert : Piano
Claude Werner : Tenor Sax
Laurence Blackadder : Double Bass
David Carnegie : Drums

Encuentros con Isidoro (Encounters with Isidoro)

Freak Productions
1. Track 1
2. Track 2
3. Track 3
4. Track 4
5. Track 5
Dani Dalançe : Guitar & Vocals
Fiti : Violin
Emi : Double Bass
Claude : Tenor Sax

Mandragore et Del Ponte

Mandragore (self-produced)
1. Pareme Apopse
2. Ija Mia
3. Coque De Noix
4. Hellenik Blues
5. Imlaya
6. Petit Hère
7. Retour A Dionysos
8. Chant Kirghiz
9. Fredo’s Mood
10. Tagore Songs
11. La Soledad
Mandragore : Celtic Harp
Fredo Del Ponte : Tambourine & Cithara.
Plus guests

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Primary Instrument:
Sax, tenor

Newcastle upon Tyne

Willing to teach:
Advanced students only.

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Zinner handmade wooden mouthpiece Brass Ligature by Stuart McDonald

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