Arkady Shilkloper

Born: October 17, 1956    Primary Instrument: Flugelhorn

Arkady Shilkloper

Horn, flugelhorn, corno da caccia, alphorn, corno pastoriccio, didgeridoo, Wagner tuba etc.

Born in Moscow, Russia on October 17, 1956. At the age of six started to play alto horn in a brass orchestra at the Kuntsevo District Young Pioneers House in Moscow. 1967 to 1974: the Moscow Military Music School. 1974 to 1976: the orchestra at the Lenin Military Political Academy, Soviet Armed Forces. 1976 to 1981: studied French horn at the Gnesins State Music Education Institute (now Gnesins Russian Academy of Music.) 1978 to 1985: member of the Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra. 1985 to 1989: member of the Moscow State Philharmonic Orchestra...
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”Arkady Shilkloper is simply the most creative hornist on the planet, and is without doubt one of the greatest horn players who has ever lived. Nobody can do what he does. He is commonly termed a “jazz” player, but what he does goes far beyond that, transcending genre and national styles. He also performs with ear-boggling virtuosity on at least three instruments: horn, alphorn, and fluegelhorn, and no one who has ever had the cosmic good luck of hearing him in performance has ever forgotten his indelible and supreme artistry. Let me close with a quote (from the horn journal) from the first time I heard Arkady: Shilkloper and his bass player swing like nobody's business. He rips and riffs and goes places that horn players aren't supposed to go without a net, map, seat belt, crash helmet, overhead air support, and a note from their mothers. And he does so with extraordinary ease and musicality. I think maybe nobody ever told him ”Jazz playing on horn is very difficult, and probably not natural” or perhaps the phrase does not translate into Russian. I'd walk a camel a mile to hear this guy.”

Jeffrey Agrell Associate Professor of Horn School of Music UCC Music 3754 The University of Iowa

“Arkady Shilkloper is a world-class performer on horn, flugelhorn and alphorn (on which he is truly unrivaled around the globe!). He is not only an outstanding performer, but also a very skilled composer and resourceful arranger for both brass and string orchestras and ensembles. The quartet PAGO LIBRE was founded in 1989, Mr Shilkloper joined the group in 1994, and ever since he brought the level of this band up to the highest possible level, both as original musician and unique personality. Thanks to him, PAGO LIBRE enjoys the status of one of Europe’s top ensembles in the triangle of contemporary classical,new jazz and imaginary folk music.

  John Wolf Brennan Professor at Hochschule für Design+Kunst, Luzern, Composer, Pianist, Organist, Publisher and Producer.


  • Hornology - RDM 6 06 144 (1996). Boheme Music CDBMR 809016 (1998)
  • Pilatus - Boheme Music CDBMR 906063. (2000).
  • Presente para Moscou - Dom Records 03023 (2003), JARO 4264-2. (2005).
  • Zum Gipfel und zuruck. Neue Alphornmusik - MIGROS. Musiques suisses. MGB CD 6246. (2006).
  • Portrait (2008).


  • Movement - Аrkady Shilkloper / Mikhail Karetnikov. Melodiya C60-26043 (LP) (1985)
  • Wave of Sorrow - Mikhail Alperin / Arkady Shilkloper. ECM 1396 (1990)
  • Live In Grenoble - Mikhail Alperin / Arkady Shilkloper. RDM 3 05 015, Boheme Music CDBMR 809006 (1998)


  • Mikhail Alperin piano, melodica / Arkady Shilkloper horns / Sergei Starostin voice, folk reeds
  • Prayer - Guests: Tuva folk Ensemble & Russian Folk Ensemble. RDM 301006, Silex Y225039, JARO 4193-2
  • Hamburg Concert - JARO 4201-2
  • Folk Dreams - Guests: Folk Choir "Russkaya Pesnja", Nadezhda Babkina-ld. JARO 4187-2
  • Live In Karlsruhe - Boheme Music CDBMR 809010,(1998)
  • Music - Guest: Hans- Kristian Kjos Sorensen. JARO 4214-2. (1998)
  • Mountain Tale - MOSCOW ART TRIO, The Bulgarian Voices Angelite, Huun-Huur-Tu. JARO 4212-2. (1998)
  • Moscow Art Trio In Concert - DVD recorded at XXV International Pianist Festival Kalisz, Poland 1998. JARO 4277-8. (2006)
  • Once Upon A Time - Guest: Eli Kristin Hovdsveen Hagen. JARO 4238 – 2. (2001)
  • Instead Of Making Children - JARO 4274-2. (2006)
  • Village Variations - MOSCOW ART TRIO and Norwegian Chamber Orchestra. JARO 4290-2. (2008)
  • Live In Holland - DOM RECORDS. CDDOMA 091102 (2009)
  • Legend - The Bulgarian Voices Angelite with Huun-Huur-Tu & Moscow Art Trio. JARO 4300-2. (2010)


  • Tri-O - Trialogue - Arkady Shilkloper, Sergei Letov, Alexander Alexandrov, Arkady Kirichenko. SoLyd Records SLR 0031. (1995)
  • XIX98 - Arkady Shilkloper, Vladimir Volkov, Sergej Starostin. Boheme Music CDBMR 810029. (1998)
  • Outline - Arkady Shilkloper, Vladimir Volkov, Andrey Kondakov. Boheme Music CDBMR. (2000)
  • Mauve - Arkady Shilkloper, Alegre Correa, Georg Breinschmid. Quinton 0106-2. (2001).
  • Her First Dance - Misha Alperin, Arkady Shilkloper, Anja Lechner. ECM 1995, (2008)


