Lorez Alexandria

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Born: August 14, 1929 | Died: May 22, 2001    Primary Instrument: Vocalist

Lorez Alexandria

She began as a singer in churches in her teens, and spent 11 years as part of an a cappella choir. Turning to jazz, she worked the local Chicago club scene[2] before moving to Los Angeles in 1962 to further her career. She remains best known for her album Alexandria the Great (Impulse! Records, 1964), which featured her in a variety of contexts ranging from big bands to small groups, including several tracks with the Wynton Kelly Trio. Other musicians she recorded with included King Fleming, Ramsey Lewis, Howard McGhee, Gildo Mahones and Houston Person.

Lorez Alexandria, This is Lorez Alexandria (King, 1957)
Lorez Alexandria, Lorez Sings Pres King(King, 1957)
Lorez Alexandria, The Band Swings, Lorez Sings King, 1959)
Lorez Alexandria, Early In The Morning (Argo, 1960)
Lorez Alexandria, Sing No Sad Songs For Me (Argo, 1961)
Lorez Alexandria, Deep Roots Argo, 1962)
Lorez Alexandria, For Swingers Only (Argo, 1964)
Lorez Alexandria, Alexandria the Great (Impulse, 1964)
Lorez Alexandria, More of the Great Lorez Alexandria (Impulse, 1964)
Lorez Alexandria, Didn't we (Pzazz, 1968)
Lorez Alexandria, In A Different Bag (Pzazz, 1969)
Lorez Alexandria, How Will I Remember You? (Discovery, 1978)
Lorez Alexandria, A Woman Knows (Discovery, 1978)
Lorez Alexandria, The Songs Of Johnny Mercer (Discovery, 1980)
Lorez Alexandria, Harlem Butterfly (Discovery, 1984)
Lorez Alexandria, Tangerine (Trend, 1984)
Lorez Alexandria, Dear To My Heart (Trend, 1987)
Lorez Alexandria, May I Come In? (Muse, 1991)
Lorez Alexandria, I'll Never Stop Loving You (Muse, 1992)
Lorez Alexandria, Star Eyes Muse, 1993)
Lorez Alexandria, Talk About Cozy (Hindsight, 1995)

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