Ondrej Pivec

Born: March 4, 1984    Primary Instrument: Organ, Hammond B3

Ondrej Pivec

Ondrej Pivec was born in 1984 in Brno (south Moravia). His first musical studies were in classical piano, at the basic music school. He attended the school for seven years before moving to Prague in 1999. At that time, friend recommended that he should take part in the summer jazz workshop, which is organized by the Czech Jazz Society. It was here that he was introduced to jazz music and in that context, many great Czech and Polish musicians were his mentors. He was so amazed by this musical discovery, that he took part in two more jazz workshops and formed his first jazz quintet. It was called “Mantis” and they performed occasionally in Prague and around the Czech republic....
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Public award 2008
Best band - Getxo festival, spain (17.000 visitors)

Czech Musical Academy Award 2006
Best Jazz/Blues Album (Don't Get Ideas)

International Archive of Jazz Organists 2006
Organist of the Month October (Ondrej Pivec)

Phillips International Jazz Festival Award 2005
Soloist of the year (Ondrej Pivec)

Phillips International Jazz Festival Award 2005
Band of the year

”....this music refers to one of the historical jazz models - organ soul jazz, but impresses with its spontaneity, quite rarely heard on our local recordings, in perfect professional achievement”
Dr. Lubomir Doruzka, 2008, MF Dnes

”Predominantly own pieces are truly well-played with a flavour of freshly found understanding, with the joy of sharing the music. The playing certainty of this adventitious line-up testifies a lot especially about the genius of Czech half of the band (as for its American part - this could have been already guessed).”
Ondrej Bezr, 2008,

”The Organic Quartet plays music inspired by the roots of jazz and hard bop, mixed with modern forms and sounds. Most of their repertoire is their own music, a playful outburst of energy, speed and harmony inspired by both classic and modern jazz, along with an eclectic mix of other styles.”
Dominika Janigova, 2008, Prague Post (

”Organic quartet has a great chance to be one of those bands that are able to attract even younger audience, their generation in fact. The Organic quartet music is far away from the pseudo-eggheadedness that surrounds some of the old jazzman generation (or even more the audience itself) and is able to raise you out of the chair literally.”
MF Dnes Daily, 2006 (

”If the saying that jazz is a music of minority is true, then Ondřej Pivec and his Organic quartet with their music are definitely able to convince even those, who have all sorts of prejudices against jazz.”
Sony bmg, 2006

“This is more than just a blowing group“
AllAboutJazz, NY (whole review at

“It is authentic, it has soul, and joins the ranks with the likes of modern jazz revolutionaries“
HammondBeat, USA (whole review at hammondbeat)

“This is a marvellous group who I sincerely hope will find the audience abroad that it richly deserves”
Musicweb-International (whole review at music web international)

Ondrej Pivec, Tomas Hobzek, Jake Langley, Joel Frahm
Animal Music

1. Song for Sam - Ondřej Pivec 7:22
2. Invitation - Bronislau Kaper 8:43
3. Nine Days Wonder - Ondřej Pivec 5:24
4. Overseason - Ondřej Pivec 5:47
5. Beautiful Smile - Ondřej Pivec 5:05
6. The Red Land Town - Tomáš Hobzek 7:09
7. Blues For Doc - Jake Langley 6:33
8. Inner Urge - Joe Henderson 5:02

Ondrej Pivec: Hammond-organ B3, Tomas Hobzek: Drums, Jake Langley: Guitar, Joel Frahm: Tenor Sax.

Ondrej Pivec ORGANIC Quartet
Never Enough
Animal Music

1. Never Enough - Ondřej Pivec 7:02
2. Coming Soon - Libor Šmoldas 5:44
3. V.P. - Jakub Doležal
4. Turkish Coffee - Ondřej Pivec 7:12
5. The Scamp - Ondřej Pivec 4:32
6. Christopher's Blues - Libor Šmoldas 6:49
7. Lil' Darlin' - Neal Hefti 5:29
8. Dont Get Any Ideas - Ondřej Pivec / Jonathan Ramirez Garcia 5:02

Ondřej Pivec - hammond organ, vocal (7,8). Libor Šmoldas - guitar. Jakub Doležal - tenor sax, alto sax (5,8). Tomáš Hobzek - drums. Miroslav Hloucal - trumpet (5,8). Luboš Soukup - tenor sax (5,8).

Ondrej Pivec ORGANIC Quartet
Don't Get Ideas

1. Mr Littleroot‘s green room - Jakub Doležal 5:11
2. Inception - Mccoy Tyner 5:59
3. Blues for wendy - Libor Šmoldas 7:12
4. Humble groove - Ondřej Pivec 6:49
5. Don’t get ideas - Ondřej Pivec 8:11
6. Quietude - Ondřej Pivec 7:23
7. Knick knack - Libor šmoldas 6:10
8. Just chillin’ - Ondřej Pivec 5:56
9. Pantheola - Ondřej Pivec 4:43
10. Lonely grey - Ondřej Pivec 5:48

Ondřej Pivec - hammond organ, Libor Šmoldas - guitar, Jakub Doležal - tenor saxophone, Tomáš Hobzek - drums.

Libor Šmoldas Trio
On the Playground
Libor Šmoldas Trio
Animal Music

1. ON THE PLAYGROUND Libor Šmoldas
2. THE MESSAGE Libor Šmoldas
3. HANDLE WITH CARE Libor Šmoldas
4. VALSE HOT S. Rollins
5. FUNKY PIECE (dedicated to mr. Grant Green) Libor Šmoldas
8. SNOW Libor Šmoldas

Libor Šmoldas - guitar, Ondřej Pivec - hammond organ, Łukasz Żyta - drums.

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Primary Instrument:
Organ, Hammond B3

Brooklyn, NY

Willing to teach:
Intermediate to advanced students

Continual lessons at The Elementary Music School of Jan Hanus, Prague 6, Czech Republic (jazz dpt.) Lessons at Prague Summer Jazz Workshops 2008 (

KeyB organ, Clavia Nord C1

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