Alan Silva

Born: January 22, 1939    Primary Instrument: Bass, acoustic

Alan Silva

A free jazz and improvisational musician, American composer/orchestral leader Alan Silva is a master of numerous instruments, among them the violin, cello, synthesizer, piano, and, especially, the double bass. His performances and recordings as a bassist, particularly in the 1960s and 1970s, are legendary. During this period, he helped record some of the most explorative releases in improvised music, working with the likes of Cecil Taylor, Sun Ra, Albert Ayler, Archie Shepp, Sunny Murray, Bill Dixon, Frank Wright, Andrew Hill, and Jimmy Lyons. In 1969 he founded his own ensemble, the Celestial Communication Orchestra, organized sessions for smaller group settings, and tried his decidedly uncompromising, fresh approach to music on other instruments, most recently the keyboards....
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"Luna Surface" (BYG Actuel)
"Seasons" (BYG Actuel)
"My Country" (Leo)
"Skillfullness" (ESP Disk)
Inner Song (Center of the World)

as Take Some Risks:
"In Situ" (Adda)

As sideman
with Albert Ayler

Albert Ayler in Greenwich Village (Impulse!)
Love Cry (Impulse!)

with Sun Ra:
Sun Ra-Featuring Pharoah Sanders and Black Harold (Saturn)
Nuit de la Fondation Maeght Vol. 1 (Shandar)
Nuit de la Fondation Maeght Vol. 2 (Shandar)
It's After the End of the World (MPS/BASF)
Out In Space (MPS)

with Cecil Taylor:
Unit Structures (Blue Note)
Conquistador! (Blue Note)
Soundtrack Ferrari (CBS/Sony)
It is in the Brewing Luminous (hat Hut)

with Sunny Murray:
Sunny Murray (ESP Disk)
Big Chief (Pathe)
Hommage to Africa (BYG Actuel)
Sunshine (BYG Actuel)
Aigu-Grave (Marge)
Firmanence w/ Burton Greene (Fore)

with Shipen Lebzelter:
Rock and Other Four Letter Words (Columbia)

with Archie Shepp
Live at the Pan-African Festival (BYG Actuel)
Poem for Malcolm (BYG Actuel)

with Grachan Moncur III:
New Africa (BYG Actuel)

with Dave Burrell:
Echo (BYG Actuel)
After Love (America)

with Jimmy Lyons:
Other Afternoons (BYG Actuel)

with Francois Tusques:
Intercommunal Music (Shandar)

with Frank Wright:
Center of the World (Center of the World)
Last Polka in Nancy? (Center of the World)
Solos & Duets w/ Bobby Few (Sun Records)

with Bobby Few:
More Or Less Few (Center of the World)
Rhapsody in Few (Black Saint)
Solos & Duets w/ Frank Wright (Sun Records)

with Bill Dixon:
Considerations 1 (Fore)
Bill Dixon In Italy, Volume One (Soul Note)
Bill Dixon In Italy, Volume Two (Soul Note)
November 1981 (Soul Note)

with Franz Koglmann:
Opium For Franz (Pipe)

with Andrew Hill:
Strange Serenade (Soul Note)

with the Globe Unity Orchestra:
Intergalactic Blow (JAPO)

with Abdelhai Bennani:
Enfance (Marge)
Entrelacs (Tampon Ramier)

with Itaru Oki:
Paris-Ohraï (Ohraï)

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Featured recording “Luna Surface”

Luna Surface (1969)

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