Abbey Rader

Born: October 14, 1943    Primary Instrument: Drums

Abbey Rader

Abbey Rader is a musician and composer who has dedicated his life to playing improvised music as part of a spiritual quest for deeper meaning. He is heavily influenced by his study of Buddhism under the tutelage of the Master Sheng Yen, beginning in 1975 at the Ch’an Center in Queens, New York. His career spans over four decades with a discography that includes 26 albums, the majority under his leadership. He lived in Europe in the late 70s and 80s where he performed with John Handy, Dr. L. Subramaniam, Gunter Hampel, Jeanne Lee, Marion Brown, Mal Waldron, and had his own band, The Right Time...
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“Abbey Rader’s training in Chinese Buddhism and martial arts coincides well with his skills as a virtuosic, precision-driven jazz drummer. A Bronx native, Rader has shown a tremendous versatility in his artistic output. His music gleans from Eastern and African sensibilities, mixing in the bebop that has influenced him the most.”
- Flavorpill

“At the center of the storm sits the beatific Rader. Creating varied textures with sticks, brushes and mallets, he alternately calls down thunder or dances with the delicacy of raindrops.”
- SunSentinel

Reach for the Skies (ABRAY Productions, 2013)
Personnel: Abbey Rader, John McMinn, Noah Brandmark, Kyle Motl

Live at PAX (ABRAY Productions, 2011)
Personnel: Abbey Rader, John McMinn, Noah Brandmark, Kyle Motl

Suite Rhythm (ABRAY Productions, 2004)
Personnel: Abbey Rader, John McMinn, Harold "Chip" Staples, Joe Zeytoonian

Cosmos (Cadence Jazz Records, 2003)
Personnel: Abbey Rader, David Liebman

One for Jazz (No More Records, 2001)
Personnel: Frank Lowe, Billy Bang, Abbey Rader, Ed Schuller

Open Friends (ABRAY Productions, 2001)
Personnel: Abbey Rader, Noah Brandmark

Space Between Worlds (Hum Ha Records, 2001)
Personnel: Kenny Millions, Abbey Rader, Joe Zeytoonian

Inner Voices Live (ABRAY Productions, 2000)
Personnel: Abbey Rader, David Liebman

Soundscapes (CMR Jazz Records, 2000)
Personnel: Peter Ponzol, Marilynn Seits, Abbey Rader

Echoes (ABRAY Productions, 1999)
Personnel: Abbey Rader, Billy Bang

The Ballistics of Yin and Yang (ABRAY Productions, 1999)
Personnel: Abbey Rader, Davey Williams

The Spirit Inside Us (Timbre, 1998)
Personnel: Abbey Rader, Gunter Schwarz, Billy Bang, Ed Schuller, Zam Johnson

Inner Voices (ABRAY Productions, 1997)
Personnel: Abbey Rader, David Liebman

Mystic Journey (ABRAY Productions, 1997)
Personnel: Abbey Rader, Philip Gelb

The Ferryman's Release (Rivers of Time Productions, 1997)
Personnel: Richard Brookens, Abbey Rader, Michael Moses

Southern Arrival (Third Stream Music, 1995)
Personnel: Joe Zeytoonian, Myriam Eli, Abbey Rader, Kenny Millions

Suburban Utopic (ABRAY Productions, 1995)
Personnel: Abbey Rader, Keshavan Maslak

Homecoming (Cadence Jazz Records, 1990)
Personnel: Abbey Rader, David Liebman, Mack Goldsbury, Roy Cummings

Brush Off (Magic Cube Europe, 1987)

Live at the Holstebro Jazz Festival (ABRAY Productions, 1983)
Personnel: Abbey Rader's Right Time

The Last Retreat (ABRAY Productions, 1983)
Personnel: Abbey Rader, Ken Simon

Songs of Street and Spirit (Sweet Dragon Records, 1982)
Personnel: Abbey Rader, Marc Levin

European Childbirth (Sweet Dragon Records, 1981)

Call on Blue (Omnibus, 1979)

The Thing (IRI, 1978)

Prism (Vinyl Records, 1978)
Personnel: Peter Ponzol, Joe Gallivan, Abbey Rader

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Featured recording “Reach For The Skies”

Reach For The Skies
Abray Productions (2013)
Download jazz mp3 “Reach for the Skies 1” by Abbey Rader Download jazz mp3 “Three Over Medium” by Abbey Rader

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