Fiona Joy Hawkins

Born: January 21, 1964    Primary Instrument: Piano

Fiona Joy Hawkins

Fiona Joy Hawkins is an Australian Composer and Pianist who crosses genres from Contemporary Classical, to World, Jazz and New Age.

Fiona has four award winning albums Portrait of a Waterfall, Angel Above My Piano, ICE: Piano Slightly Chilled and Blue Dream. She has charted at #1 on the New Age Reporter International Radio Charts achieving the highest ranking in the history of the charts.

Fiona performs with a group called Blue Dream, each musician has a diverse range of styles and improvisational skills that brings to life the musical compositions of Fiona Joy Hawkins. The group has an eclectic and musically diverse range of experiences that includes World music, jazz rhythms and classical influences. Blue Dream spans genres, styles and has no pigeon hole. There is NO ‘sounds like' (see setlist for more info)...
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In 2010 Fiona received won prestigious awards in an unprecedented three categories in the Zone Music Reporters Awards, Album Of The Year, Best Contemporary Instrumental Album, and Best Instrumental Album - Piano (twice), and the CD Baby Top World albums, landing 15th over 10,233 other World albums. Worth noting Fiona's "Blue Dream" remains in the top 10 selling New Age Albums on CDbaby. Fiona has been an ARIA Finalist, Best Dance/Dub/Club Album as well as winning the MusicOZ Award for Best Classical/Jazz Artist in 2008. She has had over 38 nominations in Indie Artist Awards across 9 countries.
”Blue Dream is a must-have album for fans of Hawkins and of Ackerman’s other recent productions, as well as devotees of contemporary piano and ensemble recordings, for which it sets a new standard of emotional depth, production quality, and musical variety. An exemplary release, one of the best of 2008.”
Bill Binkelman - New Age Reporter

”Fiona Joy Hawkins’ BLUE DREAM began as the most ambitious project of my entire career and resulted in one of the most remarkable collaborations this genre has ever known. Blue Dream is unique and I’m as proud of it (and Fiona) as anything I’ve ever worked on in my 35 year career of Grammy Awards and gold and platinum records.”
Will Ackerman Windham County, Vermont 2008

”The mood on BLUE DREAM ranges from vibrant to sensual to haunting… Hawkins’ stellar musical vision on this project is worthy of great praise. She wowed us with her 2007 release ICE ��” Piano Slightly Chilled, and with BLUE DREAM Fiona Joy Hawkins enters the realm of masterful.”
Sandy Shore -

”Blue Dream represents the very best of this music genre and follows the great tradition of artists such as George Winston. This beautifully crafted album has already been hailed as a work of pure genius”
ABC Music Australia.

Fiona Joy Hawkins

Blue Dream SACD
Little Hartley Music
Tracks: 01. Freedom; 02. Feeling Sunshine; 03. From the Outside; 04. Sapphire Interlude; 05. Standing Up; 06. Cerulean Interlude; 07. Blue Dream; 08. Lilac Interlude; 09. Contemplating; 10. Sunrise at Ularu; 11. Samite's Interlude; 12. Song Phonique; 13. Indigo Dream Interlude; 14. The Void; 15. Turquoise Interlude; 16. Voice of Angels; 17. Cobalt Interlude; 18. Prelude to a Painting; 19. The Midnight Interlude; 20. Moving On; 21. Azure Interlude; 22. Somewhere
Contributing artists: Luka Bloom: Will Ackerman: T-Bone Wolk (Hall and Oates): Heather Rankin (The Rankin Family): Eugene Friesen (Paul Winter): Jeff Haynes (Pat Methany): Jeff Oster and many more.

SA-CD hybrid/multichannel version of Blue Dream (CD, Super Audio Stereo and Super Audio 5:1), mixed by Corin Nelson, mastered by Bob Ludwig.

Fiona Joy Hawkins

ICE - Piano Slightly Chilled
Little Hartley Music
Tracks: 1. Iced Rain; 2. Cloud Chill; 3. Frosted View; 4. Antarctic Wings; 5. Love in the Refrigerator; 6. Winter Cold; 7. Frozen Rose; 8. White View; 9. Snow Bird; 10. Crystalized Love
Contributing artists: Dieter Kleemann: Guitar; Michael Jackson: Diggeridoo; Greg Seiler: Sequence; Paul Jarman: Tarogato, Bao Hu, Gough Chin; Dave Hopper: Bass, Double Bass; Trish Delaney-Brown: Backing Vocals; Felicity Marco: Lyrics; Fiona Joy Hawkins: Piano, Vocals.

Engineered & Mixed by Bruce Wheatley and Andy Busattil

Fiona Joy Hawkins

Angel Above My Piano
Little Hartley Music
Tracks: 1. Crystal Desert; 2. Dance of the Penguins; 3. Flight of the Albatross; 4. Angel Above My Piano; 5. Love in Winter (1st Movement Opus for Love); 6. Love Forever (2nd Movement Opus for Love); 7. Love in Spring (3rd Movement Opus for Love); 8. Watching the Wind; 9. Down the Aisle (Wedding March 2); 10. Thinking of You (Australian Lullaby); 11. Preamble (Partitia No 5); 12. The Child's Game; 13. Love Forever (Reprise)
Contributing artists: Catherina Hughes: Violin; Dieter Kleemann: Guitars; Elizabeth Cooney: Violin; Greg Ford: Viola; Rebecca Daniel: Violin; Trish McMeekin: Cello; Veronica Kennedy: Flute
Produced by Bruce Wheatley
Mastered by Barry Henniger & Andy Busuttil Fiona Joy Hawkins

Portrait of a Waterfall
Little Hartley Music
Tracks: 1. Escarpment Dreaming; 2. View From My Studio; 3. Portrait of a Waterfall ; 4. Opus Rain: 1st Movement 'through Cloud'; 5. 2nd Movement 'Rain'; 6. 3rd Movement 'The Ascent'; 7. Prelude to a Landscape; 8. A Winter Morning; 9. Improvisation; 10. Ciney's Theme (Wedding March); 11. For The Roses; 12.Portrait of a Waterfall Reprise
Produced by Bruce Wheatley, Mastered by Barry Henniger & Andy Busuttil

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