Adam Baldych

Born: May 18, 1986    Primary Instrument: Violin

Adam Baldych

Adam Baldych - violinist, composer and music producer. Was born in Gorzow Wlkp. (Poland), 18.05.1986. New York City - based.

His nickname “Evil” is probably the best word defining his emotioning kind of playing and improvising. In the age of 16 started performing internationally ( Germany, Poland, Serbia, Hungary, Indonesia, Spain, France). First called “infant prodigy” evolved to being named a one of the most interesting jazz violinist in Europe. Adam Baldych music is a extremely expressive combination of modern musical flows. The virtuosity, which is the trademark of the artist make Adam's concerts a unique sight full of energy, youthful zing, but also a mature sound, that recieves popularity and respect both from the audience as critics. Author of music for Theatres and Film Scoring....
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Jazz music awards: 2001 " Jazz Juniors (Kraków, Poland), 2 price & indyvidual price 2002 " Sax Club (Gdynia, Poland), 1 price & indyvidual price 2002 " Jazz Celebration (Gorzów, Poland), Key for Career 2001 to 2011 " Jazz Forum Magazine, First 4 on Jazz Top 2005 " Rura Jazz Festival (Wroclaw, Poland), 1 price 2005 " Krokus Jazz Festiwal (Jelenia Gora, Poland), Indyvidual price 2005 �" Rock Festiwal (Gorzów, Poland), Special price 2006 " Jazz nad Odrą (Wroclaw, Poland) Grand Prix & Indyvidual price Classical music awards: 1999 " 3 price - "Telleman" National Violin Contest (Poznan, Poland) 1999 " 1 price - Violin Contest (Szczecin, Poland) 1999, 2000 " 1 Price - Baroque Music Contest (Gorzow, Poland)
”There is perhaps no more of an apt title than Magical Theatre to describe the imaginative and sometimes otherworldly ways in which Adam Baldych approaches his violin playing (…)Absolutely gorgeous and totally unexpected.” - All About Jazz

“Baldych's impeccable, visionary performances on Magical Theatre reveal the possibilities of the violin, ranging from fiery intensity to otherworldly prettiness. Baldych reaches the highs and lows of the emotional spectrum with stunningly vivid imagery, creating a kind of poetry that is narrated by musical notes.” - Robert Sutton / Jazz Corner

“An experienced listener will be able to discover many delicate musical hints and references in this music, especially in Bałdych's solos, but surely anybody able of enjoying good music will find here starlight qualities (…) What remains is to hope that as many music connoisseurs as possible will eventually discover this gem and hold it dear to their hearts. I certainly hope it does happen, big time, as it is well deserved! “ - Adam Baruch / Jazzis

2005 "Imagination" (Up to Date) 2005 "Transporter" (ΠR2 (Pi-eR-2)) 2006 "Mutru" (Piotr Żaczek) 2009 "Damage Control" (Adam Baldych Damage Control) 2009 "Storyboard" (Adam Bałdych) 2009 "Balboo" (Piotr Żaczek) 2009 "A Tribute to Seifert" (Jarosław Śmietana) 2011 "Magical Theatre" (Adam Baldych Damage Control)

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