Tscho Theissing violin / Arkady Shilkloper horn / John Wolf Brennan piano, melodica / Georg Breinschmid double bass (Stepping Out, PlatzDADA!, Fake Folk), Daniele Patumi (Pago Libre, Wak Up Call, Cinemagique, Phoenix)

  • Pago Libre - Bellaphon Records, Germany L+R 45105 (1996), Leo Records CD LR 354 (2002)
  • Wake Up Call - live in Italy. Leo Records CD LR 272 (1999)
  • Cinemagique - fifteen soundtracks for an imaginary cinema. TCB - The Montreux Label 01112 (2001)
  • Phoenix - live in Salzburg & Zurich. Leo Records CD LR 377 (2003)
  • Stepping Out - Leo Records CD LR 444 (2005)
  • Fake Folk - Special guest: Patrice Heral. Zappelmusic ZM0017 (2009)


  • Live In Norway - Arkady Shilkloper, Vladimir Volkov, Andrey Kondakov, Christian Scheuber. Boheme Music CDBMR 809007 (1998)
  • Brass Complot - Arkady Shilkloper Acoustic Quartet: A.Shilkloper, Igor Paraschuk, Sergei Pron, Sergei Belichenko. Ermatel Records JCD 020. Boheme Music CDBMR 809008. (1998)
  • Fragment - Arkady Shilkloper and Volkovtrio. SoLyd Records SLR 013, (1998)
  • Live in DOM - A.Shilkloper, Igor Ivanushkin, Artem Fedotov, Arkady Freeman (2010)


  • North Story - Mikhail Alperin, A.Shilkloper, Tore Brunborg, Terje Gewelt, Jon Christensen. ECM 1596 (1997)
  • First Impression - Mikhail Alperin. ECM 1664, (1999)
  • Mussorgsky Dis-Covered - Elisabeth Kulman, Tscho Theissing, Arkady Shilkloper, Miki Skuta, Georg Breinschmid. PR 90785 (2010)


  • Stefano Maltese - Open Sound Ensemble
  • Stefano Maltese, Arkady Shilkloper, Sophia Domancich, Paul Rogers, Antonio Moncada, Gioconda Cilio. Living Alive, LR 265 (1999)


  • Kim Kristensen & Ildvaeverne - Kim Kristensen, A.Shilkloper, Jesper Zeuthen, Flemming Agerskov, Thomas Agergaard, Gustavo Toker, Hans Andersen, Peter Danemo. Storyville STCD 4193 (1994)
  • Christian Muthspiel - Octet Ost II - Ch.Muthspiel, Tomasz Stanko, A.Shilkloper, Petras Vysniauskas, A.Vapirov, Bela Szaloky, Mikulas Skuta, V.Tarasov. Amadeo 521 823 (1994)
  • Andreas Willers Octet – The Ground Music - Dominique Pifarély, Claudio Puntin, Matthias Schubert, Arkady Shilkloper, Jörg Huke, Andreas Willers, Dieter Ilg, Tom Rainey. ENJA 9368 2 (2000)


  • Niels Klein Tentett - The Last Soup - Niels Klein, Oliver Leicht, Steffen Schorn, Stephan Meinberg, Arkady Shilkloper, Matthias Muche, Frank Wingold, Wolf Kerschek, Dietmar Fuhr, Eric Schaefer. JHM 163 (2007).


  • Live At Jazz Baltika Festival 1994, Salzau - Vladimir Tarasov Baltic Art Orchestra. Sonore Records SN021 (1996)
  • Moscow Composers Orchestra - Kharms - 10 incidents, CDLA 05019 (1998)
  • Moscow Composers Orchestra Conducted by Vladimir Miller Kings and Cabbages - LeoLab 005
  • Vienna Art Orchestra – American Rhapsody, Tribute to George Gershwin - BMG 09026 63227 2 (1998)
  • Vienna Art Orchestra – Duke Ellington's Sound Of Love - TCB 99802 (1999)
  • Vienna Art Orchestra – Artistry In Rhythm - TCB 01102 (2000)
  • Vienna Art Orchestra – All That Strauss - TCB 20052 (2000)
  • Afrodynamix - ATS-Records CD-0550 (2002 )
  • VSP Orkestra and Arkady Shilkloper - ORK 002 (2005)
  • Karl Berger + Friends - NoManlsAnsland, Instinct Record
  • Vince Mendoza - Blauklang - Nguyên Lê, Markus Stockhausen, Claudio Puntin, Steffen Schorn, Frank Sackenheim, Arkady Shilkloper, Jon Sass, Lars Danielsson, Ulla van Daelen, Peter Erskine, Christopher Dell. String Quartet RED URG 4. ACT 9465-2 (2008)
  • The Grieg Code – Geir Lysne Ensemble - Geir Lysne, Morten Halle, Tore Brunborg, Steffen Schorn, Eckhard Baur, Jesper Riis, Arkady Shilkloper, Helge Sunde, Lars A. Haug, Jørn Øien, Bjørn Kjellemyr, Andreas Bye, Terje Isungset. ACT 9479-2. LC 07644. (2009)
  • PlatzDADA! - pago libre sextett with Agnes Heginger and Patrice Heral. Christoph Merian Verlag Basel (2008). "Vierteljahrespreis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik".

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