Jared C. Balogh

Born: April 9, 1975    Primary Instrument: Composer/conductor

Jared C. Balogh

My name is Jared C. Balogh and I am a musician/composer from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania U.S.A.. I am also a member of the American Composers Forum. I formed this project back in July of 2010 with the intent to maintain an ideology that this project will push boundaries of myself and the listeners, to stray away from the rehashed and mundane and bring a revitalizing emotion to the music. I mainly create music under this project where jazz is the main foundation and where I have practically enforced no limitation of the possibilities that can be created with music. Whether it is created by improving, writing with instruments or composing in notation on music programs...
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On Collaboration Album “THE MERRICKS/BALOGH“: “This is a masterpiece! I will be listening to this album years from now. Fantastic!”-Daniel Wymark

On Song “REMEMBER, MOURN, REJOICE“: “I am sorry for your loss. Your composition is incredible and captures the emotion precisely.”-artemorbid, “To you Balogh, this song is truly sincere and gave me a special thoughts about my dog that I miss a lot.”-Tommaso Busatto, “I would love to hear your songs fully orchestrated”-Jeff Nichol, “Jared, I love this.♥”- Jenn Faulstick Kocsis and “Simply beautiful composition and homage, Jared! Brilliant percussion – specially the tubular bells’ usage – and melodies!”-George Cristian Vilela Pereira

On Song “ENCHANTING BLISS“:”listening “enchanting bliss”❥))))))‎)) full of grace ((“-Sonia Laura

On Album “DETACHING REALITIES“:”enjoying your music .. ludic ,rich in melodies and harmony!! great Jared!!”-Pablo Ribot, “sparkling glamour of grease passing the route of the time’s measurement,-faulty faulty I dare to speak…”-undRess Béton, Reviewer: humantracks (5 Star Review) January 24, 2011 Subject: “More I enjoyed it very much. I’ll be waiting for more.” and “Sincerily, nice works. Proch of Zappa works sometimes with different instruments. Perfect rythmic !”– Éric Maigret

On song “Vanilla“: “vanilla nice”-Cece Chapman

On Album “i::::soul::::ate“: “…..tell Trans Atlantic Rage thanks for the Masterpiece”-A. Barbe (Sirona Records), “very captivating music, made me feel like im floathing”-Toxic Chicken and “great release awesome!!!”-Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt

On Song “More Than Just A Couple Of Screw“: “yeah!!! love this!!! f*cking em up!!! with jazz core!!! <3″-Toxic Chicken via Soundcloud

On E.P. “BALOGH/wilmer: S.ave T.he W.orld 1-4“: Reviewer: aReW recordings - – September 6, 2011 Subject: BALOGH/wilmer (5 Star Rating)= “great use of guitars, bass & drums. This 4 track EP by BALOGH/wilmer sounds like a band who are happy to experiment and try something new with their guitars, bass and drums. Great combination of improv, drone and jazz – highly recommended to all….”

“SEEING THE ILLUMINATION OF THE SUN” Video: That’s the RIGHT angle to face the light! Beautiful video and music! -George Cristian Vilela Pereira

“CATCH POP LEFT“: “hey there my friend. I would just like to say that you have an absolutely amazing album on your hands with “Catchy Pop Left”. I absolutely adored that one. played it twice in a day one of the most refreshing albums i’ve heard in quite some time. maybe that is because I just emerged from the dusty desert and haven’t heard any music that wasn’t live dubstep in weeks. Just thought you ought to know, you made my day!”- Dishdawash Arnett “♥ perfect for calm down and dreaming” and “love this release a lot, something i’ve never heared before’- Arnaud Barbe

Review of the song “I Ain’t Your Cyber Bitch”.“When the falling rain pauses in midair to wiggle a dance of rain drop fingers this song will blast from the speakers of every cell phone in the land at once . . .” -ONIONPALAC

On Album “Chaotic-Life-Fin“:”!!!no end to good pieces… how can I decide?”-Cece Chapman, “Poetical,ludic and sophisticated as well!”, “really magnificent Jared! I m hearing now!”,”excellent!!”-Pablo Ribot, “Love it!” and “WOW MAN! This lp is amazing…”-Terrence Meehan, Reviewer: Drizzi (5 Star Review) – October 1, 2011 Subject: NetMusic Life Review : “Thanks to you and your wonderful album…”-NET MUSIC LIFE, “Excellent and complete work…”-LE BEL NETLABEL, “You have a lot of compositions, impressive! Congratz”,”*good compositions” and “Fin and WHEN WILL THIS END? my favorites.”-Franzé Matos

on song “Q+-Q= 0 (Q)“: “jared!just had a late night ramble to your bass track. outrageous! thaanksss” -Adrian Beentjes

