Sangeeta Michael Berardi

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Primary Instrument: Guitar

Sangeeta Michael Berardi: Guitarist/Composer

(510) 528-7417

1960-1963: Connecticut: Gigs with own band in clubs, at Providence College, Univ. of Conn. Appearances with pianist Count Steadwell. 1963: Chicago: Gigs with organist Baby Face Willette and organist Bobby Buster Featured with guitarist Joe Diorio's Saturday morning jam session w/ Scotty Holt, bass; Gerald Donovan, drums, Gene (Clarence) Shaw, Eddie Harris, Jack DeJohnette, and others. 1964: Connecticut: Club gigs, also bass lessons with jazz and avant-garde classical virtuoso Bert Turetzky. 1965-1968: Manhattan: performances in lofts and other venues with saxophonist Frank Smith, Steve Tintweiss , clarinetist Perry Robinson, trumpeter Dewey Johnson , alto saxophonist Noah Howard, trumpeter Johnnie Salgado, bassist David Izenson, drummer Muhammad Ali, and others/duo gig with bassist Scotty Holt at Louie's Tavern in Greenwich Village/CT gigs with bassist Mario Pavone and saxophonist Mark Whitecage. Studies with pianist Ronnie Ball. 1968-1969: Woodstock, NY/New Paltz, NY/Manhattan: Concerts as leader with bands featuring Mark Whitecage, sax; Mario Pavone, bass; Richard Youngstein , bass; Perry Robinson, clarinet; Earl Cross, trumpet; Juma Santos, bass/ percussion; Steve Tintweiss, bass; Ollie Anderson, flute/bassoon/percussion; David Shaw (aka Dahoud Shaar) and others at St. Gregory's Church, Father Francis' Church-on-the-Mountain, the Academy Theater, Bennett College and other venues....
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Sangeeta Michael Berardi: Earthship

“Sangeeta Michael Berardi....crafted his own vision of that Far Eastern spiritual sound into dreamlike soundscapes that are truly phenomenal......weaves a nice thread between mood setting groove and electric firestorm.......needs to be recognized as completely different take that is rich, inventive and stellar in its execution. It's pulsating, passionate and modern while all wrapped in a divine layer spirituality.....A real treasure. - Vern JazzWrap

“Berardi's guitar is a soaring, swooping, melodious jet turbine of an instrument, owing as much perhaps to Jimi Hendrix as to any jazz guitarist. The atmosphere of Earthship is one of deep spirituality, much like John Coltrane during the saxophonist's Impulse! Records years...... And when Berardi takes his solo, it's as if he is diving in from the stratosphere......... with Berardi bringing a radioactive shimmer of brash spirituality....” - Dan McClenaghan

“....has a fine, spiritual quality that warms the heart.” - Bruce Lee Gallanter Downtown Music Gallery

“...Berardi delivers uncompromising expression, melody, energy, and communication. This recording is pure and honest, deeply from of the Coltrane mold, but filled with unique individual thought and original ideas. There is seamless weaving between composition and group improvisation, structure and group invention....” - Eric Lawrence Chronogram

”...dark-toned electric musings... might serve as a good antidote for listlessness or general malaise.” --Glenn Astarita

WHO IS SANGEETA? Excerpt from a manuscript-in-progress by Dr. Francesco Patricolo, Phd., author of “Bop-a-Ganda: Hip Stories from the Jazz Rap Genre.”: As one observer noted Sangeeta(Michael Berardi)has been existing�”to paraphrase Charles Mingus' book title�””beneath the underground.” But, his work has not gone unnoticed by his fellow musicians. The great drummer Rashied Ali comments: “Sangeeta is one of those heavy cats who the musicians know about, the guitar players know his stuff, but it's never gone much further than that.” Pharoah Sanders offers this cryptic assessment of Sangeeta's work: “Quality.. spiritual energy.. a concept of his own.” Guitarist John Abercrombie says: “Sangeeta is a very fine, fresh player, one of the few musicians who extend the tradition of the jazz guitar. He is a free musician with a lyrical and melodic approach.” Guitarist John Scofield goes on the record with: “Sangeeta is a great and unique guitar player.” Guitarist Mike Stern says: “Geeta's a bad cat. You got to hear this man play the guitar.” Guitarist James ‘Blood’ Ulmer says: “Sangeeta sure can smoke. Unbelievable, unbelievable.” Guitarist Joe Diorio says: “I've known Sangeeta all my life and he's always been his own man. He's been experimenting with music his own way since he first started. I find him to be a true original.” Joe adds this anecdote: “In 1967 I was on the road and when I got to New York I hung out with Sangeeta and crashed at his pad on Houston St. As I woke up I heard him improvise a twenty minute piece of music that broke every rule I had been taught. That piece stayed in my mind, I thought about it for five years. In fact, I've never forgotten it.” Archie Shepp says: “Sangeeta has a vibrato like B.B. King. He makes his guitar sing like nobody I ever heard before.” Sonny Simmons, when he heard Sangeeta for the first time in 1968, said: “I never heard nobody play the guitar like that, not even Sonny Sharrock.” Roswell Rudd says: “This man is the original cat with the cosmic fingers.” Apparently there are many other players, both known and unknown, who could and would comment on Sangeeta and his music. Perhaps the answer to the question, “Who is Sangeeta?' is best answered by them.

1. The Gods ESP Records, 1966,
Sangeeta(Michael Berardi)appears as a guest soloist with The Gods who anticipated the punk rock movement by a few years in one of the first free jazz/punk collaborations.
2. Rock and Other Four Letter WordsColumbia Records, 1968
created by J Marks & Shipen Lebzelter with personnel including Sangeeta Michael Berardi , Andrew Cyrille, Burton Greene, Alan Silva, Roswell Rudd, Jimmy Owens, Warren Smith, Laurence Cook and other Free Jazz players, plus rock musicians & Alex Bradford directing the Greater Abyssinian Choir.
3. Sound track for film Brand X 1968
by Pop artist Wynn Chamberlain with Burton Greene, Alan Silva, Andy Warhol superstar UltraViolet and other musicians.
4. Cosmic Healing Mantras 1976
Sangeeta plays acoustic guitar with Sant Keshavadas, harmonium and chants and Murali, tabla.
5. Sangeeta:Divine Song Beat City Records/New Pulse Records, 1979
Sangeeta leads a group featuring Archie Shepp, tenor saxophone; Roswell Rudd, trombone; Eddie Gomez, bass; Mario Pavone, bass; and Rashied Ali, drums. (Limited release, digital master currently scheduled for future release by Sunjump Records. The vinyl recording is a collector’s item. )
6. Art Spirit Boxholder Music, 2003
duets with reed & flute player Joe Giardullo recorded in December 1997. The spontaneously composed duets received excellent reviews in the U.S. & Europe.
7. Earthship
Sunjump Records, 2008
from October 1996 digitally recorded masters produced by Sangeeta of his band, Earthship, featuring John Esposito, piano; Jim Finn, saxophone/flute/bass clarinet; Hilliard "Hill" Greene, bass; and Peter O'Brien, drums.
8. Calling Coltrane
Sunjump Records, 2012
more material from the 1996 Earthship sessions.

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