Django Bates

Born: October 2, 1960    Primary Instrument: Piano

Django Bates

Django was born in a house near New Beckenham Station. A ropy, semitone flat D'Almaine Piano was the most fascinating toy in the house. He found the clatter of railway workers working throughout the night comforting, but had reoccurring nightmares about a Hippopotamus head slowly moving from one side of the ceiling to the other, and of having fluttering moths stuck between his toes. When he was three and a half, Django and sister Paddy were taken by their parents, Frances and Ralf, on a tour of Europe. They travelled in a motorbike and side-car. The door kept flying open as they trundled through France, Austria, Italy, Romania and Yugoslavia. They lived on stolen maize blackened over fires, and Icecreams given to Django in exchange for having blond hair. At one point Romanian Gypsies gave the Bates family a wooden mug full of warm frothy milk which they had just pulled from a cow....
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Selected Discography

Django Bates StoRMChaser, Spring Is Here (Shall We Dance?) (Lost Marble, 2008)
Django Bates Human Chain, Josefine Lindstrand & The Smith Quartet, You Live And Learn (Apparently) (Lost Marble, 2004)
Django Bates Human Chain & Josefine Cronholm, Quiet Nights (Screwgun, 1998)
Django Bates Human Chain & The Danish Radio Jazz Orchestra, Like Life (Storeyville, 1998)
Django Bates Human Chain & The London Sinfonia, Good Evening...Here Is The News (Decca Argo, 1996)
Joachim Kuhn, Europeana (ACT, 1995)
Django Bates Human Chain & Delightful Precipice, Winter Truce (And Homes Blaze) (Winter & Winter, 1995)
Django Bates, Autumn Fire (And Green Shoots) (Winter & Winter, 1994)
Tim Berne, Nice View (Winter & Winter, 1994)
Django Bates Human Chain & Delightful Precipice, Summer Fruits (And Unrest) (Winter & Winter, 1993)
Sidsel Endresen, Exile (ECM, 1994)
Bill Bruford, Stamping Ground (Summerfold, 1992)
Bill Bruford, All Heaven Broke Loose (Summerfold, 1991)
Django Bates Powder Room Collapse Orchestra, Music For The Third Policeman (Ah-Um, 1990)
Sidsel Endresen, So I Write (ECM, 1990)
Django Bates & Human Chain, Cashin' In (EEG, 1988)
Human Chain, Human Chain (Ah-Um, 1986)
Loose Tubes, Delightful Precipice (Loose Tubes, 1986)
Loose Tubes, Loose Tubes (Loose Tubes, 1985) External Discography

Django Bates recordings
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