On Album “i::::soul::::ate Vol.2“: “what a phenomenal album!Got round to listening to this gem now and I must say I’m completely mesmerized by the tracks.This could easily be your greatest work to date”- Igor Jovanovic

Review of song “DEAR MARKSTER MARK, TO MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT I WAS DRUNK WHEN I RECORDED THIS, PEACE OUT YO’, JARED”: “I like the way you just can’t tell at one point whether it’s feedback or flute, vocal or guitar. Then it evolves into a song, kind of. Then it disintegrates. The lyrics are cleverly self-descriptive. Around 11′ 20”, are you having sex with the guitar, or the efx box? Is there a movie? Do I have Alzheimer’s, or do I have Alzheimer’s? -ETTUSPADIX

on “SOMEWHERE LEADING TO NOWHERE” (VIDEO): this is what beatovin would ov done now days i think i got his name wrong -Samuel Blackburn “oh shit this is so beautiful”- Arnaud Barbe

On song “Soul Harmonics“: “pure emotive composition.. respect & bravo” -by Nesta Talmadge via Soundcloud

on album “RESONANT TABLEAUX“: “It’s about time you two got together. Excellent stuff.”- Euphegenia Fforbes-Watson “What a combination! Marvellous.”- Ettuspadix Beautilator “A very fine album indeed, the Balogh/Goff collaboration defines, distills and expands new musical horizons with a flair rarely seen. And the price is as right as rain is and ever will be. Go there now, download this masterpiece and listen.”– davefuglewicz (on 11/30/11 03:46:42)


“Very smooth tall drink of a visual*”- Terrence Meehan

“CATCHY POP LEFT“ (5 STAR RATING) November 16, 2011 Subject: Sooooo Goood! a very beautiful surprising top notch quality album containing a very fresh indescribable unique freestyle sound i have never ever heard before! pure feel good music from a genius mind!-Reviewer: kai nobuko, “very very amazing beautiful free style jazzcore brilliant unique-ness!”, “anyone saying free music aint good is a freaking idiot!”, “this is excellent!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥” and “seriously really enjoyed this one big time ! very inspiring album” Karel De Goede

On Split release “Sean Derrick Cooper Marquartd/Jared C. Balogh“: “this is fucking amazing boys, good work. particulary emotional i think, i’m listenning it now in a dark room, watching the moon!”-Arnaud Barbe and “nice job! i like i like. bout 7 min into the first one it starts gettin interesting ;) …the 2nd track is great too, pretty trippy guys! and that fucking album art! leik woa “-Mc Will

On E.P. “CLING“: “Cling is one of my favorite albums. You and Navatier need to do another.”-Nd

ON E.P. “BOHORQUEZ/BALOGH PROJECT: SELF-TITLE“CD-R: oh MAN! I LOVE THIS! “it’s great! the sounds are wonderful. it’s heavy and distorted and energetic, and those synth space noises are awesome. reminds me of tiger hatchery in space on drugs! i would love to put this out! -RAINBOW BRIDGE RECORDINGS

Review of song “A Sunny Day With Billy Ocean That Terribly Went Wrong“.“It seems the Caribbean Queen has at long last met with Count Circuit Bender and spawned a Prince! The Shado o’re the ocean is not so much “wrong,” but instead, casts a cloak where capsized ships sail under the steady watch of an apparently inspired Captain. As I shout, “Man Overboard,” I dive into the sine and the square with a smile…” -Taped Rugs Productions! and “I’m sorry; I must speak. Wasting a perfectly good sunny day with Billy Ocean is inherently wrong. There are organisations to help people like you. Fortunately, we are one of them. Therefore the extended mat of welcome is extended to you extensively across “La Ocean’s” prostrate carcass. To some extent. The lifejackets are situated slightly to the left.”-ETTUSPADIX

“Just discovered your music at Free Music Archive and I´m taken”-Nils-Arne Øvergård

“Please make more wonderful music:)”- pc10282013

“Your work is marvelous”-Matthew D. Jordan

“I am truly honored to use your music for my videos!!! Your music gives rarefied and ethereal sensations. Combined with slow motion you get suspended atmospheres! Thanks again for your interest in my videos!”-MountainWright

“Jared Balogh you are very musically talented. Thank you for sharing this talent with us. You should look into playing for major motion picture movies, submit this piece, very mysterious. Excellent . The music is exceptional.” -orbstats

“I listen to your stuff and hear the diverse influences/genre mixing, too. Can't get enough of your creative genius as a composer!”-Kyleelise Thomas Holmes

“....I really love your music....”- Nile Koetting

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Patient Soul from Jared C. Balogh on Vimeo.


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